Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Teen Palaces - CVLTVR #2

Another mixtape - this is by Teen Palaces - It's one of those put together on Mixcloud mixes - called CVLTVR #2 it's the CVLTVR second installment- an instrumental hip-hop, RnB, slowed down house thin: Floor To Floor - Teengirl Fantasy Outta Control - 50 Cent Gin & Juice - Devante Swing Over My Dead Body (Star Slinger Jetlag Edit)- Drake Still - jj Spanish Fly - Blondes Illest Alive - Clams Casino o m a m o r i - Elite Gymnastics
Download from Mediafire here.

Ritualz - WINTER 2K12 MIX

New by Ritualz: Winter 2K12 Mix!
A really nice and eclectic winter wonderland of all that's great right now! Go download it from Soundcloud

Track/mix list: 
 men in burka - turah 
 craxxxmurf - beautiful beings 
 araab muzik - silent world 
 grimes - colour of moonlight 
 ace of base - all that she wants (cape cod remix) 
 zebra katz - ima read 
 asap rocky - wassup 
 craxxxmurf - up 3days adderall and redbull (drippin' remix) 
 butterclock feat oOoOO - hustling 
 panda bear - slow motion 
 dolly parton - i will always love you 
 dark sister - take me down

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ellie Herring - Satiate

Ellie Herring is an electronic musician and producer from Kentucky, she released her first EP, Flailing In Attraction, in June last year and now has a limited edition CD release called Satiate out on the Mater Suspiria Vision label Phantasma Disques. 

This is ambient Witchian styled experimentalism, deep and moody, drifting and chilled but tinged with intense dark elements. Fun to listen to if you have the time and want to really get into something, really listen to the whole album feel of things.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

PrismViews - YOUR EYES

Yung Life.

Want to hear a really catchy 80s-esque pop tune that deserves to in the top 10 but is from like an un-signed band? Check this song out; Breaker by the band Yung Life, a five piece band from Knoxville, Tennessee who sound a bit like M83, crossed with Toto You can download it for free from Soundcloud. There's also a bunch of other demos and tracks up there to download so have a listen.

Breaker by Yung Life

Friday, 27 January 2012

Zebra Katz - Ima Read (ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx)

Sin (x) Sin - free download

Sin (x) Sin does dreamy, drugged out, drum-heavy synth-pop for strange kids. It's like Zola Jesus suddenly getting proper evil and sexual. Its minimal stuff with strings and synths and  deep brooding vocals, throbbing along and curling around your sonic cortex.

Like a lot of people I'm blogging at the moment Sin (x) Sin is an artist more than just a musician. She's a writer, a musician and a freelance multimedia artist who works in a variety of fields, including experimental films, music videos, illustration, graphic design, and photography. 

She has a great album out on Black Lodge records which is available for free download!! Go get it.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Aids-3D - North Face® Winter 2012 Mens SmartPhone Demo

Aids-3D have one of the all time best names ever and so it makes what ever they create always one notch above everyone else! They are an art duo as much as musicians by the way, any how here is their latest  mixtape offering entitled "North Face® Winter 2012 Mens SmartPhone Demo" Yes thats the name -expect sample heavy, glitch heavy, rave hard blam core weirdness! Free Soundcloud download.

North Face® Winter 2012 Mens SmartPhone Demo by aids-3d

As well as this mixtape they have also been busy-ish dropping some other stuff, remixes that go the opposite way from what Witch House was trying with Drag remixes -these sped up wonders bounce through you like week old bacon. Download for free from Soundcloud too!

Nightcore-Sexo, Sudor & Calor (eTip® edit) by aids-3d
Nightcore- Junto Al Amanecer (eTip® edit) by aids-3d

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

VULGARI 28 † 01 † 2012 † glória

If you live in Brazil, specifically São Paulo, then you should go to this club night on Saturday at Club Glory! Its a DIY Tumblr party called Vulgari III.

This is not another one of those parties thematic but an opening intergalactic aesthetic: absurdly rapturous pop, ponies, Barbies 3d, Warhol, Nicki Minaj, glitter, fetish, SlimePunk, popart, Bukkake, Anime, unicorns, colored hair, twin dreams, lipstick fluorescent, witchcraft, spank gifs, shells, marine animals, post-religion, platforms, Kawai Hawaii and more. Dressing up, projections and deliciously picked pop dj sets! Be there!
Facebook event here.

BATHAUS video - ME The ZePH Widow

Love Songs by Shock Diamond.

Dark 80's voiced electro pop, deep and nocturnal, this is another free album from Shock Diamond, entitled Love Songs it's 5 tracks of night time pouting and sexual yearning. go download it from Bandcamp its a winner. Shock Diamond is also a full on meme musician, grazing the edges of the seapunk scene as well as slimepunk etc -memepunk if you will. Check the dudes Tumblr.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Milky Sway - Chillwave going on strong.

Chillwaves never die! Here's a new dude for you, Brooklyns Milky Sway. His Bandcamp, the ubiquitous place for free Chillwave sounds has three releases up for grabs, Re/Work, Komet Kids and Contact With Saturn Baby. go get em they're all full of pretty snazzy retro syth squelching and bouncing happy vibed beats.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Teengirl Fantasy ~ Green Door Store ~ 29th January

Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso - Lord Of The FLy

Blue Sky Black Death and Nacho Picasso, got together and created this album which is up for free download from Bandcamp, named Lord Of The Fly it's a 13 track deep low and slow wonder of southern inspired gothic rumbling bass heavy super slick dark drone alt hip-hop full of sparkling wonder that is licking up and down my ears right now, I'm sat on my bed tired as hell and this is just perfect, anything with rumbling bass drone riffs is good in my book but this is just awesome. 

Blue Sky Black Death are a producer duo and Nacho Picasso is a more than great rapper if this is anything to go by. Other than this I know little about each artist, but damn you gotta love that slow droning bass riff.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

New Teams tracks!

Here's a few new and absolutely brilliant tracks by one of my hype bands of 2012 - Teams. the first is one done in collaboration with fellow Seapunk Indigo Bunting and its a free chill R&B masterpiece of dragged sex beats, lapping water and vintage glitter synths.

Sentimental feat. Indigo Bunting by Teams

The next track is a straight up funk grooved raver of a track called ღ ♋ ღ !!

ღ ♋ ღ by Teams

Lastly we have Teams remix of Picturplane's Boy Mod track, turning into an aquarium of seaside sparkle and cliff cave echo, jewel like waters slipping between your toes as your ears venture further into the cave of a track that it turns into. Go download them all fro free from Soundcloud.

Pictureplane - Body Mod (Teams Retouch) by Teams

Friday, 20 January 2012

Tennis Rodman- Death Of Slime mixtape

We only have a short time left, there isnt time to wash let alone listen to a whole mixtape, all over the internet stars are going out, lights dim, teeth rot, the make or break of the internet age is all around us, no-one has music genres dictated by a cohesive sound anymore, styles and visual sharing, mood boards of people create a scene, what does Seapunk sound like? It doesnt it "looks like" what is Slime punk its garbage pail kids gunging each other while listening to juke and eating pizza, high in their parents basement, sharing green slime pics via Tumblr and Twitter (long may they rest in peace.)

Seapunk is the thematic child of Nu Rave which was the child of Electroclash, Slimepunk is a daydream during winter, tentatively poking at the corpse of the internet hoping for the buds of spring, hoping there isn't a knock at the door.

Tennis Rodman is one such, making sounds, making a 15 minute Slimepunk mixtape 'cos we don't have time to listen to an hour, 'cos all the things that made 2011 culture so inclusive, so high to low, reference culture bouncing through cycles so quick they cant be commercialized, the new punk, Tumblr is Sid, Twitter is Nancy, all those things could be gone, sucked away so you can watch Hollywood movies the way they want you to. 

Download now.

Death Of Slime // 私の脳食べる [I ATE MY OWN BRAINZ] by ✞ENNI$R✡DM∆N

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fatima Al Qadiri - How Can I Resist U

"Fatima Al Qadiri's 'How Can I Resist U' is a love letter to London in general and Dubstep (before it wobbled) in particular. "Lenden" as it's known has become a historic site of pilgrimage for wealthy Arabs seeking the forbidden fruits of sex, drugs and alcohol. 

Interspersed with Youtube footage of Ma'alaya dances specific to Gulf countries like UAE and Oman--the super cars, dancing girls and brutalist council estates in the video are part of the down-and-dirty dream that a trip to London signifies for Khaleejis (Gulf Arabs). The color of the video is based on an infamous Arab royal's custom 'Gulf Blue' Koenigsegg CCXR that terrorized the streets of the city's posh neighborhoods. 

 Video by Sophia Al-Maria"

Dolphin Logic and the Replicant Embolisms

"Welcome to the new age, 2012, the dolphins know we're here, crystals have strange powers.. oooh, look at the sky it's actually all in your mind, in your minds eye. Like have you ever thought about the cosmos, the real shit that's going on right now, everything thats made of colours all vibrating and holographic and and and..."

Replicant Embolisms is an EP of esoteric electronica and pulsing new wave light created by a band called Dolphin Logic. Its free to download from Bandcamp go get it and put some candles on you hippie.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Light Asylum - Skull Fuct [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Totally brilliant!

Turbo Slime

For jokes lets pretend SlimePunk is a thing and not just a New Years Eve hangover spilling out into reality. So here's Turbo Slime - some dude from the internet or like somewhere, Dj Yung everything, happens to be $ludghammer Dj Yung Naked Goku. Heres his take on SlimePunk's breakcore seapunk post rave mash up whatevs sound. Blam in your eyes all green and shit! All free to download from Soundcloud.

slime journey by TURBO SLIME

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Tash Willmore - Love Stories

Tash Willmore just produces some of my favorite tracks at the moment, the latest songs released via the label Aural Sects are no exception. We In Love and Love Stories are two epic post trance wonders that captivate you with a sound so dynamic, slick and cool as fuck I don't know who wouldn't love them. Go downlaod them from the Aural Sects Bandcamp for - name your price.

Love Stories -Tash Willmore by ᴛᴀsʜ ᴡɪʟʟᴍᴏʀᴇ
We in Love - Tash Willmore by ᴛᴀsʜ ᴡɪʟʟᴍᴏʀᴇ

Sunday, 15 January 2012


This band are totally brilliant, this is hardcore punk in the grungy prog psychedelic noise vein that a band like Fucked Up or ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead or sometimes Sonic Youth do/did. Hailing from Syracuse NY, this mostly all girl band are called Shoppers and they kick ass through the wall. They also only number their songs not name them. Go listen to all their stuff on Bandcamp. Their LP Silver Year is available through Feeble Minds and Drugged Conscience .

Hear Hums.

Experimental hippie shit for your Sunday morning yeah? Hear Hums make experimental ambient noise pop, psyche improv, melodic and wobbly, all sampled up seaweed and echoing pine forest attic. Its lovely stuff for a hangover. Go listen to it on Bandcamp and buy it for $5 if you fancy.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dynoo and the longest album title of last year.

Label under ambient avant-garde beat electronica.. my main reason for blogging this is the incredibly long and silly name of the album.. By an artist called Dynooo it is called: "I Feel Like Playing Sim City Straight From The Floppy And Run A Tornado All Over My Perfectly Functioning Town After I Put The Fire Department Way Too Far So They Wont Be Able To Help My Sim City People‏"
Other than that it's free to download from Bandcamp and sounds kinda nice if you like that sort of thing.

Whip Angels - Sex Death Rebirth

The Whip Angels are the sonic extension of Sex Death Rebirth, an online art collection curated by Jenna Kraus. This collaboration strives to arouse and awaken, exploring both the esoteric and erotic. 

The Whip Angels are dark brooding sensual and sexual sounding, lo-fi atmospheric and esoteric experimentation, sometimes Doom sometimes buzzing electronic whispered vocals and distortion. Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen style Vs My Bloody Valentine or NIN.

 Sex Death Rebirth are kind of a sex cult if you will, their blurb reads: 

[SEX][DEATH][REBIRTH] calls for a sexual renaissance. The contrast between sexual and spiritual invokes a powerful reaction. The de-institutionalization of religion; the personalization of the divine; sexuality as a spiritual celebration; intimacy as a spiritual path; orgasm as a permanent state.Remember How You Came: Sex as your Personal Creation Mythology. SEX: to interact with bodies; to connect with souls; to experience THE ONE. DEATH: of the EGO-SELF, of the ILLUSION of OTHERNESS, of FEAR REBIRTH: LOVE, UNION, CREATION, BEYOND... Memento Mori (Remember that you will die)

You can download some tracks from Soundcloud.

Confessions of a Supersensual Man by WhipAngels
Hermes by WhipAngels
Thunder, Perfect Mind by WhipAngels

Friday, 13 January 2012

#seapunk sites the promised land.

Great article on Seapunk, what it is, who it is and why its good over at the Chicago Reader site. It's blowing up big time peoples get onboard the raft!

Step Into Liquid (It's A Trap) by fireforeffect

Sylver Tongue - Hook You Up

Why Beezy/DJ Yungbukkake

Why Beezy is like this Copenhagen producer/dj making future ghetto, slick but blown out, sketchy glitching clean and cool beats all nervous claps and speed ramped vocals; future city music for an imagined Tokyo gangster club. This is just so good, nothing is really up for download from Soundcloud which is a shame but there we go.


Also known as DJ YUNGBUKKAKE, he did a great mixtape for DIS Magazne a while back which you can still download here.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

o F F - Be Around U single.

Here's the new o F F Love single: BE AROUND U. The album "Probably Love", is to be released January 16th 2012.  Get the single here.

Upcoming Live Dates: 
January 20th - Paris - La Mecanique Ondulatoire (album release party) 
January 29th - Brighton - Green Door Store (with Teengirl Fantasy) (I'LL BE AT THIS ONE!)
February 7th - London - TBC 
February 11th - Cologne - King Georg (with Blouse)


Shock Diamond - Nails

"Set in a futuristic starcraft drifting through the multiverse, these songs are about the love, lust, and desire of Shock Diamond as he seduces polydrogynous aliens through transritualistsic hand-messenging and meta-energy exchange. On this album, Shock is disquised as a prodigeometric manicure artist, operating a salon-ship which doubles as his sensurreal altar of conceptual healthsorcery."

Nails is a Lo-Fi dance album by Shock Diamond, recorded while working at a nail salon in Brooklyn, NY for 4 months. It came out about about this time last year and is free to download from Bandcamp.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Chalices Of The Past.

Video for Catch My Fade by Chalices Of The Past, a brilliant acid house, skanking 8 bit tropicana of sounds, sped up vocals down tuned raps, distorted jungle bass and chillwave dreams. There's an album of "internet inspired" tracks called Yucatan Explorer which you can buy/download from Bandcamp on a "name your price" basis and which came out in April last year- its really good, well worth getting. A new release via Radical Ritual Tapes is coming soon which this video/single is from.

Mouse Sucks

Mouse Sucks does Wierdo alt R&B, Drake style, from Brooklyn. Slow low crooning style, lick you lady up and down, run to the window and draw manga characters in the steam, that kinda shit. Surprisingly listenable and way commercial but totally unsigned. One to watch.

Mouse Sucks - Isis by MouseSucks
Mouse Sucks - Nice Guys Finish Last by MouseSucks

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

\\\^◊^/// of MATER SUSPIRIA VISION feat. CARMEN INCARNADINE - She's on Drugs (Extended Version)

\\\^◊^/// of MATER SUSPIRIA VISION feat. CARMEN INCARNADINE - She's on Drugs (Extended Version) Video tribute to 90s, drugs and Twin Peaks.

Astrozombies beats me to making a Fokkawolfe mixtape!!

Love how someone's done an 8Tracks mixtape of Witch House and called it Fokkawolfe!
Astrozombies is this Mexican dudes name and he's also done some music of his own -Ferdandez/Garrido - its a good and weird little throbbing synth piece, all tweaking 808 sounds and oldskool ravin.

Perseus - 2012 to future!

Perseus is cool, like tropical 90s house euphoria cool, like gospel vocal samples, piano stabs, dancing warm summer bass lines jittering out from keyboards more accustomed to the splash of cocktails and beach parties cool. This is PM Dawn for 2012. This is next gen psi dolphins swimming the streets of Harlem selling Fresh Prince t.shirts. This is sex music for karaoke parties wanting the groove and splash of free form acid house soul. Blam in your ears and all over the couch. Love this. Perseus has 2012 encoded into him all over!
go download everything on his Soundcloud now!


Monday, 9 January 2012

Malibu 1992 mixtape ocean experience



Download here.


Malibu 1992 by MALIBU 1992

Penabranca Tumblr

This is some artwork by an amazing artist who posts it all to Tumblr, so they must be totally up for it being shared. It's some very beautiful trippy shit, but the artist is anonymous which is a shame.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Olive - You're Not Alone -1996

[Physics] - Love Electrical EP

[Physics] smooth jamming summer sounds and glitching beats infused with warm synth texture and gloss are absolute winners for me. Its very much a Chillwave style sound, drifting and dreamy, [Physics] music as described by themselves is "digi psych retrofuturism" which just gives enough random words to accurately pin down their own peculiar brand of dream pop synth magic. Their "Love Electrical" EP is out on Amdiscs, as a limited edition tape. Or to download here.

[PHYSICS] - 'Love Electrical' EP - 2011 (AMDT022/AMDD089) by AMDISCS

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Jesuslesfilles - Split Ep with The Peelies

What the hell do you mean guitar bands are dead, no one you have heard in a while sounds as vital and energized as they were when you were younger, you haven't heard anyone that kicks it like The Libertines, BRMC, The Pixies etc etc yawn. Well you just haven't been looking hard enough have you. Blam! Here's a band for you, Jesuslesfilles, they've been hanging out for a year or so, they have guitars and energy and they're French speaking to boot, these guys are from Montreal and they kick ass all over the place! They've just released a split record with The Peelies which you can get from Bandcamp for $5. Do it.

Friday, 6 January 2012

CSS - City Grrrl ft Ssion - STILL THE BEST TRACK AND VIDEO OF 2011

Pictureplane interviewed on Noisey.

Pyr▲mids of ▲▲ - the next three albums, all free to download.

Pyr▲mids of ▲▲ is one of my favorite artists of recent years but I keep forgetting to blog his latest releases. The first three EPs called tri▲ngulum, pyr▲mids and sp▲cedout   which I blogged and downloaded and played to death, but i've forgotten to download the latest 3 releases, summer trinity, atelier reverb and pattern//recognition. These are three great EPs and they are all free to download from Last.fm! Download them here, here and here.

Pyr▲mids of ▲▲ is an artist who plays lo-fi, reverb-drenched ambient/shoegaze swarming with heavy samples, ethereal atmospheres and dreamy impressionistic soundscapes. Its throbbing spacey stuff that is just brilliant. These three new EPs are all a bit more complex and structured but are essentially following the same ambient synth worlds. A few tracks are up on Soundcloud so you can listen to them below. 

voyager II by pyr▲mids of ▲▲
pattern//recognition by pyr▲mids of ▲▲
the black sun by pyr▲mids of ▲▲

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New free to download track by SHADES.

Its a new year and kicking off in style is a great little down tempo track by Shades which you can download for free from Soundcloud. All glittering bouncing melodies and slow house feelings the song features a brilliant whispered vocal for a song fittingly called Lullaby.


ASAP Rocky Vs Dead Can Dance mash up!!

ASAP Rocky Vs 80s medieval folk goths Dead Can Dance! Haunting Mashup of last year!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


New remix of o F F's "close to you (I'm not)" by Drawlings.

The "Be Around You" single from o F F is out on the 9th.

close to u, i'm not (Drawlings remix) by o F F Love

Urrrgh its art!

Urrrgh is an internet artist who uploads from the UK, this is URL culture, comic and obtuse, annoying and beautiful. Video, sounds and Tumblr.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

DARK SiSTER - Swag Hag

Dark Sister are two Tennessee girls making slow and low dark trance hip hop, with brilliant raps all thrash and trash, blood and sluts. Its a brilliant mix of sounds inspired by the mainstream charts as well as super zeitgeisty underground things. Way cool. Released on October 2011 their four track EP called Swag Hag is just  brilliant little jewel of an EP that is well worth the $5 to download it.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Vote for Crim3s on MTV's Brand New for 2012

Everyone's favorite Witch House band - Crim3s - are part of MTV's Brand New for 2012, unsigned competition! MTV are offering one unsigned act the chance to be part of Brand New for 2012, following in the footsteps of Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Lady Gaga, The Vaccines, Labrinth and Wretch 32 but they need your votes to to help get them there. 

You now have until January 8th to vote for Crim3s. This would be awesome if they got picked, the winner gets loads of MTV coverage and even the top 10 runners up get featured as well, so go vote for them here. 


MATER SUSPIRIA VISION feat. SHIVABEL - La bocca è la tana del bianco coniglio (2012)

Naomi Elizabeth - Music is conceptual art etc!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

MELLOW GRAVE - Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept

Such an epic sound, rolling out like a tsunami, black and unstoppable, the darkest most epic of sounds to come out of a scene previously known as Witch House, these guys make gothic electronica soaked in the deep musty sweat of shoegaze, sprinkled with the shimmering candy of post rave and dipped in the festering guts of electroclash until the glitter and amphetamines soak through to its very soul. 
Mellow Grave are from Auckland, New Zealand and are a reason bigger and better than Lord Of the Rings to go live there. Damn these guys need to be Superstar DJs so bad. Go grab their album "Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept" from Bandcamp now.