Sunday, 31 October 2010

Nattymari - MI▲MI ▲SSFUCK mixtape!

Another Nattymari mixtape! This one is called MI▲MI ▲SSFUCK, get it by following this mediafire link or visiting the Soundcloud page. You can go here to get his other two Dragged and Screwed, Witchian, dark dance dub noise mixs!

Like before I'll let the man speak eloquently for himself:

"Miami Nightlife. Coke thin bodies sweaty with self importance. Sheen of meatgrease. Girls in more makeup than clothes. Still smelling of last night's alcohol. Shots are called as the music pumps out the empty promise of the night. Outside palm trees mock the ragged; on the endless quest for methadrine excitement. The morning comes to reveal receding hairline and acne scars. Lines are cut like morning coffee.
Scan and repeat."

MI▲MI ▲SSFUCK by nattymari

Big Black Delta free EP.

IFUCKINGLOVEYOU from Big Black Delta on Vimeo.

Happy Halloween! I'm so busy this weekend I might not see much pumpkin time, but luckily for you I wrote a bunch of posts ahead of time and so here we are with an great video and a great band called Big Black Delta!

There's a free EP too which you can download from his site for the price of an email address.

This is just great stuff I don't want to talk too much about it other than to say its a side project from Mellowdrone and its well worth the few clicks to download it!

Have a listen below:

Saturday, 30 October 2010

BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV live mix slays it!

BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV always kills it with a dark dance floor witch house and they/he has a new track out which is kind of a mixtape but is really a live set. Check it out below you can download it for free on the Soundcloud page and its worth it!
I wrote about BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV a few weeks back on the Mishka Bloglin, go check it out here.

Track Listing:


Friday, 29 October 2010

✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ - gangstar witches!

It either started with that witch house band Creep or Salem just recently but I think it doesnt need to go any further really, what? Rape Gaze as a pretend genre title that's what. Its all Witch House really and making up a silly title that make you sound like a dumb ass 16 year old boy who likes gangster rap seriously and calls girls at school bitches is just one dead baby joke too far.
Regardless of that ✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ sound awesome! Its all haunted synths behind gangster rap hip hop beats, hard nervous dancing at points and rave strings slowed down to create some nice atmospherics. Their EP is actually called Rape Gaze and is free to download from their Bandcamp page.
It reminds me at points of Salem but it's a brief affair with not enough reference points to really get to grip with where its coming from. Worth it for free though.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Devilman at Wrong Music.

Devilman at Wrong Music from laurence dean on Vimeo.

This is great! I filmed it on Tuesday at a one off night Wrong Music put on at Hectors House in Brighton. The band are called Devilman and they do like live dub stuff but its dark and heavy and they look fucking cool! I cant find any web presence for these guys 'cos I think this is a new project and they might be just be having fun with it and not caring too much but anyways, they kicked ass! Sorry for the sound quality -the bass was doing weird shit to everything!

Unfortunately due to camera batteries dying I didnt film the second half of the set where they were joined on stage by a female singer who whipped her hair about and screamed bloody murder.. it was awesome and transformed them into some kind of dub Crystal Castles.

Jaded Hipster Choir - Pill Weekend.

Jaded Hipster Choir are a Canadian three piece that make a weird mix of glo-fi chillwave, that moves from raps to robot voices, the sound of waves on foreign shores, Beach House style vocal takes, breaking drums, 8-bit bubblings and crickets under starry skys with warm analogue synths! Its great cos I don't get bored!

Their album Pill Weekend is available as a free download from Bandcamp or as can be bought on CD or cassette for $5.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


As is sometimes the way on Soundcloud and especially with the kind of bands circles I frequent its sometimes near impossible to find other info on the more obscured artists on there. Robert Disaro of.. well Disaro records posted a track by this artist up on Facebook earlier and like wow its such a good choice!! $LØW HE▲D is the artist, and if you click through to the Soundcloud page then you can download a bunch of damn sweet tracks!
The first track/mix below was the one Robert Disaro posted up, its got everything from Nike7UP and Kreayshawn to Earl from Odd Future and Salem! If I was a Cali scene girl my line might read "This is like some so hot and next level super mix" but ..well no I do say that!
Aweswome pre Halloween party soundtrack for Gucci Goths!

*Update since writing this I've found the $LØW HE▲Ds Facebook and its got all the links and stuff on there!

//Pal3 a$ M00nli9ht// by $LØW HE▲D


oFF is from Berlin and recently collaborated with GR†LLGR†LL on a track a called EmoDancers Never Stop which I wrote up last week.
The music oFF makes is very sparse beautiful electronica that's a bit Witch House but mostly just quiet night time music. Melencholic rather than devilish. Short introspective minimalism with auto tuned drifting and near R&B stylings.
Download some tracks from his Soundcloud page here.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith!

Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith on vocals for their track Not In Love!! No Words!!

Soap Opera.

Some unknown Witch Housian noise for you today, I dunno who Soap Opera are.. like its not a very Google-able name, there seems to be just a Soundcloud and profile with mininal info other than its coming out of White Mountains, New Hampshire.

This is droney over driven ambience and lo-fi down tempo that soundtracks a chemically imbalanced spook fest.
Not really sure why its not available to download for free but there seems to be over a hundred listeners on so maybe there is an mp3 or two somewhere to be found.. or maybe its just people listening to The Bold and The Beautiful and such like!

Its alright but I cant say its awesome..!
c0lliquial by Soap Opera

Monday, 25 October 2010

LA Vampires - Make Me Over

This is the video LA Vampires have out for Make Me Over featuring Matrix Metals which is a swooning swishy underwater funk affair of posing psychedelia!

Its almost like a more trippy hippie-fied version of Geneva Jacuzzi, but I like it for the what it does with the simplicity of idea -no money then dont try and be big just be clear. Almost like a video booth take on things.

Sandy Denny 19 CD boxset release!

For classic folk fans and I'd also say for the more discerning fan of escapist lyrical pop then the name Sandy Denny might stand out somewhat.
Those fans also might get pretty excited by the forthcoming 19 CD box set release out on the 1st November via industry behemoth Universal. Yes you read that right a 19 CD box set, that's an insanely large amount of CDs and probably one of the last of its kind as things push forward this kind of thing is gonna look so quaint in a few years.
Most people will get the whole Fairport Convention side of things but she also worked with loads of other people and had a bunch of solo albums before her death in '78 of "traumatic mid-brain haemorrhage" from falling down a flight of stairs! On the list of tragic yet strangly odd musical deaths that has to rank pretty high, though I doubt much can be done to out seat the recent "death by rogue hay bale" that oft ELO cellist Mike Edwards in September!
Sandy Denny made some great music in her time though it was mostly posthumously that her following and recognition grew. This box set has pretty much everything she recorded including BBC recordings, alternate takes, acoustic versions etc. As you can imagine its full of extra postcards booklets and general box set stuff which any fan would expect. There's something very visceral in the way a lot of the acoustic guitar sounds with her, kinda heavy and woody. I imagine Neo-folk paganist King Dude might take a few things from that sound now and then.
Check out this video below for some classic folk hippie action from Sandy, just look at that hair! Back then in '71 litterally everyone looked like this I guess!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Let Me Bu U Anne Drink Vol 1

Babe Rainbow - Let Me Buy U, Anne Drink Vol 1.

The first in a series if short chopped and screwed mixes by the Warp master of Canada. No more needs to be said just click play!

Fang Island - Fang Island

I wanna trip out in an MGMT inspired acid wonderland of light and colour and friends and lazers and cool jumpers. I want streamers and rainbows covering everything and a guitar riff that coming from a zebra striped guitar with glitter and light and cool girls and stars and staying up all night and and and.. breathe!

Well I can have all those things in this video for Careful Crossers by the brilliant Fang Island.

Go check out their website and go buy their album also called Fang Island from their Bandcamp now! Its only $6.99, thats like what.. £5! Bargin!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Young Henry -seagaze and free EPs.

Another Amdiscs release here, Young Henry is from Minneapolis and creates what can only be described a melancholic chillwave, though he calls it Seagaze, its got all the same elements, just down shifted to become a trip to the beach on a grey rainy day, the breakers are rolling in bereft of surfers, the gulls shelter from the wind in the dunes, shaking off the rain, its nice though, you can go back to the car and eat sandwiches and listen to the rain pattering down upon the roof.
Young Henry has an EP called U/N which is free to download from his Bandcamp page and another EP called It Must Have Been The Weather which is also on there for free.
I also notice he samples a melancholic Jeffrey Lewis song called Anxiety Attack.
While your at it you might as well check out his Tumblr blog for some interesting picture viewing.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

GR†LLGR†LL and oFF -emodancers never stop!

The brilliant Witch House artist GR†LLGR†LL and oFF who is someone I had not heard of up until now, have collaborated to create an amazing track called "Emodancers Never Stop" which you can hear below.
oFF is someone really good creating Witch Houseout of Berlin in a similar way to GR†LLGR†LL all slow drugged R&B vibes, and will definitely be getting more coverage on this blog soon.
I know its a bit sad but there is something so captivating about watching the video of a slowed down squat party/rave that they have made to accompany the release!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

❖ the Knight EP.

h o r s z from on Vimeo.

Hell yeah its mysterious!

is the artist.

This is the Tumblr

This is the Myspace.

This is the Bandcamp where you can download the 4 track EP called Knight for free. And you should cos its really good!

This is the other EP which you can only listen to, it too is immense!

Witch House at its best!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mission Control and Memory Tapes!

Mission Control and Memory Tapes 'Green Night' out now on Inertia Records. (Its all about the nature videos at the moment!)

Tungs - Sleeping.

Tungs are a psychedelic garage multi-instrumental trio from Richmond, Virginia. Its dreamy surf garage with elements of chillwave in there too, blissed out vocals reverberating over layered percussion and droning guitars, keyboards hovering across melodious guitar riffs and bubbling bass rumbles. Parts go crazy like a cheese dream, other parts drift off into an opiate based slumber.

Their 2nd album fittingly titled Sleeping is available to download for free from their Bandcamp page and its very much worth getting!

Have a listen below and click through to YouTube to watch a great little video for their song Dream Machine.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Arc Light, S/T and Westinghousing albums.

Arc Light is one dude from Brooklyn making ghostly lo-fi shoe gaze pop. Its psychedelic and rockin and spacey all in one track.
Indie music is at its best when someone just seems to go at it without too much planning and Arc Light has that feeling, the album S/T, available to download for free from his Bandcamp page, has that attitiude one song can be dark punky and filled with fuzz and twang and the next song a slow ghostly dirge through corridors of echoing wah pedal guitar and phasing synths over drugged up vocals.

He also has an album you have to pay for, his most recent, called Westinghousing. But at only $2.99 its a steal!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Geneva Jacuzzi - Bad Moods

Never really sure if anyone else actually likes Geneva Jacuzzi! But I just cant get enough of her lo-fi video epics! I love how she always seems to try and make huge videos on shoestring budgets that although they are intentionally trying to look retro and lo-fi, I imagine that its also a look created out of necessity. What would she do with a more normal video budget of say.. ten thousand dollars! Would be awesome to see!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Gatekeeper - Chains video!

GATEKEEPER "Chains" from Thunder Horse Video on Vimeo.

OH MY GOD! BEST GATEKEEPER VIDEO AND SONG EVER!! However good Daft Punks soundtrack to the new Tron film is going to be Gatekeeper should have been involved somehow!

S0 y0u think y0u can dΔnce!

Nattymari has dropped two more great mix tapes since his last SEΔCREST one.

First there is Savage n0mad which is a long slow autumnal journey into dragged pop, witch house and weirdness. Its music through a prism of glue and codeine. Not so much Zombie Rave as Ghoul Rave.
"Gutters filled with dog manure/vomit/stale wine/urine/blood. Street warriors pass in Waffen helmets. Roast Duck 5 Spice hangs in random window. Puerto Rican pretty boys text lyrics of love songs to their Mamis. Somewhere a radio plays from out a car window. Yesterday's hits collide with the street battle raps. Forbidden sex for trade in the next building. Euro beats and the wrong kind of drugs."

And most recently is the S0 y0u think y0u can dΔnce mix which dedicated to circuit djs around the world:
"They're in every city, playing every Friday and Saturday night. If good at their jobs, they track the Top 40, Euro and P4K charts like the stock market, yet still have time to post random obscure updates to their twitter accounts. Skilled at their trade, they play the right amount of pop to get the white girls on the floor, yet still appear ironic. Carefully weave in enough esoterica to make the ❐'s think they're ▲. Fill the floor for two hours, only to drop the tempo down to a late night makeout party."

S0 y0u think y0u can dΔnce seems to be what Nattymari would play if that was his approach to djing, its full on chart stompers dragged and witched up until things are so scrambled and drugged that you don't know which way is up or why a child is singing insistently in a baritone voice over glitching dragged synths that echo off into the distance forever!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Peepholes at Sex Is Disgusting 11/10/2010

I popped down to film at the ever awesome night Sex Is Disgusting on monday night.
The line up was amazing - Meddicine, Peepholes and Naked On the Vague!
I only got there to catch the end of Meddicine's set and by the time Naked On The Vague played my camera battery had gone so I only caught Peepholes set is on film. Check it out below and look out for some powerful bass feed back at points! These guys are brilliant, no one else realy sounds like them, its all so joyous and frantic. Check it out!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Crispian Mills new 7" and free download.

Back in the day Crispian Mills/Kula Shaker was judged against the pop chart conventions of the day and the Brit Pop bands of those years. Though Kula Shaker were mega successful indie snobbery has since resulted in an unfairly negative standing amongst a lot of Indie fans. But with the fullness of time the bias of those early year has lifted, this is a decade where psych and folk have returned in weird and wonderful ways and now with the 7" release on Ho Hum Records of a Crispian Mills solo single called Healing Hands we can re-evaluate his sound for real.

The two tracks pressed for this single come from a long lost and unfinished solo album Crispian recorded over a decade ago on Dave Gilmour's houseboat (not a lie!!)

The 7" sounds really good, a genuine British 60s sound, folksy and psychedelic and really fresh, its a different ear that listens now and its like we've all caught up with what Crispian Mills was thinking from the start.

Download "Be Merciful" the b.side from the 7" for free here:

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

ZXZ - Abraxas.

ZXZ is from Ontario Canada and makes music which is part Witch House and part industrial goth re-imagined. ZXZ seemed to be around earlier in the year when everyone went a bit crazy hunting down all the Witch House artists they could find, there then seemed to be a lull in internet interaction while other projects were resolved, (▼□■□■□■ etc) then BLAM! He's back on the radar with a new album coming out called Abraxas!

There was an EP earlier in the year called Dragger that drag remixed six classic goth tunes from the likes of Cocteau Twins, The Sisterhood and Skinny Puppy which was and is great, download it here.

Then there was the self titled ZXZ EP which took a similar drag and appropriation approach to things, including a Sophie Ellis-Bexter drag remix, get that EP here.

The new album Abraxas (which I sincerely hope he realises is also the name of a classic Santana album) is a proper full length affair. Coming out soon.
The two tracks above are I believe both from it.

You can go download a number of other tracks as well from the ZXZ Soundcloud page.

Dude also rocks a mean bit of re-worked artwork too!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Mickey Mickey Rourke -Inner Gazing

So the brilliant Mickey Mickey Rourke has released the full length Inner Gazing album which features a string of great collaborations from the likes of Raw Moans, Craft Spells Foxes in Fiction, Top Girls, Universe and Lester Brown.
Its available from his Bandcamp page for only $2.50 which is so so cheap!
An album of spacey drones and glo-fi ambience Inner Gazing is a trip into a Autumn sky filled with a million blinking stars and the occasional slowly passing comet. Whispered vocals in the distance, just over the hill, lead you on until the album has enveloped you and their is no way back, you push on through, the light from ancient suns beating down upon the landscape, the grass waving in the night air all around the faint sound of sirens far off into town. The glow worms are out, leading you on until you wake at dawn with dew covered cobwebs covering you from head to toe.

Yuck at The Hope in Brighton. 6/10/2010.

Yuck are a great multi national four piece based in London who make a great kind of warm fuzzy guitar based sound. Classic indie Americana. With a drummer who sports an amazing afro!

I filmed the footage below last Wednesday when they played at The Hope in Brighton.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ustream of the Rhinoceropolis Witch Housian gig!

Great news! This gig with Pictureplane, Blissed Out, Modern Witch and Knight School was streamed live on Ustream.

So if you, like me, couldn't make it then you can watch online live!

First up is the video of the pre-gig party times from some of the coolest girls on the planet.

While video two is the actual entire gig! though it takes a bit of time to get going.. you can skip forward easily though if you get bored!

Happy viewing!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Fostercare - Cold Light download.

The awesome Witch House sounds of Brooklyns Fostercare are only increasing with a CD-R called Sunfreeze out on Disaro at the moment and a track on the upcoming Disaro Witch House 12" compilation Isvolt coming out in December -pre-order here:

As a teaser of that upcoming release the Fokkawolfe blog is giving away the Fostercare track Cold Light from the Isvolt 12".

Download it from here:

Its a brooding dark dance masterpiece full of scything drum echoes and metallic synths behind a proper good vocal and an escalating beat that builds, drops, spaces out and returns like a neon head rush in graveyard!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons.

Furry fronted Joan Jet-esque Rock'nRoll/Rockabilly from Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons. I filmed these two songs when they played at The Hope in Brighton last saturday -2nd October. And you have a choice of Vimeo and YouTube to watch due to Vimeos weekly upload limit.
She is the most mesmerising front women I've seen in ages for obvious red blooded reasons.

Friday, 1 October 2010

ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ - Moonlight Shadow video!

ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ of Mater Suspiria Vision - MOONLIGHT SHADOW (Zombie Rave Remix) from Mater Suspiria Vision on Vimeo.

Mater Suspiria Vision, back with a vengeance with a video by Cosmotropia De Xam for the first track of the last Zombie Rave mixtape by ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ! Evil and awesome!

Rhinoceropolis Witch House gig!

This looks like its going to be an amazing gig! Each one of these bands is worth seeingon their own but all four together!
If you are in a Denver on the 8th October -that's this Friday, then don't you dare miss this!

9.30 till 1am

@ Rhinoceropolis
3553 Brighton Blvd Denver Co. 80238

Links to all four bands so you know what you will be missing:

Mercitron and The Galactic Foxx.

This band are from Brooklyn and were covered last week by all the blogs who must not have anything else to do but sit waiting for the next email. I couldn't get a post out that quick but here it finally is.
I dont know much but what I do know/hear I like. Mercitron & The Galactic Foxx seem to be Hitch Hikers Guide fans with "Dont Panic" emblazoned as the title of their album and futuristic stylings.
The music is poppy electro with heavy weight songs that sound at indie and modern at points and retro styled synth pieces at others while a production gloss over all gives it almost a club feel at points, there must be some cool remixes in the pipeline! Its ambitious and user friendly. Curling American Rs in the female vocals. Hyperspeed gated synths and well placed drops. Could be an electro Metric if you look at it from another angle!
Also reminds me of Doom and Gloom who I blogged about last month.
Well check it all out for yourself below and download the nine track album for free from their Bandcamp page here.

Dream Boats full length album Visions!

Those sexually provocative purveyors of Witch House the aptly named Dream Boat have a full length album Visions out now on the glorious Prague based AMDISCS.
After doing a split tape release with ARC and releasing the Fevers EP earlier in the year the mysterious and prolific group have released a brilliant ten track album of haunting and grinding slo-fi dance music, dark and dynamic and pretty close to boosting them to the top of my Witch Housian top ten. It contains three previously released tracks but all the rest are brand new and really great! Almost as good as the Salem album King Night if that didn't contain the final track Killer.
Visions even contains a "secret track" though as a digital release it's not really a secret just at the end of a long final song. But it is a great child voiced weird sing along.
The artwork for the album is a departure from their past 'found photo art' of frolicking nudes with a dark obscured image of a child. (see pic to the left!)
The album should be up on AMDISCS already but I cant see it right now though you should just take a look to see if they have finally released it!
Check the brilliant also just released video for the new song Kissing Collar below!

Mickey Brown - Soul Glo.

Here's the new free download called Soul Glo from chillwave star gazer Mickey Brown the side project of Mickey Mickey Rourke.
We go in a different direction here with a quirky tune that bounces around like a broken child's toy. Its a little unhinged - imagine Of Montreal on some kind of happy pills -its just a this side of crazy.

Get it for free from his Bandcamp profile here.

A Lull - the "Weapons Of War" video.

Again Chicago come up trumps with this awesome six piece band called A Lull. This is experimental Indie noise with a lovely quiet beauty to it, full of proper songs with nice structures and dreamy lyrics -like an Animal Collective collaboration with Edward Sharpe And Magnetic Zeros. It's all got a very modern new age hippie, gipsy, pagan feel to it but doesn't end up coming across as awful as that sounds!
This band mostly rock the Chicago area but are just moving to larger climbs, they had an EP out last year called Ice Cream Bones and this May released Weapons of War/Spread It All around on Vinyl and digital download. Go to their site to buy both EPs and the rest of their lovely merch.
The video below is for the latest release and it is full on amazing, Zeitgeisty and cool!

SEΔCREST mixtape!

Ok so first sorry for not updating the Fokkawolfe Blog recently! My laptop fully crashed and died after getting a virus while I watched Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip for free over on the now evil TVShack, so like it wasn't even from a corrupt media fire link! But I'm back now and things seem ok. First post here is the Nattymari "SEΔCREST"

"SEΔCREST is the Max Headroom of the new millennium. His face popping up on every TV. The voice of the people"

Another chopped and screwed mixtape here this one from Nattymari I first saw it covered over on the NFR blog a few day ago. Its a scrambled top 40 mix that rumbles from digital glitch re-ups to dub echo and Zombie Rave mixes. Slow and hard and full of crazy.

Just have a listen below!