Saturday, 29 September 2012


Nice little download for a saturday morning, glacial noise and distortion with Ian curtis wishlist - H0LD M3 †IGH† (CA†HEDRA RETUNE). Download for free from the Soundclud player below

Friday, 28 September 2012

Afrika Pseudobruitismus: Senegal UFO Punk.

Afrika Pseudobruitismus: Senegal UFO Punk.

Rush Midnight - The Night Was Young Enough


Brilliant mixtape short from Coolmemoryz called "webcam_kiss"

Svengali - slow 
The xx - angels (lenticular clouds remix) 
Magic Fades - she beat all the haters 
Triad God - top level club prostitute 
e+e - dreem+2012 
o l d m o m s - icing 
Veracom - i got feelings 2 (thug hug) 
情報デスクvirtual - hotel taiwan welcomes u 
Infinity Frequencies - for you 
Shisa & choongum - hearts (krusht remix) 
Handset navigation - meraj 

Download from the Soundcloud player below.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Alex Zelenka

Crystal Castles engineer, remixer and Producer DJ in his own right Alex Zelenka has dropped and great little track featuring Elle who used to front You Love Her Cos She's Dead. Check It Out.

Diplo ft. Jahan Lennon "About That Life" Directed by @LILINTERNET

Spirit Guide "Dominic Louis Spring/Summer 2013 Mix"

I was raving about how good that Spirit Guide remix of Rhythm Of The Night was the other week and now there's an equally awesome mixtape just come out the "Dominic Louis Spring/Summer 2013 Mix" created for The designers catwalk show. Download it from the Soundcloud player below.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Thursty Moore

This artist comes from Brixton and goes by the great name of Thursty Moore. They make experimental drone noise hip hop with chillwave psychedelic overtones. Nice stuff, very eclectic and playful. Download for free at Bandcamp.

Ultrademon Vs DJ Kiff

New Seapunk record! Coral Records Internazionale presents Ultrademon and DJ Kiff's first collaborative EP "Bubbles". Five tracks for $5 each and every one of those tracks is killer. Download from Bandcamp.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Graduation film from the Royal College of Art, 2011 by Ben Wheele An elegant vase inhabits the body of a young girl, and re-stages an event from her childhood using living tissue. A sci-fi Baroque fairy tale, literally dripping with misanthropic venom...


Brand New U is an great little EP out on Aural Sects by I Am Water feat: Moon Mirror.
All cold beauty and chilled out drifting minimalism. Crystalline and glacial. Great stuff and its free to download as well.

Monday, 24 September 2012

My latest music video!

My first full proper video that I've directed. Milk & Biscuits - "White Noise"
"A girl finds an old camera washed up on the seashore that takes photos of auras around people and things, she then goes on an adventure, encountering the band and capturing the auras she finds on film."

Rhythm of the Night (Spirit Guide Feelings Mix) video


Ancient Times a local Brighton band with a sound so fucking authentic to a 1980s Smiths-esque aesthetic its blinding genius. Love this sound, the roughness and scuzzy lo-fi quality with spangly glittering guitars and deep melancholic vocals. Other than knowing where they are from and that they are way young I know very little else, it could even just be one dude and not a whole band. Brilliant. One track is available to download.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bare Pale

Fogged out shoegaze from London from a guy called Bare Pale. There are six tracks up on his Soundcloud all the recordings are as lo-fi and washed out, scuzzed and blurred as could be, and each one is a gem. This dude is excellent. All the tracks are available to download so go check out the Soundcloud page.

New ARPEGGI8 and Whitely collaboration.

Here's some new tracks from ARPEGGI8 in collaboration with fellow Seapunk artist Whitely. Nice chilled out spacey ambient pieces, like the soundtrack to some epic n64 underwater platform game. Both tracks can be downloaded for free from the Soundcloud players below.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Crescent ParC by Seabat

A brilliant record that is totally Seapunk without intending to be... both in visually and sonic terms, ocean sounds, ambient soundscapes, dolphin calls, water drops, etc. Crescent ParC by Seabat is available on green 12" vinyl or as a download from Bandcamp. Both ways cost.


Just as the brilliant LOL Boys have taken a permanent hiatus up comes an artist taking the mirror of the name.. LOL GURLZ. Grimey URL sounds, trap and Seapunk. No downloads yet. Go stream through their Tumblr for funzies. 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Brendan Codey: A Drunk Ernest Hupeden, Ex-Con and Painter of Certain Secrets, Walks West

Smörgåsbord (3 Flavors) by Super Buddies

Smörgåsbord (3 Flavors) by Super Buddies is an eclectic sounding album ranging between great mid-fi post punk, ambient soundscapes and slick downbeat. That's because its a three way split EP from How Scandinavian, Donny Yen and Andrew Henry. Free to download from Bandcamp it describes itself as "Like eating from a greasy Smörgåsbord with your eyes closed." Have a listen.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Stoned Boys live footage

Two great videos of Russin post-rave wonder kids Stoned Boys playing live at some festivals this summer.

Brendan Codey

Sometimes you just come across a really really good guitar based record from some unknown.. today is one of those days.. 

Brenden Codey is the band, a trio from Philidelphia, they have an EP out called Casco. Its six tracks of timeless classic amazing americana, strains of Neil Young filtered through post rock and shoegaze all the while keeping a watchful eye out for beautiful dynamics, melodies, hooks and all the gubins that proper old-skool song writing provided for the ear. 

This band are amazing and you should definitely go buy the Casco EP on cassette from Treetop Sorbet Records here. You can also download the songs as .wav files from their Soundcloud here.


Avant! Records have a definite sound, a cold post punk gothic nuance  that pervades all of their artists and has me blogging about their releases quiet regularly. 

White Hex are an Australian duo, these tropical goths have a great melancholic guitar bass and drums combination, full of reverb rich vocals and constant strumming baselines. Brilliant. 

Their 12" LP - Heat is out on Avant! now. You can also download their record from the Avant! Bandcamp for €5.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Soft Lighting - So Good video

Soft Lighting free downloads.

"Soft Lighting is the solo work of Bryan Cox, Kansas City based musician/producer. Equipped with a Juno 60 and a bedroom studio, Cox makes his own brand of light headed pop music influenced by Italo Disco, 80s film soundtracks and contemporary Chillwave artists."

This guy is amazing, a big output and all of it killer. He's handily put all of his free Soundcloud downloads into one set, which is embedded below.

You can also go and buy his Glamour Shots EP for $1 from his Bandcamp. Its great go get it.

PSY "Gangnam Style" Slowed 500%

*all time stretched remixes are piece of art, the same piece remade again and again like a Warhol being reproduced or the same Fluxus joke being shown again and again. That's what makes each and everyone brilliant and legitimate.

Here is PSY's "Gangnam Style" slowed by 500% by Dirty Knobs.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


PROSYMNA - Ascend (Directed by Cosmotropia de Xam)


Night headaches, glossy streets, glittering keys in spotlit motion, the moon like a boiling disco ball glowering out over a Miami backwater, driving till your teeth ache, sun in your eyes, no way back, echoing signals relayed across infinity, reverb rich and drenched in a universal beach vibe, planet to planet galaxy to galaxy, always the same, dancing under foreign skies on alien drugs, time and distance no longer relevant, beach parties in the outer rim of a distant spiral arm of the Andromeda galaxy, lost amongst the waves, calling out into the night, the sky shimmering with every possible party out there, rev the engine, smile, sit back watch the counter tick into the red, release and away, forever looping to another beach on another world, for ever.

A new find... Silenxthis artist hails from Portugal and makes 80s feeling chillwave Balaeric sounds all synthed up to the max. There are a whole heap of free downloads on his Soundcloud so you should go check it out.

Afrika Pseudobruitismus - ALBEDO

White noise tranced-out psychedelia with aspiration to leave this realm and venture into the astral sonic plain.. Afrika Pseudobruitismus album 'ALBEDO' is out on Amdiscs. Donload it all below from the Soundcloud player.

Monday, 17 September 2012


Cursewords describes himself as a "True KVLT producer. One with the Night. #Gravewave #YODO" (I'm guessing that stands for "you only DIE once") 

This is someone out of St Louis making Witch House in the style reminiscent of Salem but harder and faster and potentially more epic sounding. Stand out tracks are Wintermute and Teen Huffing. Quality Okvlt buzzing synths, dreamy vocals and industrial death beats.

All Soundcloud tracks are free to download.

Bijou, Icelandic glo-fi future step.

Bijou describes herself as "Dream Faerie, I make music while living in the forest. She is a girl from Iceland who makes ethereal drifting spider web music, quite half sung/spoken songs all quiet and magical like a more gothic Boards Of Canada. Minimal, slow and atmospheric, she also collaborates widely with a whole slew of glo-fi, ambient artists, her sleepy whispering vocal style fitting perfectly. She also records soundscapes and acapella vocal tracks, all of which are up on her Soundcloud and available to download and play with.

She's also made a blinding mixtape, like really really good! Plus I've heard of very few of the artists on it. Check it out:

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tokyo Pizza Party 2012

21st Septemeber.
BAR 512 KINGSLAND ROAD, DALSTON.  Facebook event here.



The delicious taste of the future awaits inside!!! I came here to eat pizza and party…. and I’m all out of pizza!!! So let’s get fucked up and dance until mega Tokyo engulfs the Western world!!! 

We want all those Latex Lovely’s, Sporty Fashionistas, Seapunk Sex Symbols, Cosplay Cuties, Witch House Kidzz and anyone who thinks they can handle the future to join us for our OFFICIAL launch party!!! 

Bringing you the freshest sounds from the internet and delivering them IRL to your actual little faces!!!! Trap/ Future bass/Post-Dubstep /Electro/ Hardstyle/ Moombhatton/ Krunk/ Dutch house/ 8bit/ Witch House/ Chiptune/ Swedish techno trap and all those dancey tracks you love!!! 


Venice Calypso 
Chaz (The Coolness) 
fifi ♥ 
tifanny macquet

Soft Lightin - Out Tonight video

Some Ember - Hotel Of Lost Light

Some Ember make epic atmospheric indie, full of sounds, moods and ethereal majesty as much as synths, percussion and haunting wailing vocals. Its beautiful, different and sonically captivating. Their album Hotel Of Lost Light is free to download. (Download itdirect from the Soundcloud player below.) Or go over to the Crash Cymbols label to order a very limited cassette version.

Their most recent track is equally epic but so much more 80s in sound terms, a killer catchy synth masterpiece with deep reverb drenched vocals.


Late night mixtape post: PΞG ZILLΔ with the WHEN mix. Tagged as "Houserave" ...could be awful, it actually incredible good. PΞG ZILLΔ is Australian and follows Top8 on Soundcloud.. that all I know. Download from the Soundcloud player below. Killer!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pigeon Breeders - Luminous Debris

Luminous Debris by Pigeon Breeders is a beautiful ambient noise album based aroud internal and external themes. While this blog like to go hard a lot of the time it also likes to float around in an ambient drifting dreamscape of nature and beauty. This Pigeon Breeders album facilitates the experience immensely. Download it all for free from the Soundcloud player below.

Guantanamo Baywatch!!

Full on garage surf punk with an almost rockabilly vibe from Portland with a brilliant name if ever there was one... Guantanamo Baywatch. Its pricey but their album Chest Crawl is out on Dirtnap Records for $12.. download from Bandcamp here.

Friday, 14 September 2012

8Ball StepDown Fetch by Actress Pets

Lust For Youth's - Growing Seeds LP

Lust For Youth's "Growing Seeds LP" is ten tracks of dark wave, minimal synth post punk with a neo folk vibe. Grim, cold, harsh and brilliant, dense atmospherics and style you could cut throats with. Just amazing. Pounding gloom and dark droning post industrial malaise. Out on the especially great Avant! Records. Download it for €5 from their Bandcamp now!


Could we have the French-Canadian Grimes? Mathematique is a similar sounding, internet obsessed female artist with a vaguely matching look as well. She's been around for a couple of years and released three albums so far. Her fourth album is just out and is entitled "Forteressen" it's available from her Bandcamp for $5. This is really, really good!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

2:54 cover Killer.

A really great cover of Seal & Adamski's "Killer" by 2:54
It's available to download from Itunes if you want it.

Cuss Words - Y'ALL AIN'T SHIT

Cuss Words are as prolific as they are talented as they are varied, this latest self release takes a more clean and British psychedlic route than past shoegaze releases, sounding at points like Sid Barrett era Pink Floyd while at others it goes all Neil Young '70s contemplative rock with country-esque tinges. Brilliant songs, brilliant production, brilliant hooks and lyrics.. everything about this band is straight up killer! The album is available to download for $7 from Bandcamp. Get it its worth it.

Are You a Transhuman? by Delicious Demon

A quiet little ultra lo-fi downtempo album from Delicious Demon, some guy from the UK. The album is out on DrHemp Records and is called "Are You Transhuman?" Its noisy and simple and mournful with some lovely little dull synth melodies. Download it for free from Bandcamp.


Here's Langelier from Montreal, Canada with two tracks you can download from the Soundcloud players below. Zelda-core, N64-bit.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This is just so good, I could through a whole load of meme like genres at you, with words like post, step, seapunk, URL, trance etc.. but it doesnt need it Blank Banshee's sound speaks for itself just listen, it's TOO good.

Hailing from London this is yet another recent UK find that gives super-future US sounds a real run for their money.

Download the album for "name your price" from the Post-Religeon Bandcamp now!
I just noticed that Post-Religion Bandcamp description is brilliant: 

"Get your bingo shoes on Post Religion has arrived on bandcamp. We are the sound of the fashion appocalypse, the end of the music business and the birth of the cultural iceage. where is the proof, who are we and what the hell happened last nght are just some of the questions that will be answerd in the coming months."  

Bruxa - Victimeyez album

A new one for the Mishka label, Bruxa - Victimeyez. This is hard bass music, machined from nasty ass purple drank dub squelch and grind, hard and fast, beats and slooow hip hop funeral marches, buzzing distorted and dirty, industrial EBM for 2013. 

Get the free download of this Bruxa album from the Mishka Bandcamp.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Perturbator - Parisian tech noir genius

With musical influences listed as Vangelis, John Carpenter and Tears For Fears you might guess where this is going.. dark super retro-future tech noir synthesiser night music, another great to add to the growing list along with the likes of Gatekeeper, Noir Deco, Power Glove, Lazerhawk, 80s Stallone, White Car, or Valis. 

Perturbator is from Paris and has three releases out so far, an EP titled Night Driving Avenger, an album called Terror 404 and a bunch of early works and bonus tracks, available here. Those links all take you to free downloads! 

Monday, 10 September 2012

PROSYMNA - Caged Dreams (Feat. Martin Savale of Asian Dub Foundation)

Directed by Cosmotropia de Xam.

PrismViews - People of The Night, download.

Really nice track called "People Of The Night" from multimedia artist PrismViews.
Download for free at Soundcloud.

Snow Wolf - Dreams Of Paradise

Snow Wolf is one Miles Mackenzie from Phoenix, Snow Wolf used to make 8-bit dance music under another name but now has re-invented and updated a bit taking influences from other updated 8-biters like Unicorn Kid and Crystal Castles to make a seapunk, 8bit, slime punk digital trash sound. 

Snow Wolfs first album called Phantomsea was out in April this year (download for free here) Its an epic 8-bit seapunk rave up with shouty female vocals.

The second album is out on the 17th September and sounds way more tropical drum'nbass and trance filled. Stand out track being the title track Dreams Of Paradise. Pre-order at Bandcamp for $0.50 now. 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

DUNE F∀NGS - Behind Waterfall

DUNE F∀NGS - Behind Waterfall. 
From a forthcoming free EP on Gooey Records.

Chrome Sparks - Marijuana

Sampling Snoops Sensual Seduction at one point and with the song title of Marijuana this is some low down 420 music if ever there was some. Chrome Sparks is just one dude making this music, its good. Download it for free at Bandcamp here.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Noir Cœur

Noir Cœur are a French duo making next level chillwave dream pop sounds, its beautiful and uplifting, nostalgic and nature focused, lit by starlight and glow worms, adventures in memories, tropical paganism, the tribulations of youth, electronic and solid as fuck. 
Their Jahnimal EP is a full on five track killer. If you are a fan of MGMT, M83 or Neon Indian then go download it for "name your price" at their Bandcamp now!

Stoned Boys play St. Petersburg, Septemeber 16th.

Facebook event here.


Creepy, sensual and atmospheric down tempo moods from RUM, the musical side of artist Jamie Krasner. Reminds me a bit of Portishead at points.

Monday, 3 September 2012


 From An Okkvlt and Witch House Tribute to Dario Argento's Suspiria CDR (limited to 99) and CS (limited to 50) Pre-Order from 3rd September 2012 via Phantasma Disques

Luke Sital-Singh - Fail For You video. Directed by Joseph Rodrigues Marsh

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Jamie Krasner - artist

Finally Boys - Feelings

Finally Boys have released an EP/Album called "Feelings" - out now on Amdiscs, download it for free here. Expect post trance, spaced out ambient gospel, post rave jewel dropping beauty and long frenetic nostalgia tinged beats and synths, almost Chillwave but not quite. Brilliant!

Saturday, 1 September 2012


A couple of months old now but this mixtape still deserves a plug; AURAL SECTS 4 IVIYH MIX by spf5Ø a Tranced out Witch House, rave up of a mix. Free download here.


Spell Hound – I Challenge You! 
Purity Ring – Belispeak (spf5Ø remix) 
Modern Howl – Green Head 
Witchboy – Like White Cats in my Brain 
Blown – Temple of the Lord (Drugs for Drunks spiritual mix) 
Fifty Grand – Lake 
Crystal Castles – Untrust Us (VS//YOUTHCLUB remix) 
BRRRANGADANG (asap rocky xx brand new guy — signs bananaclip juke) 
Ian Curtis Wishlist – Emerald Park II: 
DJ Deathray – Bombs on it 
Ron Hardly – TRACKX 4 
Diamond Black Hearted Boy – Your Mind is Twisted (Madden remix) 

Tom Kross - Whatever Friends

URL noise core, glitch and distortion, drone and candy core experimentation from Tom Kross with his EP Whatever Friends. Download for free at Bandcamp.