Saturday, 31 March 2012

New Van She

New Van She tracks, this one's pretty Seapunk/MGMT funked out. Nice even though it's a bit 2009. 

Only Real is too real.

Only Real's sound is a slow low guitar whisper of promised dreams to come, echoing and shimmering 80s guitar through cartoon wonderlands and summer parties from teen bedrooms. Shoe gaze for people with cool sneakers, London times, dream pop with grime raps, new, good, listen and learn, upbeat future anthems. No downloads as of yet. Keep a look out.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Video for The Game by Kissing Party

Dream Drunk - Fantasy

Brooklyn's very own Dream Drunk has a new release out, a mash up dream pop psychedelic plunderphonic wonder mess of epic proportions, very colourful and listen-able even though it's a giant sprawling pop noise thing. Go hard, go Fantasy, all mashed and detourned. Download from Bandcamp here.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Present Moment need your help!

Help The Present Moment come over to Europe and tour for two weeks in May, they are about two thirds of the way there on the money needed on their KickStarter project so go pledge some cash and hopefully they can do it. This band are awesome and are easily worgth seeing, also the rewards for pledging money are pretty great so go check them out. The video above tells the whole story from the mouths of the band and below you can here some of their tracks, just as a reminder of how great they are.

Antoni Maiovvi - Rituals of Lust

Monday, 26 March 2012

☪♀co ᴐaᴚᴃ☉ᵯᴃ (Carmen Incarnadine)

I absolutely love the recent tracks created by Carmen Incarnadine - sometime collaborator with Mater Suspiria Vision. Sprawling industrial shoegaze and electro vibes mixed with halting melodic speak/sing/raps of future scenes. Free to download from Soundcloud. Juicy!

Ender Belongs to Me

Ender Belongs to Me is a reclusive experimental  Brooklyn duo creating anxious and damaged, distant pop sounds, dark and home-made feeling digital output. They have an EP called Memory out via the label Crash Symbols, which has put out the EP as a limited edition cassette which you can buy hereYou can also download the EP for free and check out some more of their stuff at their Bandcamp. 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hollow Press

Hollow Press creates awkward industrial Witch House sounds that grind and beat their way through your speakers, echo and glitch, grind and debase, black fog reverb. It's definitely got a big following but I'm really not to sure any more. 

Either way go download and imbibe for yourself the heavy fog of sounds from Bandcamp now.

Heatstroke in March

The artist is Heatstroke, check out the Soundcloud for loads of free downloads.
  • Solar advance, summer times in winter days, ghost funk, ultra quick tracks, shrink wrapped 80s sunshine blasted through HD speaker sets, slow groove funk fucking all over the placebut definitely very short, onto the next one, onto the next one. Sample and repeat, disco fervour, slap and drone, drum and splurge.  

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Heavy duty gangsta brooding, scrunch and grind, industrial dubstep slooow techno, that still somehow reminds me of Zombelle's seapunk raps. ▲BRUXA▲ has been putting out stuff for a while but this track released last month really slays , all sexual and grinding on your lap even though you dont have the dollar to pay for the dance. 

Friday, 23 March 2012


Database remix of Curling by Sykur

Sometimes you just want some bad ass banging diva electro to pump through your ear hole, well suck an eye around this track- the Database remix of Curling by Icelands  Sykur. And you can download it from the Soundcloud player below!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

..this saturday!

Who Died?

Dystopian New Age ambient noize beat, sample and repeat, loop till echo collapses, indoors, windows closed lit by the light of the flickering interface. Who Died makes this sound, this awkward hard to listen to unless you are freaking out sound. Then he (I'm positve this is "he" music) puts it up on Soundcloud.. but you cant download it!

Silver Strain - The Jihad of Muad'Dib [Dune]

Fake Trailer / Non-profit audio/visual tribute to Frank Herbert's Dune. Does not contain a single frame of any Dune adaptation. Editing, music, animation sequences and digital manipulations by Silver Strain. Contains original animations based on / inspired by pre-production artwork of Chris Foss and H.R. Giger for Jodorowsky's unfilmed adaptation of Dune.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New edition of WHATEVER ZINE

With awesome zine artwork, art piece URL in IRL culture, Tumblr but different the new edition of "Whatever Zine" is out go check it, its so nice.

Secrets - Never Hurt Anybody

Secrets creates a summer vibe that rolls endlessly like some bouncing internet gif from the 80s synth surfing its way into your mind. Blissed out Chillwave moods and endless slacker action, part anthems for beach hut URL locations. Go download this two track masterpiece called Never Hurt Anybody from Bandcamp now.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Croydon is a DJ and producer and dusbstep snob, Earmilk content creator, Witch House supporter and all that kind of thing. This Bandcamp mix is a heady Witchian drag and scrape thing go obsorb it.

Croydon - The R∆ven 
Tragic Error - Tanzen (Confederate Swag and Croydon Remix) 
Croydon - Ouija Croydon and Madden Featuring D∆ims - Sun Prison 
Croydon and BL▲CK † CEILING - V∆∆D∆∆ 
Croydon and SILΔSISDE▲D - BL∆CKH∆RT 
Croydon - Ouroboros 
Croydon - WøLVES 
Croydon and Velanova - Concer†ino of †he Wre†ched


Pwin Teaks And The Children Of The New H - Kosmische Puppen LP Produced by Mater Suspiria Vision and released on Phantasma Disques on the 23rd March, in a limited edition of 300, first 50 with signed bonus collage art poster card. Pre Order now at their shop.

Side A:
Paradise Walker (Long Version) 
Le Dome Du Plaisir De Bilitis 
The Sky Above The Port Was The Color Of Television (feat. HOW I QUIT CRACK) 

Side B:
The Children Of The Showroom 
Dummies (Part I-III)

Monday, 19 March 2012

NEW 18+ track! ..and "video"

Afrika Pseudobruitismus

Long form magic sounds, ambient glitter unicorn echos, repeat and shimmer-shake through bead curtians made of crystal nodes. New age pop drones for sunshine kids in day after baked sun beach expeditions. Silver surfer water fights in aural caves of synth wonder. Blam and you're under, Scratching Peace Symbols in the Sky an album by Afrika Pseudobruitismus hailing from the most Moroccan part of Spain, Melilla on the North African coast. Eternal date palms sparkling in the refracted sunlight, free downloads from Bandcamp and long hot summers.

Nightmare Fortress - "VISIONQUEST"

Sunday, 18 March 2012

World Wide Gallery Traxx

"In EASY LISTENING: Worldwide Gallery Traxx 2012, D+M collaborate with nine DJs to mutate over 100 telephone conversations with gallery receptionists across the world about the gallery-in-question's white cube interior. Combined, and remixed into pop songs, the WWGT transform casual inquiries into a euphonic conversation worthy of critical adjectives and subtle humor."

A great concept and some pretty nice tracks as well! The mix is free to download off Soundcloud.

(I have no memory of bookmarking this to blog about it, but there it was in my "to blog" folder!)

Fostercare -The Empire Will Drain U

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Spirit Guide - بیابیا.

A host of beautiful minimal cave dream sounds for your here from Spirit Guide. I've no idea who Spirit Guide are but they have dropped two sweet ass mixes in the last month and have released a proper track featuring Martín Gutierrez called بیابیا. It' really good with echoing With House style vocals, minimal ambient alt RnB tribal sounds, a bouncing little beat and voguing pop pop stylings thrusting it along with an abstract attitude and presence I haven't really heard in a while. Interesting!

∑B❍L▲ ▲P∑ Vs Fuka Lata

This song is remix of Fuka Lata's "Saturn Melancholia". 
Remix and video by ∑B❍L▲ ▲P∑.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Troubled By Insects

Here's two new tracks by Troubled By Insects, soundscape noise pieces, all giant, industrial epic worlds of phosphorus and billowing steam, recorded through analogue powers, beamed in through orbiting spaceships responsible for terror broadcasts on alien worlds. Hovering, grinding, artpieces of noise and blissed out fury. Download them from Soundcloud or direct from the players below.

Sacred Star.

Hard to listen to industrial noise from new project Sacred Star. If you're the sort of person who pays for this kind of thing you can download it for $3.33 over on Bandcamp. Otherwise you can just check it out on Soundcloud below. Difficult and claustrophobic Sacred Star's music is like a saw toothed dentist drill tunneling through your face, interesting on paper but hard to reckon with in person. Interesting stuff. 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Washed Out - Flower Anthem ...just amazing!

Video by Karina Eibatova. Her photos and art can be found here. 
Music recorded for Daytrotter at Echo Mountain Recording, Asheville, NC in Sept 2011.
Feel It All Around, 
Amor Fati, 
You'll See It. 


18+ are a boy girl duo making really out there, minimal slow-low RnB techno jams in secret hidden from the world unleashed in sexual mystery upon a hungry internet world. 
  • Like a clear unfuzzed version of Salem where you can hear the words and they're pretty sick. 
  • A band all visual and dropped out, beats hardly making it along, raps at 60 frames per second, low slow and 90s, synth stabs echoing through large empty spaces.
  • Porno pop fuck tunes for people who cant get off the couch but are still way cooler than the people wigging out on the dance floor a few feet away. 
One of their tunes was featured as the soundtrack to the Fall/Winter Prada collection last year. The most recent video continues with the avatar based video format Hulaing into your brain but with a beat way more uptempo and more minimal house feeling. 
Facebook here. YouTube here. There are no releases, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Myspace or otherwise. Special.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Me͌ͬͬgͦ̔ast̅ͨ̅͂̄rͣ̀̊̍ͭ͗üͨ̀ͬ̏c̓̋ͥͩt̄́ͥ́̿ǔrͫ͋eͣ̑̂ͫ͆̑ E̅xt͊͒͛͂̔r͊a͑ͣ̂ͫ̏̚vͩ̀̊ͪ͆̾aͭgͪă͊͗͋̒n̓̆z̓̑̔ͧ̋a͗ ͒̋bͭ̉̎y̍ͭ͆ͮ Aͦ̇̆n̑̈́̎̔̓̂i̽ͪ̀m̉͗̌͆̚ä͂ͭ ̌̂̈́͗F̐ͨ̓̅̈́͒̚ar͆ͤ̿̓m̔̚ - Track by Stendeck

Fostercare, Husband, Brighton gig!

This is going to be a killer gig, 24th April at Sticky Mikes in Brighton featuring break out post Witch House artist Fostecare headlining with support from Husband(Italy) Blue on Blue, (London )and Hipdiebattery (Romania/Bucharest) !!!

Facebook event for it is here.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Virtual Bart By Teen Witch

Virtual Bart - a new mixtape by Teen Witch It's a very summer brained out of your blingee skull straight into the water type mix, all Mariah Carey, Grimes, Opus III, Maelstrom, Mary J. Blige, etc. Open up the windows, wear something bright, choose your biggest headphones and strut the street from your parents house to the mall double quick.
Download it from Mediafire here.

Antoni Maiovvi horror disco Kickstarter style project..

Antoni Maiovvi and Gianni Vercetti specialise in a strange niche of electronic music, known as Horror Disco. Specially crafted atmospheric, cinematic dance music taking influence from Italo Disco, Krautrock, New Beat, EBM, House, Techno and most importantly the film scores of the 70s and 80s (think Argento's Tenebrae, Fulci's Zombie and John Carpenter's Escape From New York)

Antoni Maiovvi has been releasing Italo / Horror Disco records since 2008. He is not Italian, but actually from Bristol in the UK. He has produced 3 albums for Seed Records (the most recent being a double album of fake lost Italian TV Thriller soundtracks) one album for Bristol's Caravan Recordings. A 12” for Kompakt's sublabel Fright, as well as E.Ps for Slime and Italy's Sauroid.

Gianni Vercetti is a Italian/Greek Horror Disco producer living in Vienna. Slowly working away in a secret bunker of VHS bootlegs, he has released through MinimalRome and Black Montanas.

Maiovvi and Vercetti met in the start of 2011 at a party they were both booked to play in Athens and remained friends ever since. A conversation became apparent that there was no single label dedicated to this specific genre, and though releases were not hard to come by, the pair both felt it was time for them to take control over their own release schedule and really curate a label of great music released on limited edition 12” vinyl and for digital download.

But alas, both Maiovvi and Vercetti are poor artists living in Europe, they have no savings and cannot afford to put the money for the 12” pressing by themselves. This is where you come in. Go visit their site to pre order  the record  and get this project closer to the $1,120 it needs (its almost two thirds of the way there!)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Death Set - They Come To Get Us video

Krusht under the promise of summer

Krusht is an artist from Venice Beach making spacey Chillwave style electronica without the retro synths, it's shoegaze I suppose but with a computer, all warm, slow and blissed out. Check out his Back To The Forest EP which is available for download for $5 from Bandcamp.

If you don't feel like shelling out the $5 on that then Krusht also has this sweet ass mixtape out which is free Soundcloud download, Now I know summer is still a long way off but this sure gets you in the mood. 

Plus on Soundcloud you can also download all of Krusht's first eponymous-ally titled EP, which is more Chillwavey but with a bunch of glitchy digital feeling sounds and even some raps on it.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

L.S.D by Trippple Nippples!

Joseph Stallion

Jospeh Stallion are a duo from Minneapolis who remind me a bit of fellow spaced out, dream pop, semi RnB, indie space cadets jj. Joseph Stallion's angelic vocals soar over downtempo beats and dragged electro feelings creating a hypnotic ethereal ice-scape of sounds. Its all very good.

BLUE JUNGLE - Loveless Youth EP.

Blue Jungle who originally went by the name Lately Blue Blue create a psychedelic garage candy pop all fuzzed out and dreamy sick. Both mournful and wistful like the kid who thought about things to much and at beach parties stood looking out to sea while everyone else got wasted on cheap wine.. And slow and sultry like the girl who inevitably comes up to him to tempt him back into the world.

They have an EP out now on Burger Records called Loveless Youth. The EP is a "demo compilation of spooky oldies but goodies and originals that are translucently charming for any bewitched, bothered and bewildered heart."

Go buy the cassette here.
And go like them on Facebook here.

Friday, 9 March 2012

TOPS - Rings of Saturn video

∑B❍L▲ ▲P∑ is my 1000th Fokawolfe blog post!

Tropical gansta and the first real live mountain gorilla in the music business the awesomely title Ebola Ape (or ∑bol∆ ∆P∑ ) has finally gone and released the damn brilliant album called Jungle Omen, a heady and infectious mix of dubstep, Witch House, Seapunk and ambient Jungle all filtered through a bad dial-up connection from deepest reaches of the Congonese rainforest. Go download it from Bandcamp for $5.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

XANADU -Brighton 17th March

Blouse - Ghost Dream video

Vektroid bandcamp albums.

Chill stuff and computer stuff, second life sunsets on a nude virtual beach, tropical URLs Seapunk swimwear comps, Vektroids music is, as I have written a few days ago, just killer. With this post I wanted to tell you about his Bandcamp albums; Neo Cali, 

"This is my ode to moody summers transfigured upon pattern diffused lifescapes and brushed off; to fabricated memories of teen hackers of the past and their elementary school computer labs buried deep within the oceans of time. To a new life, experienced more vividly through microsoft encarta and library terminals of the past. we miss you." 


And Telnet Erotica.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Virgin Blood

Portlands Virgin Blood makes epic blissed out ambient dream pop, the sort of thing much vaunted on the Sewer Greats, no dancing here but definitely some drifting through glittering Unicorn Drone landscapes, shimmering waterfall rich cloud banks of eternal delight. Orchestral dream world music for late nights and early morning collapsed on the mossy banks of diamond streams slowly coming round as the angels lift off your body and flap off into the dawn skies. Virgin Bloods Soundcloud has loads of free downloads so go check it.

Virgin Blood has also collaborated with Ormus to create an album called Gold which is an even more dream like ambient piece, released last November it's available from Bandcamp for "name your price" and its well worth a penny or two as it lulls you into its  sumptuous blissed out fog of light and wonder.

Gerlan Jeans - Mall Witch collection

Gerlan Jeans SS12 - Mall Witch collection...its so SlimePunk Tumblr couture. Electronic Beats just posted this up so I'm copying but hey its incredibly relevant all of a sudden.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

SSION - My love Grows in the Dark

Chalices of The Past PEACE 4 THA WORLD 2​.​0

"PEACE 4 THA WORLD 2​.​0 by Chalices of The Past is half an hour of sloppy RnB mushies all lovingly dubbed on a slime green cassette with artwork designed by the awesome dudes over at Radical Ritual Tapes. Each tape has an individual label. Includes a Rad Rit sticker, a mini poster, a digital version of the album and, of course, the tape, all for a measley coupla squids. Support DIY!"

Or go buy it from Bandcamp for $2.

Amdiscs 2012 compilation

Amdiscs are just superb at digging out, promoting and releasing the best underground music out there, here is their 2012 compilation featuring some of the best of the best around at the moment.. and the list is huge, at 52 tracks this is one hell of a compilation! Its available to stream at Soundcloud (or below) and a CD version will be available at some point in March with purchase of Zivel magazine (Issue 35/2012) in Europe, while a digital bonus version with additional 31 tracks available for purchase with tees designed by AMDISCS and made by NVR MND

Monday, 5 March 2012

MATER SUSPIRIA VISION feat CRISNE - Inside The Brain Of Miss Lennon's Tongue

While it used to be all about witches with Mater Suspiria Vision it's now mainly about the acid. This track is off of INVERTED TRIANGLE III.

Russin mystery artist Vtgnike's Seapunk release

Seapunk keeps on peaking, blissful PLUR vibes dripping with spaced out ocean beats and sexual funked out rhythms, all House and Garage sounds slickly grinding across the ocean floor towards a R&B beach party circa 1998. The latest Coral Records Internationale release is an EP called Meowchi by Russina mystery artist Vtgnike and it sounds just like that. So good. Go download it from Bandcamp for $5.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

TROUBLED BY INSECTS presents ~dj ento~ **EVILMIX II**

TROUBLED BY INSECTS presents ~dj ento~ **EVILMIX II** 

 1. "Changes" - Dirty Vegas 
 2. "Youth Knows No Pain" - Lykke Li 
 3. "Rumour Has It" - Adele 
 4. "Do It Like A Dude" - Jessie J 
 5. "Excuse" - Big Freedia 
 6. "Smile" - Avril Lavigne 
 7. "The Fear" - Lily Allen 
 8. "Sayonara" - Miranda Cosgrove 
 9. "Call Your Girlfriend" - Robyn 
 10. "Scream" - Zac Efron 
 11. "Sneakernight" - Vanessa Hudgens 

 [recommendation: listen in a dark room though headphones with wide bass range, or download and play in your car while driving around at night, or make this the soundtrack to your most dirty, sexy dance party.] 

DJ Ento: "This is my second attempt at trying my hand at something I find completely fascinating: the drag remix. I love all of these songs on their own, but in manipulating them they became something more visceral and dark, their inherent nature as songs to “move” to stripped away; what remained were sounds to slog about in, thick as honey and suffused with connotative energies beforehand unrecognized. I did most of these remixes in my new Portland apartment, before my belongings arrived, sitting on the floor, on a sleeping bag, pouring hours thru headphones. This is my first creative project realized, accomplished, and completed in 2012."


Vektroid is an artist who lists their band page on Facebook as a "Community Page about Methamphetamine and Native Americans" Rollin from Washington State in the US Vektroid creates low slow zeitgeist beats and rhythms, glitched chillwave computer algorithms, computer games form '96 as if played through the ears of alien archaeologists. Cruisewave, Fullscreen, Doswave, Chill666,  

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Grimes - Oblivion video


Ourobonic Plague released an EP called Post Human Possibilities on Twice Removed Records last month, while it's a great EP I love even more their POSTHUMOUS FROST CONSPIRACY release which is the whole EP all slowed and smashed into one sludge drenched dirge... the original EP is available here for $6 through Twice Removed Records, while the long slow astral dirge of a track is available for free here.

Friday, 2 March 2012




Tokyo 1999 follows two young Japanese friends through the autumn of 1999, soundtracking them as they make their way to an underground rave in Shibuya to celebrate the forthcoming Millennium, falling in love along the way.

Sash – ‘Stay’
Binary Finary – ’1998′
Mauro Picotto – ‘Iguana’
Paul Van Dyk – ‘For An Angel’
Robert Miles – ‘Children’
ATB – ‘Ecstasy’
Chemical Brothers – ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’
Chicane – ‘Salt Water’
ATB – ‘You’re Not Alone’

post mortem rave

Dead Radio System - some Puerto Rican Witch House with a more smooth dance vibe, really nice! The EP is called Post Mortem Rave and its free to download from Soundcloud.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mint Julep -To The Sea

Mint Julep is a band that keeps popping upon my radar and I forget to look into them, then someone emailed me their new video at the same time I was checking out there old one and so here I am blogging. Mint Julep are a husband-and-wife duo who formed in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2007. Subsequently relocating to Portland, Oregon, they released a limited edition EP Songs About Snow, in 2008. Their album proper Save Your Season was released by Village Green in November 2011. These guys are just awesome, and their videos totally complete the whole feel.

To The Sea is the latest video and its another brilliant faux-3D, stereoscopic video by A Nice Idea Every Day - all intense, brooding and darkly engaging. Ace.

Video for UNSAID by DUBAI


Minimal desert night electronica, net beats and post modem influences, slow low and understated. Dubai describe themselves as: "DUBAI is haze, sound is fire. Tension and deliverance." And that's pretty a good concept of an explanation.

A band formed from Anna Barie of These Are Powers and Johannes Buff of Le Knell they have two tracks up in Soundcloud.. one is free to download,