Monday, 22 April 2013

Crazy busy the last week making videos. So had no time to blog. Not forgotten you guys though. Back soon.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Whitely remix of Swim Deep

Persevering with the Seapunk aesthetic and sonic inflection is Whitely, with a brilliant new track remixing Swim Deep's "She Changes The Weather" turning it into a uplifting chilled club banger. And it works so well. 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lil Debbie - RATCHETS video

Jake Hart

Jake Hart occupies a shadowy smoke filled middle ground between big artists like James Blake and the smaller minimal underground versions like oFF Love. Ethereal male vocals with a soul touch, drifting over soundscapes and minimal beats. Just going from his Soundcloud his earlier stuff seems a bit too upbeat, jangly and touched with guitar. But just don't listen to that stuff. The new tracks are nice post RnB spaced out things.

Coco ᴐaᴚᴃoᵯᴃ - ♔ʀ€€ʟ ❖ ᴀʟʟᴉƓᴀƫᴀ♔

Here's a nice Trap feeling minimal rap thing from Coco ᴐaᴚᴃoᵯᴃ, its catchy and dirty and got a great little groove to it. Download it from her Soundlcoud along with a whole bunch of other new tracks.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pitcureplane - Pure War

New Pictureplane track alert!! For the album for the game "Injustice, Gods Amongst Us" its called Pure War and its an epic doom synth raver with the feel of the kind of thing someone like Ritualz would make. Stream below or download from i-tunes.

:PAPERCUTZ - Where Beasts Die video

Friday, 12 April 2013


21 year old Montreal beatmaker Langelier has a new track called Ganondorf. Its really good and heavy and free to download from his Soundcloud.


Music: Ritualz - Third eye sixth sense dragged by OObe 
Starring: Lara Pozzan 
Directed by: Daniele Cazzola

Lucifer Loveless

Abrasive and experimental noise filled electronica with a satanic vibe from Lucifer Loveless with track titles like "Bitch House" and "Satanic Missionaries Visiting Uruguay Agree on This One Thing, Only for Tonight (SOUL)". Download the album from Bandcamp.

New Power Glove

Power Glove's kick ass tagline for their electro noir doom synth is just excellent: 

Armed with only two POWERGLOVES, we are two lawyers sent back from the streets of future, post apocalyptic Los Angeles 2043. With a touch of romance and a ton of trouble, we're gonna get there...any way we can. 

They've been working on some new tracks. Check it out!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Crim3s - Stay Ugly EP

The new Crim3s EP has dropped!! A blurred out, blistering slow grinding rumble through fogs of screams and overdriven distortion, crunching beats all full throttle and in the red, a tsunami of increasing noise and slow rage. No low slow chill here, this is raging black outs of crunching rave noise. 

The first two tracks "lost" and "pansy" are like noise versions of James Blake is the point was to deafen rather than softly seduce. Track three "Dose" is a tempo changing raving riff driven upbeat ranter and the EP's title track Stay Ugly is by far the best of the lot, the single if there was to be one, but still it's an "all in the red" distorted noisy blast of raw feeling. Killer. The final track "stress" is an insistent jittery, upbeat, air punching hard as ever killer to end the EP and it doesn't disappoint although it may give you palpatations. 

You can download the EP for £5 or buy the vinyl 7" for a mere £7.99, all from their Bandcamp. 10 out of 10.


Velcro are a four piece making rough and rudimentary lo-fi indie out of Melbourne, Australia. They have a bunch of records up on Bandcamp, their latest being the double A side single Bottle Shop. It's a pretty and gentle and gets stuck in your head. Download it for free if you like.


Apollo Vermouth -Sacred Flowers

"Midsummer -- 
I walk about with my staff. 
Old farmers spot me 
And call me over for a drink. 
We sit in the fields using leaves for plates. 
Pleasantly drunk and so happy I drift off peacefully 
Sprawled out on a paddy bank.

How can I possibly sleep 
This moonlit evening? 
Come, my friends, 
Let’s sing and dance 
All night long. 

Stretched out, 
Under the vast sky: 
Splendid dreams 
Beneath the cherry blossoms. 

Wild roses, 
Plucked from fields
Full of croaking frogs: 
Float them in your wine 
And enjoy every minute!"

Download Sacred Flowers by Apollo Vermouth for free from Bandcamp.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

US BABY BEAR BONES - Mountains video


Orlando dream pop purveyors Saskatchewan have announced their debut album "Occasion" is to be released via Father/Daughter Records on April 30th. Check out the first single "Possession" below. Free to download from their Bandcamp.


Free download of a bouncy little housey track called "Dont You Go"by Candide. Download straight from the Soundcloud player below.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Prince Rama - Never Forever trailer


I VII I IX is a great artist I've had bookmarked for a while now, they're from Oakland and make some really good music. Emerging from a glitchy electronic post-witch house style sound this is an artist with quality production skills able to really make some great soundscapes, beats and tunes in general. Dirty fuzzed and drifting but also with clear structure and a really open sound. Dark but pricked with mirror ball light. Download for free a whole heap of tracks from the Soundcloud or download last summers album D†W for free from Bandcamp.  


Amazing new artist with a free download of her outstanding track "Sun". Grap it from the Soundcloud player below.

"Disa is the musical universe of Icelandic native Disa Jakobs who left Reykjavik to live in Copenhagen and is now signed to Danish label Tigerspring. The music is driven by the cold, electronic production and Disas warm and ethereal vocals. She finds inspiration in the wild, Scandinavian nature but also in the likes of fellow contemporary and alternative artists Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Brian Eno and Fever Ray."

Monday, 8 April 2013

New video for MS MR - Hurricane

Ritulaz - Outworld Music Vol 2

The new Ritualz EP is a stunner, Volume II of IV of Outworld Music, a darker spacier unrelenting sound that still keeps that cavernous stadium doom feel, epic club music for the end of the world. Its a great series of EPs he's putting out, managing to make the most dirty saw-toothed trance synth dirges sound reall ethereal and beautiful. Download now for $4 from his Bandcamp

New Charli XCX video - Directed by Ryan Andrews

Future idea for the music industry

Imagine if bands/artists/djs didnt need to get signed by labels, they didnt need to sell records or charge for shows... instead they were entirely sponsored by a brand who paid for everything in return for the publicity, promotion and association with that artists. 

Now most people and most bands think that to be an advert for a company sucks ass, that whole Neil Young aesthetic - having "not sponsored by anyone" on videos at the same time that Michael Jackson was pushing Pepsi. BUT stop and put aside those pseudo Marx ideals for a moment and think for second, what is your favourite company, brand or product? You might think most are scum but there must be one or two you love. What if those guys were sponsoring your band? Be that Converse because you love their shoes or Ecover cos they are an ethical washing powder company and you are a Vegan twee-core band. 

Maybe you you wouldn't mind being sponsored by Apple, or Redstripe, or Monster Energy drinks or the company that makes you favourite headphones. You could be sponsored for a tour, an album, a single and video. And you think the fans wouldn't like it? Well as soon as they realise your album download would be free or tickets to your entire tour would be free then things would quickly change.. 

And if you think that there isn't the money out there to do this then think again. Your massive bands can be sponsored by the massive brands, smaller bands with less fans would be sponsored by smaller companies, all the way down to your local pizza delivery company sponsoring local bands. This could work it just needs the right pairing of bands and brands. I cant think of one band out there that I couldn't match a relevant company to...

Companies already spend more than huge amounts of money on promoting their brand, their products and placing them with relevant artists; over 2012 for example Mini gave like ten grand a time to bands featuring their car in a video, it only needed to be in it for a few seconds. Most top of the range pop videos can and are virtually all be paid for by product placement. 

This format could in a really ok way be applied to all artists, small scale online street wear boutiques sponsor upcoming artists mixtapes or short tours. One off gigs with free entry sponsored by tattoo parlours. Anything works once you think about it enough. It all start with a conversion between the band and whoever is matching them with a company. Who do you like? What is acceptable to you? etc etc. Then its about conversations with companies, and explaining why the particular artist is so right for them. Job done.

Please leave any questions, opinions, agreements, disagreements, faults or flaws or other points in the comments below.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Another Witch is Dead - The Eccentronic Research Council ft Maxine Peake

Party Trash - Smoke

Silk Entry

Meaty throbbing chunks of energy, bouncing into your ear canals and washing away the rot. sonic power plays in fnite time. Here is Australia's Silk Entry, with three greta tracks on an otherwise quite inscrutable Soundcloud that leads no where.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

OObe - Isle of sirens (Venezia 3102)

LAKE RADIO - Please (NSFW Video)

Lonely Boys

Lonely Boys are new, they have an EP "Go Down Easy" out April 15th on the label Moun10. Moun10 is based in Austria and seems to be a great label with a whole host of great music in it which I urge you to go check out. Their Soundcloud is particularly good to listen to. Download the Lonely Boys track for free from the player below.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Three great Friday tracks...

Three great new tracks that unfortunetly cant be downloaded but are worth sharing none the less. First up is "The Woods" from Brighton gothic melancholy spinners FVNERALS. A grim dirge of sweet darkness for you Friday morning.

The second track is a heavy power electronic/death industrial track called "Crawling On Bruised Knees" by Pharmakon. Fucking relentless and insanely good. You might at first start thinking where is this going, you might think is this going to let up, but no this track spares no-one. Totally hypnotic and strangely catchy. Thank you Sacred Bones for releasing this.

Thirdly is a bouncing minimal track by Cold Colors & Xiu "Love Fades Away" from their upcoming four track EP, perfect for striking a pose to and looking moodily across the night time cityscape of your chosen city. 


Die Antwoord - DIS IZ WHY I'M HOT (ŦHΞ L▼LZ BROŦHΞЯS witch house rmx)

Shouldn't really like this that much really but yeah I do... The Witch House remix by ŦHΞ L▼LZ BROŦHΞЯS of "Diz Is Why I'm Hot" by Die Antwoord. Like some better than Salem pop-rap

Thursday, 4 April 2013

araabMUZIK - The Prince Is Coming

Insane new video for Araabmusik - The Prince Is Coming. All kinds of ritualised sexy Egyptian shit going down.

Dirty Knobs Kickstarter project

Dark ambient drone artist Dirty Knobs is set to release a double vinyl album called A Disenchanted Snake but only if it reaches its Kickstarter funded goal of  $10,000 in 26 days time. Quite a difficult feat I can ashore you. I urge you to go support it somehow if you can at Kickstarter here.


Understated but rich and full of life this four track EP from Honeyslide is a slow grungeing garage shoe-gazer of melancholic beauty. Rolling from heavy and fuzzed out tracks like "I DO" to the delicate droning slo-mo's of "Drippin". It was available to buy as a cassette release but that's all sold out. No worries, just go download it from the bands Bandcamp page and pay what you want (or nothing). This band are killer go see them at Birthdays on the 10th April or Power Lunches on the 19th April.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Emmie Oz - Lofticries (Purity Ring Cover)

Nice siple cover of Purity Ring's "Loft Cries" just piano and double tracked vocal. Download for free from the Emmie Oz Soundcloud page.

Das Gold - Freaky Princess (Brooke Candy chopNscrew)

LE1F mixtapes

By now you should be well versed in how great LE1F is, but you might not have hit up his Soundcloud which has a bunch of free downloads and mixtapes, some of which can be downloaded form Soundcloud, others are linked up to mediafire. Go grab them now. Or just stream the two mixtapes below.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Finally we get a good video for GlassPopcorn! I like to think of this dude like a reality TV star who's never been on TV. His world could be MTVs  replacement for Buckwild. Someone do it.

Three tracks for a tuesday.

Here's three great tracks but all three unfortunately cant be downloaded, no matter stream away dear Soundcloud... first up is Anamanguchi with the track "Planet" - slick post 8bit cheese, all chillwave and nostalgic like with cool as fuck artwork.

Then we have another killer from Butterclock, all emotional post-dancefloor balladearing and dark power pop grooves:

Finally there's a track from the duo Exotic Club with a synth-pop, croon and strut type number, all throbbing synths and flailing members:

Heads In Dust by Hollow Press

Dark experimental ambient drone with industrial overtones... this is the new "Heads In Dust" album from Australia's Hollow Press. These guys always create amazing records so dont hestitate to download this one, free from the Wood And Wire Records Bandcamp.

GERMAN ARMY - Fetal Change

Monday, 1 April 2013

HAARPS - Towards The Sinister

HAARPS 2nd EP is a re-packaging of four previously unreleased tracks and a brand new track "My Doom". "Towards The Sinister" EP is equally as slick and produced as Mosses & Lichens but with a more rap leaning sound, heavier, darker and harder edged, less crooning pop and more nasty doom-pop dubstep. Download for free from Bandcamp now.


Starting as a Moscow based Witch House band back in 2010 and quickly evolved beyond the genre Vagina Vangi have now taken a further step with two new more commercial and more epic sounding EPs and a new name of H▼▲▼RPS (or Haarps)

The first EP called "Mosses & Lichens" is a sprawling epic with 80s style crooning vocals, giant synths. It's a concious attempt to unite With House style drones and fuzz with stadium pop aesthetics. Its ambitious as a mother-fucker and is such a sudden divergence that its hard to tell if its genius or a near miss. It's almost cheesy at points but then it goes the other way so well all within the one song that you cant tell what's what.

Download it for only 2 Euros from Bandcamp here.


FVNERALS - The Hours