Sunday, 31 July 2011


Abstract electronic shoegazed, psychedelically Chillwave sounds from Pittsburgh. All blurry and dreamy, stargazing, snogging under red wine blankets in the summer snow, blinded in the dark, sexy times, sad times, running in the heat of evening, sunlight like a strobe through your eyelids as the bus streams along, magic at night blood in the water, wishing for a longer day, teenage adventures out on the coast, mid summer kisses.
Shisa. Go here to download the album (memory) for free, and go here to download a great Housey mix Dior Nights which you can hear below.

New Turbowolf video: A Rose For The Crows

Just the most awesome video for my favourite thrash punk, satanic disco metalers Turbowolf. This is just brilliant, simple but so well delivered. I dare you not to love it even if you are not a fan of this kind of music. Also it reminds me of this classic even though its totes different!

Starlight Girls.

Go download this for free from Bandcamp its a track by Starlight Girls a Brooklyn four piece. Twee, garage punk sounds.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Columbus - Hubble video.

Halls - Solace.

This is special, Halls is a South London based musician who makes some of the most beautiful and glacial ambient tracks out there, slow low post-post-dubstep that washes over you like ice creeping across the face of snowball earth. As if in the faint far crystal distance some one is playing Neon Indian or Blackbird Blackbird on a battered radio and the mountains in between are bouncing and dragging, echoing and washing the sound with sonic bleach. Strange half caught vocal rumours, snowdrift rumbles and late night headphone walks, mournful echoes of long lost songs caught in the up draft from towns far below and swept into the stratosphere to be played with by the only things floating up there with them; tiny silvery spiders. BEAUTIFUL. Go buy the self titled EP for £1 here. And the single Solace for £2 here. Worth every penny.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bitch House go real world!

I wrote about this band last August and back then they were kind of a joke project but now Bitch House have gone and got a Facebook page, a Soundcloud and Bandcamp page and have sort of become real! These guys are from the Ukraine and their sound has become an experimental mix of electronic noise, Witch House, Drag and remixed pop. Its good, as good as any of their contemporaries they were originally joking around. I like it a lot! Their album "Hurry Up And Die" is an 11 track wonder, where one minute you are listening to a 39 second ambient drag track, the next its an industrial art piece that jerks along for 8 mins 10. The album is free to download from Bandcamp here.

Also as well as the Hurry Up and Die album there is a great new track to grab from Soundcloud "called Eins, zwei, polizei (mo-do remix)" its an electro stormer of a track that just needs to be played loud as. Go download it now and dj it tonight!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Holy Other -"Know Where" directed by MFK

Holy Other - Know Where from @thestankonia on Vimeo.

Ghost And The Song: Unscharfe mixtape.

Ghost And The Song, Berlin, non-surrealistic punk, with a mixtape called "unschärfe" meaning blur: a romantic celebration of the broken unit. Getting Away with subsequent loss of reality. The cat ate the uncle of antidepressants, after I had given them to him, because he felt so alone and died. Now we are escaping? adrenaline is still left? People want to do there is not enough to clean something? (I love Google translate!)

unschärfe-mix by ghostandthesong

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

GL▲SS †33†H post trance free EP.

Brilliant gothic trance purveyors GL▲SS †33†H whose CDR is available from Phantasma Disques have now gone and put the release up for free download from their Bandcamp page. Go get it or you are really missing out. These two really know how to produce a track because wow this is so much better than 90 percent of similar offerings out there! Dark slow and heavy but so spacious and dynamic, never getting lost in fog and easy noise this EP is a Witchian answer to the Dipset Trance Party sound, hip hop via trance created by black clad children in the attic. Go get it it now, what's stopping you quick!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Mickey Mickey Rourke - Satanic Youth Brigade

Eszena: alpine ambient downloads.

Eszena is a 2011 born Portugal based project, hosted, produced, mixed and designed by Manuel Robim. Two EP's released, Harremanak and Örnar Topp are available for free from Bandcamp. This is great minimal ambient crystalline drifting, wonders of the universe bubbling up from pulsing synth growls and layered ice shattering space tech experimentalism. Sometimes you want awesome ambient soundscapes that roll for eleven minutes or more and well here you have it.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

From last year but still killer!


Lol▲ is like Polish joke Witch House, or something. It's a sample, 8bit, noise, funfest of ridiculousness. The album is called ▲\\Romanius_ok\\▲ and its free to download from
4chan Witch house has arrived.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cloud Seeding.

In keeping with the last post but with a more sinful blues and darkness tip is Cloud Seeding. Cloud Seeding is a music singles project by Brooklyn guitarist Kevin Serra. The first single features singer Marissa Nadler. It's dark and slow and a pine forest on fire at midnight type thing, stoner folk, red wine and daggers, satin sheets hung out to dry, distant mountain paths, kissing at dawn, waking up and eating meat, looking at the stars and swearing oaths to eternity, grinding your fingers on well worn guitar strings, blood and rose petals, the 60's from the bottle of a glass, romance and shotguns, the devil at your door, black bubbles in the air, crows on the washing line, raining sunday whispers and baby bats in a cardboard box. You know the sort of thing. Well have a listen.

Gazelle Twin!!!

Vortex Rikers: "Dear internet, check out the most amazing thing i’ve heard in a while: Gazelle Twin. stream her entire album at her website."

Me: yep that's pretty damn awesome!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Post modem sounds of Regal Safari.

I think I met one of Regal Safari a while back while djing somewhere in Brighton, he told me the name of the band and I Googled it there and then and then forgot to follow it up, here I am today its raining hard and the strains of their three tracks online are weaving their mellow summer haze through my ear canal, soft minimal and warm, housey and chillwavey but different and clean like waking up outside with the dawn sky above you and the clouds streaming by white and wet, as wet as the dew laden grass you are sat on, your brain feels quiet, still and orgasmic, oxygen pumping through your blood, the landscape arrayed in front of you in timelapse, beating to the sound of your heart, the feel of damp cloth, swollen tongue, dry eyes, wet hair, the wind.
Go download all three tracks from their Bandcamp profile and go outside...

Woe - Hatred is Our Heart (droned out V/H/S remix)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

NEW M83 LP being released, this is a taste of what's to come!

\\\^◊^/// (of Mater Suspiria Vision) - Hoüse öv Drüg Mixtape Vol. I.

\\\^◊^/// (of Mater Suspiria Vision) - Hoüse öv Drüg Mixtape Vol. I. Really good, trippy mixtape that starts with a slow and bleary Primal Scream 'Some Velvet Morning' moving onto even more druggy territory lost and confused and flashbacking but so very easy to listen to! Download from Soundcloud here.

\\\^◊^/// (of Mater Suspiria Vision) - Hoüse öv Drüg Mixtape Vol. I by matersuspiriavision

ACID by \\\^◊^///

\\\^◊^/// (of Mater Suspiria Vision) has a track.. its called ACID, its intense, it lives in the alley out back and looks in the windows when people are away, it floats on you like green gas, its over there and also what you are thinking about, that's how it's the same, that's why your feet are wet, because you're standing in fountain and saying this, that make sense now, why isnt everything wet all the time, right why are my hands feeling you, it must be the reason they are called hands.. where am I? why cant I download this? Blogger drugs.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Four of the best from the worldwide coven.

Witch House by any stretch of investigation has ballooned into a huge sprawl of artists creating all sorts of lo-fi, satanic-ish, down tempo electronica. A hell of a lot of it is pretty dire. Just a search of "similar" artists on will bring up a muddied hell of 2nd gen slow doomy dance music that can feel hastily thrown together. Then there's Soundcloud which also throws up a plethora of abstract 2nd gen Witch House layered in symbol rich names. I felt it was time I shared a few of what I consider to be the jems amongst the slag heaps, the following four bands are new finds and are kick ass!

E▲RTHRISE is from Australia and is quite brilliant! Check out these two tracks! Everything is free to download from Soundcloud and also this is someone creating great imagery as well, check their Tumblr it slays!
†▲βU∩∩ℽ▲† is someone again making obscure hard to find music but with a twist and edge that makes it next level and not lost in Witchian pap. With Soundcloud tracks with labels like Blackened Witch house then you kinda get where this Mancunian artist is coming from, the electronic black metal side of things shines through delightfully and makes this just that bit better than competition. All everything on Soundcloud is free to download as well.

▼▼◯ ▛ ◣▷ T◯▼▛ (pronounced World Tour) has a sound similar to an artists like Blissed Out or Ritualz, that deep and doomy epic post trance sound, genre pinning him or herself as someone who makes "cloudy" music this is an artist from Brooklyn making huge sounding "death of a club" doom dj sounds. Again its all free to download from Soundcloud.

Lastly but not leastly is )╪(▲†▲Y▲O▲U▲†▲)╪( ..yep that's the name and you cant pronounce it, its definitely not "you 2". This is full on 2nd gen and its only info is its from Poland, this si obscure and deep but actually really good to listen to, there are only two tracks, Berlin and Owlin, and by heck I hope the second is in referenceto the "internet craze" of photographing yourself perched like an owl on top of weird places (next level planking) if ever a "craze" was Witch House then owling is it. Again like ▼▼◯ ▛ ◣▷ T◯▼▛ this has all the elements of epic doomy club music but its also spread in some great dubstep bass and beats, filthy as a witch's dark places and as huge and sprawling as the Jaskinia Wielka Śnieżna caves of mount Małołączniak. Epic and beautiful and succinct. Berlin is not for download from Soundcloud but Owlin is.

IVVVO: I Just Love You EP.

Trying hard to be next level and definitely laying in some good scaffolding for the project is IVVVO. I think this dude is from Portugal though I didnt look to closely, raining influences from the skies of modern sound, IVVO has distilled and diluted drag and Witch House, downtempo of all sorts and a bit dubstep-ish Hip Hop into some late evening rainy day introspection.
There is a Bandcamp with a nice little EP on it for free which you should go get, have a listen and decide what you will.

CULTS Go Outside video -finally!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Hobo Cubes

Hobo Cubes were doing lo-fi, Drag remixing, cut and past collage video work and intense indecipherable music way before Witch House was a thing. Here's a new video thing way more close to what a lot of other people are creating so its nice to see influences go both ways! Go check out their Bandcamp for loads of EPs and albums all for around $5.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pictureplane NVR MND collaboration.

While I'm on a Pictureplane tip, here's a great collab done with the equally awesome NVR MND label; they make some great clothes and brilliant designs and Pictureplane has a series of collages, prints and t.shirts available to buy through them. Proper cool it is too so go check it out.
The image on the left is one if the Pictureplane designs, available as a gloss or matte finish 24 x 36 digital print

Post Physical video.

Thee Physical is Pictureplanes new album with this track Post Physical being the signature track from it. For me and for this blog this is the album of the year on so many levels, I cant even imagine what other band right now could drop something so relevant and so good... maybe Health or maybe the new M83 album when it comes out, but I doubt it. Anyway this is so good and I'm so glad the video is such a killer too, lo-fi but also professional and clever enough that it works really well and represents the feel of the album, song etc. The best review I've read of Thee Physical is over at the Gucci Goth Tumblr, go read it its perfect.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Balam Acab: Apart

Crack Is Cheap Crack Is Whack..

Just saw the most hilarious thing outa my window, two girls walk along the empty street with a dog, one is crying, the other really drunk, something seems kinda wrong. A drunkish teenage guy encounters them going the other way and stops to ask if the crying girl is ok.. drunk girl slaps him and starts yelling at him saying "my girls just got a cut on her face but she's beautiful, beautiful!" then the dog attacks the guy, then drunk girl hits him again, then crying girl apologises for her, guy backs away and girls leave shouting at him with a barking dog.. he looks confused. From my window I say "Shit!" and he looks up and goes "Hey I know you?" and I just say "nah mate!" HILARIOUS!

The VHX Album: Crack is Cheap Crack is Whack (Reissue) by Micro Naps is available to download for free or at a price of your choosing at Bandcamp now, its a late night origin Drag album like all deep slow heavy sick and proto. Well worth investing in a download. The new Phantasma Disques Release "CDR" is also available but for $6.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves streaming.

Everyone seems to be going on about this John Maus album We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves. So I finally almost under duress, listened to it and its actually great! Have a listen to the tracks below and click through to here to listen to the whole album streaming on Soundcloud!

John Maus: We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves by alteredzones

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Future sounds

My laptop just decided to up and die and so I've lost all my downloads and bookmarks for the last 9 months! Thus no blogging just recently. When I'm back up and running then I'll be back with a whole new attitude. As I've lost so much music and bands that I was going to blog then the Fokkawolfe Blog will become even more current, futuristic and beyond the edge of brilliance. Expect to hear your music of 2012 coming at you 6 months in advance. Blam!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fostercare new video

This is a next level DIY video thing by Fostercare - brilliant! The track is off the upcoming new EP. For some reason it makes me think of that film Party Monster for some reason dunno why.

Summer Of Haze

Residing somewhere between Chillwave, Witch House and Ambient House - Summer Of Haze is interesting on a number of levels. All the tracks are free to download from Soundcloud so go do it and have a listen yourself.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Modern Witch: Desire video

Space Slave Trade mix

It came out a year ago BUT its Witch House backlashing triangle hating style was way ahead of the game! Blam hardcore in your eye! Free to download here.

1. (∩゚ ヮ゚)⊃ -- intro
3. LOLI RIPE - Where is my balls?
4. Ryan Velvet - bOyzZz tOyzZz *)-_-)
5. DJ DISITE - Otaku Unite
6. Dj Ninja Love Mistake - Kiruminzoo
7. GHETTO CAVIAR - hologramsally(5)
8. GHETTO CAVIAR - ilikeyou4
9. Final Fantasy 7 - Costa del Sol
10. GHETTO VS. SALEM - witch house is dumb as hell --> ▲▲▲
11. No.305 - nishimata aoi
12. No.305 - kyoto animation
13. diamond black hearted boy - mY oWn pRiVaTe doLpHaN
14. LiL B - Flying So Far
15. (╬ ಠ益ಠ) - INTERMISSION
16. (″・ิ_・ิ)っ- homosexual amusement
17. " ◕ ◡ ◕) - XENON TEACHES TYPING ~expert mode~
19. yung nazty - walrus fuck


Saturday, 2 July 2011


Honeydrums's “Pleasures of the Sun” will be out July 15th, on Prague/London-based label AMDISCS. This EP is a limited run of 50 tapes and will be the band's seventh release in as many months! Their Last EP - Vacation is available to download from Bandcamp or if the free downloads have run out then there is a media fire link on that page as well. Have a listen.