Tuesday, 12 October 2010

ZXZ - Abraxas.

ZXZ is from Ontario Canada and makes music which is part Witch House and part industrial goth re-imagined. ZXZ seemed to be around earlier in the year when everyone went a bit crazy hunting down all the Witch House artists they could find, there then seemed to be a lull in internet interaction while other projects were resolved, (▼□■□■□■ etc) then BLAM! He's back on the radar with a new album coming out called Abraxas!

There was an EP earlier in the year called Dragger that drag remixed six classic goth tunes from the likes of Cocteau Twins, The Sisterhood and Skinny Puppy which was and is great, download it here.

Then there was the self titled ZXZ EP which took a similar drag and appropriation approach to things, including a Sophie Ellis-Bexter drag remix, get that EP here.

The new album Abraxas (which I sincerely hope he realises is also the name of a classic Santana album) is a proper full length affair. Coming out soon.
The two tracks above are I believe both from it.

You can go download a number of other tracks as well from the ZXZ Soundcloud page.

Dude also rocks a mean bit of re-worked artwork too!

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