Thursday, 13 December 2012


WhistleJacket is some band or dude from London making beautiful droney shoegaze inspired sounds all minimal and rudimentary, full of psychedelia and guitar loving wonder. Post punk lost beneath a wave of reverb and warm muffled joy.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Loom - In Your Doldrums


I wrote about URRRGH in January of this year, and having revisited his Soundcloud I see there are a whole lot of new tracks up, really good, really mellow minimal barely there RnB ambient stuff, slow low and ponderous and damn beautiful. Pop melodies creeping out of confidently restrained beats and soundscapes, feeling somehow scandivain in a Fever Ray styley. The track Encarta is especially killer. Lots of the tracks on his Soundcloud are free to download so grab them.

Mohn - Ambientot

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

LOL Boys - Changes (Shlohmo remix) complete with new video

Cold Pumas - Persistent Malaise

Just a reminder that the amazing Cold Pumas album "Persistent Malaise" is available to buy/download from the Faux Discx Bandcamp page, the limited edition black vinyl record is just £10, the CD is just £7 and the digital download is £5. This is an album too good to miss so don't.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Woodpecker Wooliams - Gull video

Dux Content

Discordant 8 bit free jazz rave sounds from Dux Content, this feels like two opposing early 90's computer games got mashed together over someone improvising on a keyboard, but yet it still sounds good. A tough one. There are a few free downloads to be had from their Soundcloud go check it all out here.

NSFW - Kincy Orties | Bruno (Cover Doc Gyneco "Vanessa")

New video and more erotic French rap from Orties.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

VV Ξ H Λ V Ξ P Λ Я † Y @ H Λ U N † Ξ D P L Λ C Ξ S

BLACK RAINBOVV has been around since the beginning of Witch House way back when, coining a mysterious catchphrase of "VV Ξ H Λ V Ξ P Λ Я † Y @ H Λ U N † Ξ D P L Λ C Ξ S " But BLACK RAINBOVV has always been making a slowed down and sampled up goth rave sound all of his own, part RnB, part Disco, part end of the world. Totally brilliant unique and genius in its remixing. So finally there is a full collected version of his tracks all up on Bandcamp and they're free to download. 

FEEL THE DRIP by PrismViews

PrismViews full length album.. "Feel The Drip" is a multi genre pillaging record taking all it needs and wants from Witch  House, post trance, 8 bit, shoe-gaze, lo-fi electronica and essentially electroclash.. its ecclesiasticism and free form sound combines to great effect though and as a full body of work becomes a great sounding album. Stand out tracks below. Download for free from Bandcamp.

Saturday, 8 December 2012


Describing music with genre-specific terms is fraught with difficulty and pitfalls that people are all to willing to jump all over you for, so sometimes its hard to describe a genre or a sound an artist is making other than to say it fucking slays.. and Unoknwn fucking slays. I'm not going to label this sound other than to say its too current and way future. Blam, have it! 

Missetsu by Spf50

I've drunk a lot of coffee this morning and maybe I'm a bit spaced right now but this new track by the usually quite abrasive Spf5Ø is just the most dreamy glo-fi trance shit ever, its just the most celestial orbiting drifty happy ambience. So good. Free to download from the Soundcloud player below. 

Friday, 7 December 2012

Serious Thugs- Link Ting (Other Girls)

Ellie Herring - Mend The Angle - EP

Ellie Herring has a new EP out called Mend The Angle.. it very good, so very very good. I spent this morning listening to that and Britney single a bit too much and then went over to listen to this EP and the production is just seamless, so well done and so ahead of some imagined curve, brilliant. Slow rave hip hop with a real pop dance vibe. Track two is especially ace. Th EP is all available to download for free from the Soundcloud player below. Blam!

God Mode...

I swear this dude used to make Witch House.. now a fully fledged Trap exponent God Mode or G̖̳̞̬͇̼̫̯͖͖̓̍͛ͮ͠͞Ö̡͙͓̞͔́̇ͩ͊̈̄̊͋̊̅͢͡͝D̴̴͕̥͎͓̱̘̟̼͙̩̘̺͎͎̜͔̝̩̎̋͊͑ͬͪͥͫͭ Mͯ̔̌̂ͦ͏̷̵̢͚̦͙͈͈͙͜Ö̡͎̰͔̣͔͓́ͯ͊͛̒̈ͮͥͪ́̚̕͝Ḓ̸̡̨̙̱̹̱͙̪͓̿̈́ͬͩE̓͂̊̈̌ͣ̑̉̕̕͞͏̳̹̝͍̜͚̖̭̬̠̙   has only three tracks up on Soundcloud but they are all pretty excellent nasty heavy things and free to download as well. Oh and damn it but doesnt the new Soundcloud layout/re-skin look really good!

Thursday, 6 December 2012


"We speak ov time and mind, which do not easily yield to categories . We separate past and future and find that time is an amalgam ov both. We separate good and evil and find that mind is an amalgam ov both. To understand we must grasp the whole."

DENIRO by ENIX INRI is an EP of arcane proportions, five tracks of electronic third eye post meta vibes. Free to download from Bandcamp.


This is good, I wrote about VS//YouthClub a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to share their new Aural Sects released EP called Waves, which is just way too good and available to download for free.. dont miss out.


РΣ▲ϾΣ ⱧΣȊL★ is one Andrew Cocain from New Zealand, making drag and screwed hip-hopa dn with house style tracks, remixes and re-edits, all doped up and blissfully tempo reduced into a cacophony of echo and delay washing up and out into blissed out chillwave sounds and seapunk intonations. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Kilo Kish

Phantom Forest EP by Pang Attack

Pang Attack is the band and when the guitar hits on that first track of their Phantom Forest EP, you will find it hard not to fall in love with this sound, then as the singular piano notes chime and the vocals arrive it just cements it all so much more. Melodic and beautiful, harmonies and electronica blending with instruments and ambience. Properly good. Its free to download from Bandcamp and you would be a fool to let it slip by.

Hollow Press

Ambient soundscape, noise and drone from Hollow Press and their new LP "Between Us" out on the Drug Arts label. Its good, you should go download it for $3 here. Oh and the album cover looks like fisting....

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Elliphant - Down On Life video


Tumblr couture beats and deep emotionally rich synth moods conjoined in horror stroking and lapping at each other with gay abandon. Essentially its just one long wicked riff, smoothly dirging along through the 3 minutes 44 seconds, creating a droning majestic wonder of a track that you can download for free from டாண்டலாஸ்o aka Frank A Mente's Soundcloud.


Rome's Polysick throws out another groove driven riff on night passing eternities, journeying into a shuffling house beat forever darkening beneath vaulted caverns blurred by a haze of smoke and distant disco lights. Eternity in subterranean nightclubs calling out into the void. Blam.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Zombie Rave 8 Mixtape

The download will be gone very quickly but damn it here is another awesome Zombie Rave mix by ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ, this one titled ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ - - Zombie Rave 8 Mixtape Vinyl installation / Discoteca Zombi Roma. Download it from Soundcloud here.

Best animated music video you will see this year.

GPSYMTH - Ripostes

Spring rain sunshine glittering into existence down cold grey walls of winter flats with central heating rumbling away fighting out the cold and wind, like rainbows of light prism thrown and ethereal spluttering with joy into every corner of the darkening room, like that only with more gusto and summer promise, Chillwaves never die, retro synths and choral effects never lie, welcome back to the summer. 

If for only 45 minutes or so, until the glistening strains of GPSYMTH echo from the room and winter returns to stalk you. Ripostes, out three months ago is a 9 track wonder by 20 year old Peter Quinn aka GPSYMTH. It can be downloaded for a small amount of money at his Bandcamp.

MUSHY - I Don't Care

I've been away with the perils of an IRL existence, don't blame me blame my corporal form bound to this earth unable to traverse the mean streets of URL living free and unfettered. But I haven't left you for good here we are agian wiyh a whole slew of great music starting with the awesome Mushy and her track I Dont Care, an epicly doom laden dirge of orchestral spiritualised vocal intoning, copy and repeat into one long beautiful  anthemmic goth gospel. So good, too good. Download it for free from the Mishka Soundcloud now.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Alpha Couple, Split EP with мох.

Alpha Couple split cassette EP release with the band mox from their Russian tour.
Limited Edition Cassette Tapes from Moscow label Dumpster Diving Lab 
One side: 4 tracks by мох. Other side: 3 tracks by Alpha Couple. 
Artwork by Антон Кривуля (мох) 
Cassettes $6 CAN + shipping 
Get it here.

JC Satan are amazing.

All I know about JC Satan is that they're brilliant and they're from Bordeaux in France. Insane garage punk thrash with a huge convoluted sound of intense all-or-nothing power that makes you feel this is some kind of therapy based art experiment. The album Faraway Land has song after song of genius-ness in sonic ear blending form. The album is €5 to download from their Bandcamp. In never lets up. Oh and the album cover..!!

Friday, 23 November 2012


This is good, not heard of this guy before but its good. Window is a producer from Montreal and this EP "Strands" is a perfect blend on 90s rave, tumblr led meme dance all breakbeat, into Seapunk water falls and slow mood dance-offs, building rising and letting loose with epic goth RnB vibes and all that. Blam! Too good!

This five track EP is free to download from Bandcamp. Do not be a fool and not get it, it will rock your winter.

Mazes - Bodies (Hookworms Remix)

Mazes - Bodies (Hookworms Remix)... simply the most beautiful, brilliant, catchy song of the year, for me since Health's USA Boys, I just cant stop playing this song. Go download it for free from the FatCat Soundcloud here. The original version is equally great and also free to download. 


Thursday, 22 November 2012


"Two jaded composers from the wastelands of Northern England, plotting an escape route through dying Apple products." is how VS//Youth Club describe themselves. They have a release out on Aural Sects called Tide Out which includes a lot of remixes by some Witch House bands like ∆AIMON and Pe† Ceme†ery. Download it for free from Bandcamp here. It's a really great nine track record of epic and moody dark rave sounds and atmospheric electronica.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Street Wise video for Metal magazine

Holographic Internet

Holographic Internet is an artist from Russia making gorgeous music, slow, quiet with great beats and tinged with subtle influence from Trap, Seapunk, future garage, post rave and more. Great stuff, so much better than a lot of other people out there making similar sounds. Everything on the Soundcloud can be downloaded for free.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Buzz Kull - Fallen Flower


This is what this blog is for, coming across artists like this who are on nobody's radar but are better than half the shit out there. No Taste is someone whose Soundcloud proclaims "I DONT IRL" And his music slays, a distillation of front of the wave meme sounding electronica and killer creativity, slow down-beat mixed with instrumental hip hop intonations through to raved up ghostly inferences. This is URL all the way, total post ironic, 3.0, go download the free tracks from Soundcloud.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nu Brand Flexxx - "Chillin 'N' Billin" ft Darq E Freaker & Boyadee


Raindeer extol that sort of indie that MGMT nailed down and was started by The Flaming Lips, that Arcade Fire and Yeasayer explored all imagined by Fleetwood Mac way back when. It's a sound that lilts beautiful promises across the morning dew soaked air, telling tales of lives un-fuddled by money worries, age or reality, a dreamlike adventure in primal emotion and wonder, astral projections of musical exuberance somehow filtering through to reality. And they have an album you can download for free!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

18+ ft. Aids-3d - SNARL

Tropical Popsicle

Tropical Popsicle another great name for a band. These guys make modern garage, surf, psych stuff, with great pop harmonies and upbeat mood its no real surprise they hail from California. Their Ghost Becons EP is available to download from Bandcamp for $2.

New Coco ᴐaᴚᴃoᵯᴃ tracks.

Coco ᴐaᴚᴃoᵯᴃ aka Carmen Incarnadine always come out with good stuff, the last three tracks she's uploaded to Soundcloud "◜sℒIP◝ ∀◟ sN∆K∄◞◜◝◟◞", "✖♢D♦I♦A♦M♦O♦N♦D♦Z♢✖" and "☙I❃N❃$❃E❃X❧-" are all brilliant  atmospheric industrial pop tunes, sultry and slick, chilled and brooding downtempo. There are also all free to download from Soundcloud so go get 'em now.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Summer Of Haze

Russian post witch house/drag/bass sunds, Summer Of Haze has a wicked little three track EP out called I▼You. Sleezy weedwave screw music. Free to download from Bandcamp.

Assassin by The Electric Witch

Pounding the synth noir electro button for all its worth till the vocoder effect rips through your throat and shows its shiny metal face, to the world, The Electric Witch is a two man project from the guys who brought you Dirty Knobs, driving syth squelching and rippling bassline notes strobing through you senses like play dough through a colander. Robotic non stop and exquisite. Download the EP called Assassin for $1 from Bandcamp. 

Troubled By Insects - Blue van Meer [part 1]

Portlands excellent Troubled By Insects always provide a brilliant doom core noise-scape of throbbing contact mike experiences, Blue Van Meer (part1) is just one such sonic exploration, a four track drone and soundscape EP of vast beauty and boundless interest. Available to download for "name your price" now at Bandcamp.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

MATER SUSPIRIA VISION - The Broken Mirror of Suzanne Banyon

80's Stallone - Hotline

80s Stallone always has a name that make the music that much better but with this album, Hotline, a twelve track journey into sweat flung, red throbbing dance floors and noir curling synth wonderlands the killer name is but a cute aside to what is clearly one amazing album. Download it for £7 from Bandcamp now. Pure synth pop groin thrusting cheese and wonder, housey blissed out moments giving way to down right filthy EBM for get fit classes on steroids, sweatbands at the ready, hit the floor and give me two hundred while looking me in the eye.


Dark rave trash rap from Paris, Orties are two girls making something really good. Late night club rap all sexual and intense and inscrutable. Look out for them near you soon, probably looking sweaty and sticky. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


2forJoy - Tom Waits cover.

Here's a great Tom Waits cover by velvet throated sultress 2forJoy. This is an artist stepping a bit to close to the nu jazz/alt pop route for me but this one track is great and she really looks the part in her videos too.

Swing Delux

Soft beautiful down tempo with mild RnB vibe, all floating and ambient. Blam, quality!
Swing Delux -  "Triple Water EP" go download it from Bandcamp for free. 

Love and Radiation

"Ganymede" the new single by moody synth-pop indie band Love and Radiation, a free download available from their Bandcamp page.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Summer of Hate by ELIJAAH

Saw toothed post trance sounding but meaty with it, strains of Salem filtered through sexualised seapunk vibes back into filthy dirt synths and slow ravey groin grinding times, imagine slo-mo strippers riding seedy unwashed poles in strip bars in the ass end of nowhere with euro dance djs dripping grease and coke sweat into the decks, eternal trashy night that ends in crystal meth and selling your kidney to a rich Russian businessman who smells of cigars and tar, forever and ever and avatar, amen/ramen.

Download "Summer Of Hate" by Elijaah for free from Sewage Tapes now, I have.

NOIR CŒUR - Endless Bummer

New chillwave-ish electronic stuff from NOIR CŒUR, "Endless Bummer/Soleil" is a split single/double A side release and it's blissed out bromance of a sound is really quite nice and free to download if you want. Go get it.


Monday, 12 November 2012

Purity Ring - Loftcries video! Finally!

//ZOO - breathe and fuck

Blown - Lost LP

This is good, not sure about anything more than its a Bandcamp page but the artist is called Blown and it's mainly instrumental hip hop with a real electronic dance angle. A real mix of sounds, orchestral, post trancey, industrial and Witchian, all well worth the $3 to download it.  

NANCY - Violent Boys EP

Violent Boys is the second EP by DIY Louisiana based electronic-noise band NANCY. This EP is an exploration into glitch, self-sampling, gibberish, and chop-n-skrew, under the guise of Noise-Dance-Pop. Its heavy and aggressive and pretty damn good. Go download it for fee from Aural Sects here.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

New oFF Love video - EVERYDAY (Probably Loved)

i do not love _ without u

Buy the 7" from the Beko label here. Totally worth it!

Sniper Wolf

Dark industrial URL stuff from someone called Sniper Wolf. One for fans of staring at scrreens for nights on end, gamers, stoners, manga fans and loners. Embrace the innner frustrated total geek. Its free to download from Soundcloud. 

Dreamdragged remix of a remix by AYTSOK

Here's a brilliant  remix of a remix of a collaboration; BLOOD DIAMONDS FT. GRIMES - PHONE SEX (UNICORN KID REMIX)(Dreamdragged)by AYTSOK. A slow stunning treatment that turns this into so much more of a spaced out track then ever before. Awesome on repeat. Download it for free from the Soundcloud player below.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Rowdy Superstar - Breathe Video

High Park - My Walls (feat. Bobbi Dahl)

A quite sensual one, all woofy and warm, moulded round a beanbag on the dancefloor, asleep in the cloakroom, nice with it though. A new one by the brilliant High Park, "My Walls (ft Bobbi Dahl)".

Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women is quite a good name for a band and this band are called it. This is chill bro stuff, sparkly gorgeous chillwave dream-pop with killer synths, for the Tumblr generation, scrolling endlessly through retro styled image of teenage parties at sunset on the other side of the world. Download this EP of theirs called Sunbathe, all for free from the Soundcloud player below. It's worth doing trust me.

Friday, 9 November 2012

New Crossover video - Dont TVrn Yr Back On Magic

Tash Willmore - Fallen

Several Symptoms

Grindingly beautiful, dirgy anthems that need to be played on repeat for ever, with delicious vocals creeping into your brain, beats all moody and slow eddying synth fuzz and  bass that rumbles through your chest,howling emotive whines and echoes all meaty and proper, you know stuff with hooks. Several Symptoms are just fucking ace, and I can swear 'cos this is my blog. Go download there Heartbreaker single from last year for free from Bandcamp because its brilliant and has a killer b.side "Stylist".

This duo have also just released a new track called "Resurrection" which is also brilliant and almost verges into trip hop territory. Go download that one for free as well at Bandcamp here.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Low Sea - Remote Viewing


PrismViews - Angels Cry

"Inspired by the people and sounds of detroit's underground disco scene / internet culture. PrismViews started as a live visual project that needed a soundtrack, evolving into a fusion of synths and distorted vocals that transports viewers to a posthuman reality." Download all the tracks from the Soundcloud player below.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

New 18+ Track/Video

Slow Dance Vol​.​1 by GI∆LLO

One time Phantasma Disques artist GI∆LLO has dropped a new remix album "Slow Dance Vol.1" All super dance floor fillers put through the slow filter, not exactly Witch House Drag mixes but interestingly different, taking the concept on a bit, not too slow, more like smooth RnB grooves. Take your partner and hit the floor. Download for free now.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cassida Pax

Another great lo-fi Dream Pop/Surf sounding guitar band, Cassida Pax. This EP "Sin By Proxy" is a minimal guitar, vocal and minmal percussion thing that sounds very much like it was recorded on 4 track tape in someone's cold damp basement flat in 1987. Beautiful, sad and understated. Despite its mournful "just broke up with my girlfriend and wondering the cemetery drinking cold tea" kind of feel its produced by someone living out in sunny as fuck California. Download the EP from Bandcamp now.