Friday, 1 October 2010

A Lull - the "Weapons Of War" video.

Again Chicago come up trumps with this awesome six piece band called A Lull. This is experimental Indie noise with a lovely quiet beauty to it, full of proper songs with nice structures and dreamy lyrics -like an Animal Collective collaboration with Edward Sharpe And Magnetic Zeros. It's all got a very modern new age hippie, gipsy, pagan feel to it but doesn't end up coming across as awful as that sounds!
This band mostly rock the Chicago area but are just moving to larger climbs, they had an EP out last year called Ice Cream Bones and this May released Weapons of War/Spread It All around on Vinyl and digital download. Go to their site to buy both EPs and the rest of their lovely merch.
The video below is for the latest release and it is full on amazing, Zeitgeisty and cool!

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