Friday, 31 December 2010

Turbo City presents Tupac Vs Salem mixtape!

I just got sent this mix called "Thug Night" from Turbo City a music arts and fashion site. It's Salem Vs 2Pac! "A mix of SALEM production with 2Pac rhymes!" How cool is that!! You know how like Tupac Shakur is dead dont you, he isnt really still in hiding and he isnt ever coming back..? (He'd be 40 this year!) Well what other band around right now could possibly have any chance of raising him from the grave.. Salem of course! So this is the best of possible combinations right now, props to Turbo City for putting this together! Its 12 tracks of awesomeness, the sound literally of Tupac rapping from beyond the grave, you can hear the ghosts and spirits howling in the background amidst the droning synths and dragged down tuned chorals, tin drum machines and rumblings.
Hearing Ghetto Gospel over some kind of mash up of version of King Night and Frost is just awesome! Also like this is not just a straight forward Tupac vocals over Salem tracks mash up, all the Salem tracks have been really remixed, sampled and totally screwed so its a really creative endeavour!

Ricky Eat Acid!

I got sent over a track by an artist called Ricky Eat Acid, from Baltimore. Check it out, its minimal, spacey, noise, drone. Part Chillwave's bissed out sunlight part Witch House's haunted darkness, very nice, beautiful glacial stuff. The second track here is available to download! And expect some more tracks coming in the future!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bon Jovi Zombie Rave Mix

BON JOVI You give love a bad name (ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ of Mater Suspiria Vision Zombie Rave Remix)

Free to download from Mater Suspiria Vision Soundcloud page here.

Here also are two links to more Zombie Rave related hilarity:

NATTYMARI presents Winter on Ibiza

"No one was aware that the plague had come again. At first it seemed nothing more than a nagging cough. A nasty cold. Too much e on the weekend, some kidded.

Within a week the bodies started dropping. At first they were buried properly, but after a few weeks more they lined the sidewalks and supermarket floors. The acrid stench of decay had filled the air.

After a month nearly half of Europe had perished. Some at their jobs and some in their homes. Others were away. Their lifeless forms littered the dancefloors.

Corpses on holiday.... winter on Ibiza."

(Download this mixtape from Soundcloud now!)

NATTYMARI presents Winter on Ibiza by Nattymari


∥ ∄√⊕∠
ㄣㄊ㇉ ㆌ㇉ ㄕㄦKKㅖㄪ ㄪㄊㆌㄠ

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


M△S▴C△RA - CLOCHI (VIDEO BY STORY OF ISAAC) from chessmess on Vimeo.

Epic dark trancey psychedelia for mind and body, especially if that mind and body is on Ketamine!

GL▲SS †33†H - Dhyāna and Overseer.

GL▲SS †33†H is dj soapzcum and dj slugdixxx, I've covered them quite a bit on this blog because they are just so damn good!
Because of this and a need for completeness, here are the two other available tracks on their Soundcloud page.
There arent any downloadable tracks yet and the song Knives seems to no longer be available.

Click through to see their Girlz video here.
And their Flesh Palace video here.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Story Of Isaac - In and Out Of Love!

Story Of Isaac has gone and made an end of year audio collage xmas present called In and Out of Love.

Download it from Soundcloud here.

Skylines - chillwave/witch house super group

Skylines are PARTY TRASH, TOP GIRLS, RAW MOANS and all in one!

This is that woozy dream pop kind of thing, out on Clan Destine Records. Full of spacey chillwave vocals and dark nigh time atmospherics. It sounds like what must happen when a chillwave band spend all day in the park and then it gets dark and the crickets and fireflies come out.
Its almost a little sexy too, kinda got a soul feel.
Get the two track single for free from their Bandcamp page.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Story Of Isaac - New Flesh video

Story Of Isaac's video for his track New Flesh
Check out his new Facebook page cos the last one got deleted and he's lost all his fans!!!


Teengirl Fantasys song Dancing In Slow Motion whose 7am album is at number 4 in my top 50 albums of the year, has been remixed by d3thplaY into a dragged apocalyptic dirge of heavy beats and darkness. Its free to download from the d3thplaY Soundcloud page. Go get it quick!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Wild Eyes: Damir Doma single and Northern Darkness video


Not sure who Wild Eyes are but they have a single called Damir Domo out on Amdiscs, get it here. The videos editor "C Wolfe" is I think Chelsea Wolfe (no relation) who makes amazing music in her own right and makes me also then think is connected musically to this!
This is the Wild eyes Facebook page.
Also this is just a chance to show a very titillating video that has some great music behind! Merry Xmas!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Ghost Outfit - I Was Good When I Was Young

Ghost Outfit are a lo-fi garage shoe gaze-ish band from Manchester, once a four piece but now a duo comprised of Jack Hardman on guitar and vocals and Michael Benson on drums, backing vocals and samples. They play around and warp up their songs into strange noisy things that actually work really well! Think No Age and your going in the right direction.

Download their self released single from Bandcamp here. Its a single with four songs not an EP as they want to point out. Quality stuff, I wanna see them live. Someone put them on near me, I'm not going all the way up to Manchester.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

In The Heat Of The Night..

MATER SUSPIRIA VISION - In the Heat of the Night (2011) from Mater Suspiria Vision on Vimeo.

Euxini EP

Euxini is an artist from LA making ambient dub esque electronica that's as beautiful as a river bed made of rock tumbled precious stones. Its the sort of music that glints up at you between shafts of sunlight in a pool in somewhere like Iceland but its not Iceland it just somewhere in your mind dressed up to look like that. Sumptuous layers of headphone music for those days when you can put down the games controller and leave the house.
If you check the Myspace page out there seems to be quite a lot going on. I'm here to tell you that you can download the four song Euxini EP from Bandcamp for free and you definitely should its a real gem of a piece.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010



A slow dragged glacial wonderland of a track that soars high over mountain peaks flecked in silver glitter and swoops low over valleys running wet with spent glow sticks. Labelled "WISHHAUS" on Soundcloud its a barrel and a half of lucid dream inducing, post coital ambient wonder that racks in a just over six minutes long. You cant download it but you can listen, perhaps just before a long bath in a moorland stream, letting the waves of lush dragged vocals cleanse the lambs blood from your body. The sacrifice is over, let your mind rest, spring will come again.


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

†‡† (Ritualz) - ▲

†‡† (Ritualz) - ▲ from Petit Pistolette on Vimeo.

My favourite †‡† (Ritualz) song now has an amazing video! This is why †‡† album was number three in my top 50 this year and this is why †‡† is SO good! Properly lo-fi in many ways (in the video and giant over sampling of Health) but also totally the most on trend up to the minute styling vs audio there is out there at the moment!!

HIM "In The Arms Of Rain" Remixed by Salem

HIM "In The Arms Of Rain" Remixed by Salem= Epic Vs Epic FTW! Another brilliant Salem remix that totally obliterates the original track, which is no bad thing here!

And its free to download! Not doing so probably means you're unconscious or dying or insane or some such!

Monday, 20 December 2010

My top 10 albums of 2010!

So here are my top ten albums of 2010. Each link on the album title goes somewhere where you can download or buy the offending item.

10. Indian Jewelry – Totaled
(This album is a great dream pop, Witch House chillwave thing that sounds so immersive that you instantly get swept away to a star filled land of woozy magic and night time beats. What makes this just superb though is that it works as a proper albums album, a cohesive little world contained within its 13 tracks! Its the more grown up sibling to MGMT and Yeasayers attempts at 2nd albums!)

9. Tinie Tempa – Disc-Overy
(Best British rap this year, dance centred and different and with the ambition of a giant, the production makes you cum in your pants, its kinetic and immensely dynamic, dancefloor gold> no more like platinum. Really great styling that is more dance and fashion than grime and bling. Really great lyrical skills. Everything about it awesome, its like getting a new top of the line mobile phone at Xmas, its just so damn cool! Plus Jay Z loves him and wants to help him break the US!)

8. Electric Wizard – Black Masses
(None more heavy, the heaviest most drugged up satan worshippers this side of the Galactic rim made a new album this year, its still the Hammer Horror Doom of past albums but its just deeper and fuller, more layers and more lyrics, more Black Sabbath and more virgin sacrifices, blood drips from the cd when you buy it in store!)

7. Das Racist - Sit Down, Man
(Partly a mixtape, partly an album all parts amazing these three dudes are more inventive and hip than anything, and its a mixtape that has loads of cool producers doing each track! Go get this its free some places or 50 cents from their Bandcamp. I blogged about them and this album a few days ago!)

6. Geneva Jacuzzi - Lamaze
(Geneva Jacuzzi is very weird, and this album is no deviation from that, finally released this year its a collection of artsy, posing, 80s retro, synth based, Italio pop songs from a reincarnated Cleopatra. It's lo-fi and pretentious but so hard to fault or dislike and has kinda been overlooked but is all kinds of awesome! Plus she is one of the hottest singers of this decade!)

5. Burzum - Belus
(He comes out of prison and single handedly manages to create an amazing black metal album that doesn't disappoint at all. Yes he probably is an awful person but that's the thing with black metal you kinda have to look past the crazy to see the beautiful. This is a great "almost" easy to listen to album that takes you in to the pine forest and cuts your legs off at the knees!)

4. Teengirl Fantasy - 7AM
(Future dance music that manages to combine and sparkle across a whole load of genres from R&B to chillwave, mellow House vibes and every bit of the 90s you can mine for audio gold, to well anything that gets in its way and yet it all sounds like Teengirl Fantasy, I can recognise Teengirl Fantasy remixes straight off from miles away and this album has to be hear for a thousand different reasons, often combined within one song. If you're not listening to this then you should be about to!)

3. †‡† - CDR
(Too perfect a sound to ignore †‡† is Witch House for superclubs. Its all slowed down trance synths heralding a slo-mo apocalypse, you cant dance to this really but your brain never really realises that. It all sounds like the best breakdown in the best dj set ever and any moment the earth will shift its magnetic alignment, line up with the planets and bring the roof down. Its a trance build up then never breaks. Imagine Kanye Wests "Power" video with †‡† as the music and you suddenly get it, this is an album in search of a million dollar vanity film project , its size is immense, its sound is more 2012 than 2010, listen to it and be afraid! That is if you can get hold of it as it might not be available on Disaro any more!)

2. Crystal Castles – II
(A follow up, hard to do 2nd album that covers all it failed to first time round, promises the world and delivers the moon on a long space elevator instead of a stick -ie teeth grindingly brilliant! Songs that stick in your head like post brain surgery complications and beats and sounds that live in their own little world where only this album is played on repeat in a club all night forever. I need to hear this album djed out on huge sound systems more than it has been this year!)

1. Salem - King Night
(well I had too didn't I what else this year had the build up, the excitement and the future kick of this! Dark and epic and close to and lo-fi all in one foul swoop. Crack filled and haunted and overdriven and out of tune and beautiful. Over all creating a sound that is already and will continue to be mined for inspiration. Its Hip Hop and Gothic and Noize band and trippy and shoe gaze and unique. Also it has the best final track out of any of the albums on my entire list, Killer is a straight out shoe gaze, overblown fuzzed out and glitchy track and the most beautiful thing ever and just on a song writing level it kicks ass!)

Tundra Dubs - VNHOLY GROVND Volume Three :: Selected by I††

This is an awesome Witch House mixtape that covers the best out there right now right now.
Only missing out, in my opinion; †‡†, ~▲†▲~, $LØW HE▲D, taigaΔΔΔ and ❖! (...I need to put a mix together soon for sure!) Also those are all real bands I swear!! I've blogged most of them on this blog, taigaΔΔΔ I wrote up on the Mishka Blog and ~▲†▲~ is coming soon!

Tundra Dubs VNHOLY GROVND Volume Three :: Selected by I††

How I Quit Crack - Gone Away
fos†ercare - riot control
Dream Boat - Young & Fine
✝NO VIRGIN✝ - I wnt 2 luv u
Party Trash - Rage
SLEEP ∞ OVER - the key
Story Of Isaac - /\LL †HΞ †H!/\/6$ $HΞ $/\!D
▼□■□■□■ - Blueberry
Unison - Intimacy
Ç⋵ℜ⋻♏ð♑ℷa⇂ ╀ - murder shack
I†† - Ph▲sing
Ghoul - Watch U
Crossover - MY WAV (BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV MashupFXpitch ED!T)
GuMMy†Be▲R! - Planned Parenthood (Nattymari Obliteration)
§ - TPWLYST-Destroy Beautiful Things (The Night ıhe Came Home)

(I††'s new EP, The Lesser Keys, is out Tuesday, 11/23/10 via Tundra.)

VNHOLY GROVND Volume Three :: Selected by I†† by Tundra Dubs

Sunday, 19 December 2010

My Top 50 albums of the year: 50 to 11

Now usually I'm not the sort of person to make lists of music but this year the Mishka Bloglin asked me to contribute to their top 100 albums of the year and so for the first time I sat down and put something together, now their list is out I though I'd put mine up. No links for this first 50 to 11 but I'll be linking shit up for the next instalment of my top ten!

50. Die Antwoord - $0$
49. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
48. Natural Snow Buildings – The Centauri Agent
47. Viernes – Sinister Devises
46. Velvet Breasts - Ancient
45. c0ld l▲k3 - c0ld l▲k3
44. Space Ghost - PYRAMID DREAMS
43. P For Persia – Mount Muffin Top
42. Blood Red Shoes - Fire Like Me
41. Wild Beasts – Two Dancers
40. Mmoss – i
39. MGMT – Congratulations
38. M.I.A - /\/\/\Y/\
37. Skream – Outside The Box
36. Klaxons – Surfing The Void
35. Mickey Mickey Rourke – MMR

34. The Present Moment – CDR
33. Thomas White – The Maximalist
32. Las Robertas - Cry Out Loud
30. Dum Dum Girls – I Will Be
29. Liars - Sisterworld
28. Mystery Jets – Serotonin
27. Captin Ahab - The Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts
26. Health - Disco2
25. Glasser – Ring
24. Mater Suspiria Vision – Second Coming
23. oOoOO – oOoOO
22. Foals – Total Life Forever
21. Toro Y Moi – Causers Of This
20. Young Mammals – Carrots
19. Wooden Shjips - Vol 2
18. Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Blood And Fire
17. Earl Sweatshirt – Earl
16. Dream Boat – Visions
15. No Age – Everything In Between
14. pyr▲mids of ▲▲ - tri▲ngulum
13. These New Puritans - hidden
12. Best Coast – Crazy For You
11. Waves - King Of The Beach

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Tame Impala - Expectation video

Great video here for Expectation by the awesome Tame Impala.
By the way I'll be starting another "music video only" blog soon because I see to many videos that inspire me or interest me in various ways and I cant just post them all up here. It will be a resource for me as much as anything as my "favourites" on YouTube now number an unwieldy 600+ and counting. I'll be starting it over Xmas and linking it up over to the right there in the section with all the rest of my links.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Das Racist - Sit Down, Man.

Just had a thought.. you guys must have already heard and downloaded the latest Das Racist release yeah? The brilliant compilation, mixtape.. (damn it it's an album and you know it!) called "Sit Down, Man." Its just brillaint and can be downloaded for $0.50 at their Bandcamp page.
Its a total remix mash up, truly inventive hip hop thing that has tons of top line/hella cool producers producing each track and everything is a brilliant remix/re-working! New fresh and wierd as hell!
Das Racist and Odd Future have got me back into hip hop after a six year hiatus!

Have a listen below:

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Vortex Rikers and GR†LLGR†LL collaboration

Dark electro Witch House converts Vortex Rikers from Germany have gone and collaborated with original Witchian band GR†LLGR†LL getting a great vocal take over a brooding slow dance number that floats over the same kind of glacial landscape as Fever Ray and Sigur Rós.

Epic and strange and then it ends so suddenly you feel confused and expectant as if somehow its going to come back in again even though you can see the track has ended.

These are great creepy vocals, like the chanting cries of the children of cultists played backwards from the other side of a stone circle.

The song is called O (Dream Of Each Other) and is available to download for free from the Vortex Rikers Soundcloud page.

Vortex Rikers - O (Dream Of Each Other) Feat. GR†LLGR†LL by Vortex Rikers

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Skeletal System small talk single.

Favourites of this blog Skeletal System have a new single available as of a month ago, sorry for the late blogging on this but I've been hella busy! Its adouble A side called Small Talk/Static Eyes it is available fro free via their Bandcamp page and was the result of our first opportunity to record in a full-on studio with an engineer, they're now beginning work on a full length record that they hope to have out in mid to late 2011!

*Artwork by Noele Lusano.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Endless Endless Endless cassingle with generative artwork

EndlessEndlessEndless have a new cassette single out on Danish label Skrot Up!
The tapes are a hand-numbered and beautifully printed edition of 50. The artwork was created using a generative algorithm the band developed, made up of tiny pieces of scanned photos, each individual side of the artwork is generated from a single track. As the algorithm plays through the song, it rotates outward, selecting and placing each piece based on the level plus the dynamics of the sound. The resulting images are representations in color and texture of the song as a whole.

I loved their last release and this is different but equally epic. Sprawling post rock glacial noise from beyond the horizon of time, chiming loops of guitar spreading like magic over a rising sea of noise.

Monday, 13 December 2010

My choice for best music video of 2010.

All videos should be like this!

Stereo Silence шумно mixtape.

Russian Witch house is on the rise! This is Stereo Silence, a little more electro and cut and paste then usual Witch House offerings but still great none the less!!
This mix is called шумно which translates as "noisy" Download it from Souncloud here. This is the track listing:

01. Мумий Тролль – Невеста?
02. S U R V I V E – Omniverse
03. ✝NO VIRGIN✝– Iz D_4 $h1t
04. The xx – Fantasy
06. WU LYF – such a sad puppy dog
07. The Present Moment – Baby Doll (BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV Remix)
09. Depeche Mode – Walking in My Shoes
10. Madonna – Frozen
11. Zola Jesus – Night

Stereo Silence - шумно by Stereo Silence

Also check out this track, its not really Witch House at all but it is really beautiful!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

My top 15 EPs of the year.

1. Zola Jesus - Stridulum II
2. SloathCane Trader
3. Teeth Of The Sea - Hypnoticon
4. Dream Affair - All I Want
5. Moon Duo - Escape
6. pyr▲mids of ▲▲ - sp▲cedout
7. pyr▲mids of ▲▲ - pyr▲mids
8. oOoOO No Summer4U CDR
9. Dream BoatFevers
10. TurbowolfThe Big Cut
11. The Gaa GaasThe Repulsion Seminar
12. Bye Bye BlackbirdHappy High
13. ///▲▲▲\\\ - CDR
14. CoolrunningsBabes Forever
15. H∆UNT3D HOUS3 - S3XY TIM3 3P

Vortex Rikers - Dreams video

Friday, 10 December 2010

Footage from the first UK gig by Mater Suspiria Vision.

This is a 15 minute video excerpt and photos from the gig on Monday that showcased Mater Suspiria Vision and Fostercare in the UK in London. Around about 5 minutes into the video is when shit starts getting freaky, the dancers go into trances and everything goes totally haunted! The photos taken from MSVs Facebook profile were originally from the Teddy Fitzhugh blog which has a lot of amazing gig pics on it. That dude either has an amazing camera or just mad skills 'cos every photo kicks ass! (Also this gig looks like it was amazing! Sucks that I couldn't make it along, Witch House girls are HOT!)

Good Night Brighton Witch.

Russian psychedelic art-punk noise band Asian Women On The Telephone have recorded a dedication to the fair city of Brighton in which I reside!
Its called Good Night Brighton Witch and is available to download for free from their Soundcloud page.

Have a listen below, its a really amazing track, all based on the book A259 Multiplex Bomb "Outrage" by Simon Strong which "takes place partly in Brighton and Hove. in the beginning of the nineties. Crazy stuff in the vein of Burroughs, Drummond and Manning.. featuring Jim Morrison travelling in time, tons of musical references. Very funny."

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Alpha Couple.

Alpha Couple are a Post Canadian tweenoise, psychefolk & lo-fi electronic ambient duo. The couple have pursued vulnerable noise & emotional often dark live performances since 2009.
This is quiet lovely stuff, maybe the total opposite of what their name implies. They have released a single called "Edna Pontellier" which is available for free here, along with a very nice photo collage. Have a listen to the single below.

Edna Pontellier by Alpha Couple

Gatekeeper video premiers on 20JazzFunkGreats!

If you read this blog but don't read 20 Jazz Funk Greats then your priorities are a little screwed..(look at that shameless self deprecation there!) Well anyway over on that blog all this week they have been premièring the new videos for the amazing Gatekeeper! Just check it all out! (And like I've said before why they didn't get Gatekeeper to do the soundtrack to the new Tron film I'll never know!!)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Creep to be the next Salem?

The fantastic Witch House, ghetto goth, crossover duo Creep have a 12″ Picturedisc Vinyl/Digital single release coming soon on Young Turks. Release date December 20th.
The single Days just got its world premier on the "Hottest Record In The World" slot on the Zane Lowe show on BBC Radio 1!
That's a pretty big mainstream endorsement!
What's great is the song is totally epic! Really good, I'm totally thinking of getting the 12"

Is this New York duo going be the next Salem! (They totally deserve it if that happens!)

Pre order th 12" here.

Monday, 6 December 2010


BL§§D ØU† from mario zoots on Vimeo.

This is a great cut and paste video for BL§§D ØU†'s track RHINØC3RØPØLI§. Witch House at its best. Slow grinding, interesting and occult, digital and analogue all at the same time. Like a digital watch buried in the woods. They used to be called Blissed Out NYC, or at least I think its was something like that, it was Blissed Out then there was to bands called that -one a side project of Blackbird Blackbird. Anyways whatever, that might be wrong. Based in Brooklyn, they make awesome down tempo tranced out Witch House of the kind I end up listening to more than once. Nicely produced but still grim and evil. Have a listen below and click through to their Soundcloud page to download the three track that are available for free.
There are a bunch of releases to buy as well, tape, cd and vinyl. Oh and a really great t.shirt as well! Go here.

BL§§D ØU† on Twitter.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Devilman - dub bass warriors now online!

Devilman who I filmed a month or so ago (video below) have finally gone and got online and (laughs) they now have a myspace..! Tumblr is the way to go now people please! It has all you need to do all the old Myspace stuff.. anyways Devilman can now be looked up here. A project from DJ Scotch Egg (bass) & Gorgonn (beats and live dub) its properly awesome, loud and basstastic.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

New Mater Suspiria Vision and ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ videos!

Mater Suspiria Vision DIE HEXE Premiere at THE DEN / LONDON 6TH DECEMBER 2010 from Mater Suspiria Vision on Vimeo.

:Kinema: free xmas single giveaway!

:Kinema: are on the cover of The Brighton Source magazine this month and they are also saying Merry Xmas to you all by giving away a free single 3 Wolf Moon a huge cold disco work-out of a track, minimal nervous guitar and great stabs of keys and a smooth dancey beat for sad dance floors, avoiding xmas and pulling in indie clubs.

What's great about the cover photo to the the left here is how Andy and Ross are all Xmased up with the holiday knitwear look while Dom (singer/front man/) seems to have refused to join in, instead looking his normal self.. well you cant let the ladies down!

Hit the download arrow on the Soundcloud player below to get your free Christmas giveaway.

Friday, 3 December 2010

▲NGST - Still Grim Up North!

A few days ago I got sent an email promoting an album called "Still Grim Up North" by an artist called ▲NGST. Now as a big KLF fan this really caught my eye and I quickly downloaded the complimentary free Bandcamp download of the album and set about researching the band.. Hoping beyond hope that this could be a new KLF project in secret!
After a few Google-ings and click throughs I still haven't got much to go on. ▲NGST hails from "Rotterdoom" in the Netherlands and is an artist creating long ambient, doomy, claustrophobic dance music that he labels "Witch house, spirit tech, doomcore and doomgaze"

Still Grim Up north is the "first release (under this alias) by ▲NGST". (So, you know, this is still feeding my KLF fantasies! - first release under this "alias"!)
Just released on the 26th November as limited cassette edition on the now restarted 90's cassette label Orange Socks its also available to buy for €5 from the wreckhavoc shop online here or as a download for €2 from Bandcamp here.
This album is up close and intense, slow and Witch Housey like ✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝, Untitled ___N___ or ✝ NO VIRGIN ✝, ambient and evil and trip hop like, if trip hop was all about huffing glue and shooting babies. And at points it goes in a slight Breakcore direction with some intense Gabba-esque drum shots. The ▲NGST Myspace is sparse but has all the top Witch House bands like Salem, Mater Suspiria Vision, White Ring etc, as top friends to show (I guess) the angle this project is coming from.
Now after some careful observation I feel that this could be the new project by someone like Dutch jungelist FFF, or someone similar, like its a break away side project or some such.
It's all good intriguing stuff! It is still grim up north and this is a soundtrack to that reality, face the cold winds down and warm the ears in giant headphones as this album wrenches you from any warmth and comfort to a land of ultimate doom.

High Parks November Love Story mixtape.

High Park released a mixtape a month ago that I totally missed, called November Love Story it's a great Goth R&B mix that covers everything from Drake and Lady Gaga to Salem and Bring Me the Horizon and manages to make it all seem seamless and totally listen-able and hey you maybe even be able to dance to it! dragged and screwed and twisted just enough!

Check out the High Park Tumblr blog here.

Download it by from mediafire here.


o F F/GR†LLGR†LL - EmoDancers.
High Park - loveghost
Jamie Foxx ft. Drake - Fall For Your Type (High Park Blueberry Mix)
How To Dress Well - My Body
zxz - getoveryou
GuMMy†Be▲R! - Ic3Cre▲M MaNyE
Salem - pig fucker (High Park Bacon Mix)
Bring Me The Horizon - No Need For Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You On The Backs Of Toilet Doors (High Park Washroom Grind Mix)
Lady Gaga - Monster (High Park Mix)
Waka Flocka Flame - Hard In Da Paint (High Park Too Much Benelyn Mix)
Lil Wayne Feat. Drake - Right Above It (High Park Weezy's Free Mix)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

oFF & GR†LLGR†LL did it LIVE..

oFF & GR†LLGR†LL just played a gig together in Berlin it was the début gig for GR†LLGR†LL and the two of them did a collaborative set sat together in bed! It seems like it was a pretty awesome event with Gay Mormon Kissing Club feat Butterclock Djs and loads of other stuff including a "Special Altar Installation" by Blaike Herzig.
Their collaborative set is an interesting and novel performance that moves from auto tuned R&B vocals over buzzing noise to feedback and chanting, from doomy drones and quiet piano movements to anthemic choral drag samples and back to static hiss.

Check out the video below of part of the GR†LLGR†LL and oFF set.