Monday, 31 January 2011

CFCF - Aaliyah remix

CFCF is a producer and dj Mike Silver from Montreal Canada, he makes a kind of chillwave electro remix world of dragged R&B and stuff, he's remixed Health and people.. and got remixed by a bunch of people too. Puts me a bit in mind of a less duby Babe Rainbow.. I dunno its all good, This is more about the stuff I found on his Soundcloud page, check these two remixes out, both free to download. Always nice to have an Aaliyah thing going on.
Also check the Tumblr for some nice fogged out nature action.
Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter remix by CFCF Ciara - Ride Night Bus refix by CFCF

Mater Suspiria Vision - The Trip Garden of El Diablo

MATER SUSPIRIA VISION - The Trip Garden of El Diablo (2011) from Mater Suspiria Vision on Vimeo.

From MATER SUSPIRIA VISION / Fromrussiawithaids SPLIT CDR Phantasma Disques PD-004 (pre-order soon via


Tribute to Black Swan, 70s Czech movies and early Jennifer Connelly. Non Profit Promo Video Collage by Cosmotropia de Xam - Thanks for this great work.

Join Mater Suspiria Vision on facebook for newest updates.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Michael Jordan Pog

I'm very confused by Michael Jordan Pog.. this is some great 2011 shit, all pop and R&B dragged and screwed with, all with 3D artwork, rainbow pastels and embossed fonts! But with a strangely over obsession with Michael Jordan, like loads of videos images etc. Brilliant! Check the Tumblr and go to Bandcamp to download each epic track for a dollar each!

Saturday, 29 January 2011


The blurb reads:
O.O.O. represents an attempt to capture the sound of both terror and laughter simultaneously. Ideally, my music should be heard through quality headphones."
O.O.O. has quite an annoying name but quite a nice sound, Witch House 2010 style, intense and noise filled horror score stuff noise and ambients, all right but limited as to where it can go I guess. O.O.O. is from Sowerby Bridge near Halifax, so another UK based Witchian noise maker.
This artist has a free EP to download called Losing Your Way. Get it here.
There is also an album;'ignis-fatuus' out now on CD-R (ltd edition). It's released by Frozen Tendril Records & can be bought here.
These two tracks below are my favourites:
Slugs by O.O.O.

Medium Death Kick.

Medium Death Kick are from Nottingham and are the result of a collaboration between Andy Gibson and Siobhan Lynch; the two began to collaborate in early 2010. In late summer, they met their drummer Lee at a Future of the Left gig, and by the end of the evening MDK was a three-piece. The sound and ideas of the band all culminated when the finished album was recorded with instruments and live drums at the band's homes over a period of four weeks between November and December 2010.
The album '100 Hand Slap' is now available on itunes and Amazon for £5. As you can see they have also made a video for their song Mermaids.

Friday, 28 January 2011


Want a totally awesome, on trend, ahead of the scene, joyously fun mixtape to listen to before heading out tonight? Then go download the ☥ CULT ☥ ANNIVERSARY MIX created by †een wi†ch for the 1 year anniversary of The Ratcatchers monthly party at the Berlin nightclub in Chicago that's happened last night. (Facebook event here.) Go to the next one if you live nearby! ☥ CULT ☥ ANNIVERSARY MIX by †een wi†ch

Pictureplane, free soundcloud tracks.

Hey there are some new Pictureplane free Soundcloud downloads!
The "New Mind (Teengirl Fantasy Wide Open Edit) HEAVY LIMIT" track is immense, total dance floor killer"More House less Witch" to quote Gucci Goth on this.
The Thieves Like Us track is also a great spaced out, low-res ear turner, an overdriven beat bashing, high end rinsing needle of a track, and the Rainbow Arabia one is just intense and insistent, throbbing along like a blind dudes night time joy ride through the markets of Marrakesh.


Wolf Feet might be a Blackbird Blackbird side project but I'm just not sure, it feels like it. He posted a link to this Bandcamp page last night on twitter and I cant find any other info.
Labelled as Freak-Folk/Psych-Folk/Weird San Fransisco.. and its exactly that, totally brilliant and beautiful and old fashioned sounding, the only give away is the chillwave-ish beat sounds that come in half way through.
Go download it for free from the Bandcamp page.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

CREEP 'Days' featuring Romy Madley-Croft (Official Video)

Now you may or not know that this CREEP video leaked and then was blogged a lot about a month ago, then was taken down, it was probably online for only like 10 hours, but hey take it as a compliment guys its just we love it so!
Its part Witch House Creep part minimal synth step ala The XX feel and this video is just fucking tops! First big-ish budget Witch House piece.. bigger than Salem for sure!

South Central - The Day I Die video!

South Central - The Day I Die - Dir : Steve Glashier from Steve Glashier on Vimeo

Hell yeah! Total sniper action!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Audrey Hørne -free album "Winter"

I don't know much about Audrey Hørne other than that's not his real name..
This is some dubby epic Witch House shit, synthy and buzzy and dancey if you happen to be wrecked!
The album "Winter" (recorded, produced, mixed & mastered in Ramsey, NJ & Philadelphia, PA) is going to be released on tape around mid February.
Until then you can download it for free from Soundcloud.
There is also possibly on a EP coming in the summer.

Winter by Audrey Hørne

1980s Rave Flyers!

A few weeks ago I posted a link to "Six thousand, six hundred and thirty early '90s rave mixtapes" and now here is another archive, this time of hundreds of images of early Rave Flyers from '88 to '89! These things are hilarious, loads of hand drawn invites to real early stuff, so funny and maybe a total mine for graphic designers/promoters wanting to come up with some early 90s psychedelic trance styles. The site is soooooo old and shit but that's why it's good or not but it also has tons of links to more galleries here.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

General Alcohol's First Mixtape "4 big girls"

General Alcohol have just finished their first mixtape, called "4 big girls" it's available to download for free from their Bandcamp page. Though they call it a mixtape this is a real screwed with thing and I don't recognise any tracks, (except of course track 3, Forgot About Dre!) also it is divided into individual tracks which I always like in a "mixtape"
This is a weird and wonderful Witch House sound all scrambled noise and samples and repeats and confusion but heady and powerful at the same time, Ambient and trip hop'y and grinding chillwave through the wrong end of a crack pipe, perhaps we can call it "chillum wave" great stuff.

4 big girls by general alcohol

Monday, 24 January 2011


Fl▲sh$i† is an artist from Madrid Spain making a lot of music that resides in the dark electronica vein that is Witch House. Dancey, occult and noise filled, slow and moody tracks but also ravey gothic ones too at times upbeat in tempo not in mood, doom laden but not heavy. This is someone prolifically producing and evolving, sampling up everyone in a zeitgiesty way and twisting dragging and eroding the sounds into a creatively special thing. At points peaceful night time Chillwave for zombie lovers swimming by the light of the full moon then at other points heady tripped out adventures in sound through dark tunnels beneath the forest, the taste of metal on your tongue and the buzz of flies in your ears. This is pagan music for future children. I want to listen to this by torch light naked in the forest android wolves passing in the shadows, the toll of the midnight bell bleeping from the Google monastery high up on the hill. The smell of the olive trees drifting on the hot breeze, the buzz of robotic cicadas tirelessly recording the ambient sounds of the night.
As well as having a great well rounded sound and some really nice production values (no one could label this lo-fi) Fl▲sh$i† also has a nice lot of vocals mixed into his tracks, this isn’t just another Witch house bedroom dj putting together a few remixes, this is well thought out.
Go download everything from his Soundcloud page now.

Black Roses by Fl▲sh$i† Wi¢k£d by Fl▲sh$i† P▲g▲n D▲ncE by Fl▲sh$i†

Image by Owleyes.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Light Asylum - Dark Allies video.

Dark Allies - Light Asylum from Grant Worth on Vimeo.

I'm starting to really like Light Asylum, its Electroclash, Witch House, ghetto gothic stuff, its all dark electro with huge Annie Lennox style vocals, its spot on upbeat dark shit, its just damn good. If I'm not dancing to this in a club by the end of 2011 then shit has taken a serious turn for Hell and not in a good way, damn this track needs to just go on repeat! Play till the end. Listen, see, believe!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hawkwind impersonate Salem and MSV.

A classic Hawkwind performance here but don't you think the dancer looks and acts straight out of a Mater Suspiria Vision show and doesn't Lemmy bare a more than striking resemblance to Jack out of Salem! This is some 1970s Witch House time travel shit, communing with the dead from the future through speed and lsd. An ironic performance by future goth hipsters travelling back in time to secretly impersonate a band, probably for some arcane reason involving food stamps or spare Mac Book Air battery. (Better quality video here.)

New okkvlt shit from norfeast U.S!

Cold War are new Witch House/Zombie Rave peoples from somewhere like Philadelphia just two guys one rapping the other producing/chopping/dragging/editing, who are turning out good drag remixs of songs you might well have wanted to hear remixed in this way, for example: Madonna's "Like A Prayer" (they spell it, lYk€ Δ prΔY€r) or Foreigners "I Want To Know What Love Is (spelled ,ΚnΦЩ ЩᾞΔT LΦ∇Ξ Ἷ§) They only started a month ago and are thinking about doing some shows this summer. All their tracks are free downloads from their Soundcloud.
ΚnΦЩ ЩᾞΔT LΦ∇Ξ Ἷ§ by realcoldwar
lYk€ Δ prΔY€r by realcoldwar
Ḓ∅ U R∃ΔLLY WΔN† 2 Li∇∃ 4∃∇∃R??? by realcoldwar

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ricky Eat Acid - Like I Was Floating

Ricky Eat Acid has a new EP out called Like I Was Floating and is available from the Bandcamp page for free! Its a wonderful darker, more mellow, ambient piece, spacey and warm and with, as he puts it himself, "the wonderful Rachel Levy from Kiss Kiss Fantastic (and a host of other bands) providing some of the vocals." This is such blissful dreamy stuff, warm summer nights camping by the fire drifting in a haze filled memory out across the bay, fireflies for eyes and dolphins for bodies.
Go get it now! And while you are there on his Bandcamp check out all the other great EPs as well!!

Drum Eyes live.

Drum Eyes fifty-fifty from James Grieves on Vimeo.

Love Drum Eyes, love this video of them live.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dream Drunk Vs Kanye soon!

New video for Dream Drunk for the brilliantly titled "{~,~} (That Witch Shall Not Be Named)" Dream Drunk is currently working on finishing his next a release "A Beautiful Fantasy of a Dark and Twisted Nature", a reinterpretation of the music of Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". Hopefully to be completed by March. The "promo" picture for this is too the left!

DREAM DRUNK - {~,~} (That Witch Shall Not Be Named) [2011] (warning: Mixed LOUD!) from Joel Straley on Vimeo

Monday, 17 January 2011

Wtchmn ❖ has two new free tracks!

seemed to be an artist that started off as "loving tribute to Salem" but has now kind of gone and become a really good band making the kind of Witch House sounds that will shape it in 2011. Maybe at pains to not categorise him or herself totally in the Witch House bracket ❖'s music is tagged on Bandcamp (where you can download two amazing EPs for free) as "celtic, earthrave, progressive trance, and Earth" I love it! I wish I was in a band where I could reply to someone "Earth" when they ask what kind of music it is make! Having blogged about ❖ before I thought I should check his site out again and low and behold now there is a Soundcloud page with two new songs, "bloobrryærsmyth" and "lickthwtch" both free to download! I also notice that maybe ❖ is also pronounced Wtchmn as that seem to be the URL similarity between all the different sites!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Blissed Out

Blissed Out have an awesome LP coming called 3MPIRE §†Å†3 to be released by Amdiscs on February 1st, they sent me the closing track “//MYRTL3//WYCKØFF//” off of the LP and its here to download for free.
Its a swirling doom laden monster of wheeling organ and nervous beats that drops a hard thumping rhythm amidst the sampled car alarms and lamented vocals, just when you least expect, just when you dont think it's not gonna happen there it is.. blam a pounding beat that lifts this track into some other kind of territory entirely before dropping back into a muddied hell of noise. Brilliant!


Saturday, 15 January 2011

None More Heavy: Electric Wizard circuit bent music video!

Electric Wizard - Scorpio Curse from Raymond Salvatore Harmon on Vimeo

Colours from analogue to digital feedback and circuit bent video signal generation!

Young Buffalo - Catepilah

Not to be confused with Young Mammals we have a single here called ‘Catapilah’ by a band called Young Buffalo from their debut 7” which will be released on the 14th February but it'll be available for digital download now. Go to their Bandcamp page.
There are London tour dates to be announced.
Its a nice enough indie afrobeat thing that jangles along with harmonies and the like but just don't mention Vampire Weekend..

Friday, 14 January 2011



Thursday, 13 January 2011

Alpha Couple - Subject: Yup video

Alpha Couple - Subject: Yup from I'm Trying I'm Trying I'm Trying on Vimeo.

This is the first official video for Alpha Couple who I blogged about a month ago here.
A great video piece all made from stills that really captures the feel of the music and the mood of the band.

General Alcohol!

Russian Witch House from General Alcohol today! This is difficult noise stuff with drag remixes cut and paste super sampling, tons of MSV style echo and repeat, epic slow dance moods and heavy glue-head beats slooooow and foggy. General Alcohol describes it as "Electro Robbery". Its intense uneasy listening, audio paranoia and looping bad trips!
But its good and all free to download from the Soundcloud page.

Nad chernoyu propastyu (Above the black abyss) by general alcohol OzhidanyeHolodBol' (WaitingFreezePain) by general alcohol

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

CYP2 with Pictureplane and Teengirl Fantasy Mixtape

Great mixtape from LA clubnight Check Yo Ponytail: "1.11.11 Killing Spree CYP2 w/ Pictureplane + Teengirl Fantasy Mixtape"

Its a seamless dark electro EBM journey of filth and madness, pumping leather synth lungs and the flexing muscles of drum machine pads.

Download it here.
1.11.11 Killing Spree CYP2 w/ Pictureplane + Teengirl Fantasy Mixtape by Check Yo Ponytail

Track Listing:
1. Gatekeeper - Visions
2. Major Problem - Acid Queen
3. Tense - Lead Head
4. Soft Metals - Voices
5. Cosmetics / Premier Rang - Black Leather Gloves (Premier Rang/ Cosmetics Remake)
6. Twice a Man - Decay
7. D/R/U/G/S - Love (Love/Lust)
8. Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue
9. Infam - I Won't Loose My Faith
10. White Ring - roses
11. Seen links Schlösser rechts - Gute Freunde
12. S U R V I V E - Omniverse

Mater Suspiria Visions Tilburg show, video and pics!

Witch House grand Masters Mater Suspiria Vision played at Parodox in Tilburg Netherlands on the 6th of this month and it looks like it was one of their best so far!! London's show might have had some amazing witchy dancers but wow nothing tops this amazing metal winged dancer looking like something out of Terry Gilliams Brazil! (See the first image above.)
Also check out these black and white photos from the gig in this Flickr photo stream, really amazing!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vittorio Mazzoni - Islands (I Forgot)

"Until now men have merely complied with a scheme to transform the world. Today, the task is to make the system compliant with the transformation of the world."So says the videos quote!
Proper amazing track from Italy by Vittorio Mazzoni with a cut up film video, (dont Google the name you just get some weird metal dudes Myspace!) This is amazing and drifty and a great middle ground between Mater Suspiria Vision style Witch House and summery Chillwave sounds.

GR†LLGR†LL - I'm Gonna Dress In Black

GR†LLGR†LL has gone and released a brilliant cover of a the classic 60s gothic soul garage track called I'm Gonna Dress In Black by the band Them which was Van Morrisons first project.
Check the GR†LLGR†LL track below which slows things down but is also a faithful cover, ending up sounding incredibly like the neo-folk stylings of King Dude!! A brilliant new angle for GR†LLGR†LL to take musically, very exciting... only thing is it says this was released last June!! How did I miss this!!?? How??!!
Download the track for free from the Bandcamp page!

CULT 1 year aniversary party.

If you can get to Chicago then don't whatever you do miss this!! Candidate for best club night to go to in January in America..

Monday, 10 January 2011

The Dandelion Council - Betamax Heartsong

This is a nice simple post with a free download. The Dandelion Council is Pip Craighead who describes his music as Christian Chillwave and electronic folk! So me including it on this blog with the Christian tag is kinda hilarious! The album is called Betamax Heartsong and is available to download from Bandcamp. This is really nice dark chillwave, spacey and nocturnal, ambient and epic, with some very beautiful songs! Really sumptuous sounding and enveloping!
Pip describes his thought process behind the album thus: "Suburbs under stars, kids running around in the woods, the San Fernando Valley, Neil Young's sloppy vocals, meeting up before school in a forested park, wind in eucalyptus trees, hiding under the covers, North America in the 1980s, flying coast to coast in a light aircraft at night, Cheyenne Mountain, Japan Airlines, neon power grids, the threat of nuclear war in the late 20th century, Serra do Cristal, the Coming of Spring, the recurrent human longing for the Golden Age, the fading of nations, exploring caves, mines, fields, tract houses; the Lord."

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Green Door Store opening night revelry!

Green Door Store opening night party. from fokka wolfe on Vimeo.

My view of the opening night at Brighton's hottest new venue the Green Door Store. I got very drunk and stumbled about and enjoyed it all immensely and just shot some random footage, but its enjoyable and informative none the less..
Featuring the track Why by the ever awesome La La Vasquez off of their latest 7" available from M'lady records. And playing us out amidst chaotic crowd surfing and general merry making is the final band of the night Cold Pumas.

Russian Graveyard Disco from KℜΞϟ✞

Russian Witch House today from KℜΞϟ✞ who is one of those artist just grazing the edge of the internet with a Soundcloud page and nothing else. The tagline under his symbol heavy name is "Ɯalk †he Ƥath ʘf Şʘrrʘw" This is brilliant Zombie Rave stuff all slow and heavy and drugged out, special K pop for those in a giant hole, lost in the wastelands of Siberia, crows pecking at your bones! I say Zombie Rave but quite a lot of these tracks remix non rave stuff, there are quite a few distorted guitars in there! All the tracks are remixes and all are of Russian bands.
There is also a Zombie Rave Mix up there called V/A - Ḡraveyard Ðisco vol.1 (ℜussian Ȝombie ℜave ℳix by ✞) which is the only thing you can download but it wont embed on the blog! Get it its good!

Ḱ▲ℑ ℳ€†ϴω - Position №2 (Zombie Rave Rmx) by KℜΞϟ✞
ÐѺℒPĦℑℵ - The Spring (Witch House Rmx) by KℜΞϟ✞

Eye-rrritualzzz feat. How I Quit Crack!

eye-rrritualzzz feat. HIQC from child of christ on Vimeo.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mater Suspiria Vision 2011 video.

MATER SUSPIRIA VISION feat. SCOUT KLAS - The Labyrinths of Venice (2011) from Mater Suspiria Vision on Vimeo.

First video for 2011 from MATER SUSPIRIA VISION Vinyl LP “Inverted Triangle I” to be released in early 2011 on Clan Destine/Phantasma Disques.

Vortex Rikers - Wake Up And Smell the Ashes.

There's a new Vortex Rikers EP out on AMDISCS called "wake up and smell the ashes" a six track masterpiece.
This German duo are steadily picking up the pace with a great visual side to their work and releases that are inspiringly doomy, all great dark electro ambience and apocalyptic down beat!

New $LØW HE▲D tracks!

Want new $LØW HE▲D tracks!?Hell yeah!
First up is a quiet beautiful track called "BLURRY M3ADOW" a proper late night drift off track that sparkles and glints as it drifts down stream amidst Japanese cherry blossoms.
The second track is a twenty minute mix called "December MiniMix 4 U" that you can download and is an epic winter drag and chopped mix of ghostly R&b and droning snow fall.
Next we have a track called "Animal Bones (Haintcircle)" which is a slow alien soul track like seeing Barry White fall on top of you in slow motion while he pulls of his mask revealing the face of a Grey beneath!
Finally we have //Pal3 a$ M00nli9ht// a dreamy dancey number that sounds like something that could have fallen off the b.side of an Orbital release. All good! And all to be downloaded from the Soundcloud page.
Also check out $LØW HE▲D's Tumblr.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Religious To Damn - Drifter

Religious to Damn "Drifter" Music Video from Jason Akira Somma on Vimeo.
Interesting band called Religious To Damn that come from Brooklyn. Dark bluesy female fronted indie rock with experimental leanings. The sort of thing where the word sultry is used in reviews! I wouldn't have blogged about them normally but this is a really cool video!
Here also is is the single which is free to download.

Just click on this link to directly download it!

Bullet point blogging - Chelsea Wolfe

  • released 21 December 2012
  • Guitar/Vocals:CHELSEA WOLFE
  • Guitar:KevinDockter
  • Keyboards:Ben Chisholm
  • Drums:Drew Walker
  • Bass:Addison Quarles
  • Recorded and mixed at Alley Avenue Studios, California
  • Tags: experimental rock, folk, goth, industrial, spiritual realm, funeral songs, California.
  • Album available to buy and download here.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New video for Blackbird Blackbird's Heartbeat!

Blackbird Blackbird - "Heartbeat" from Amanda & Erik on Vimeo.

✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ - Anxieties

For some reason I waited on blogging the latest ✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ release called Anxieties insane as that is! Its quite a change from the last EP setting itself up as a brilliant dancey Witch House beat filled affair, something more akin to old Warp label stuff but through the filter of modern aesthetics. Sometimes its fast and breaky at other points really dubstep and evil, more a dark dance release than a slow drag thing. Darkwave but urbanised, a drum and bass take on Suspiria. Ghetto gothic. Doomstep.

You can buy it from his Bandcamp page at the "name your price" or as he includes the link on that page you can just go get it from mediafire here.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

MC Fashion live!

MC Fashion @ The Prince Albert from fokka wolfe on Vimeo.

Back after a 6 month hiatus and MC Fashion slays it!
Playing at Born To Lose upstairs at The Prince Albert in mid December.


A boy girl duo from Brooklyn FOOD S†ΔMPS peg themselves as recession pop, and though it is all a little hip in approach its very much some great music, dark and spacey and a little Witchian but mainly a bit synthy and post electro clash pop dragged through the back rooms of music stores and garage band practice spaces. Because of where they're from comparisons to Sleigh Bells will come and do but they are much much less agro and more like late era Kills with more pop sensibility. Good stuff, lo-fi drum machine modern punks.
Their song I Am Jack's Nightlight is available for free from their bandcamp page and is well worth downloading.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Top 20 tracks of 2010

Top 20 songs of 2010:
This is a difficult one and its changed around loads since I put it together first of all, but I kinda like it now!

20. Tinie Tempah - Frisky
19. Tanlines – Real Life
18. Salem - King Night
17. Radiant Dragon - Preseli (D/R/U/G/S Remix)
16. Indian Jewelry - Excessive Moonlight
15. Girlfriends – Good To Be True
14. These New Puritans - We Want War
13. Mater Suspiria Vision - Exorcism of the Hippies
12. Gatekeeper – Visions
11. Crystal Castles - Not In Love (ft. Robert Smith)

And here's the top ten:

10. Lil B - Real Life (Pictureplane's True Reality Re-Edit
9. Teeth Of the Sea – Hypnoticon Viva
8. Crystal Castles - Intimate (Story Of Isaac Remix)
7. Valis – Black Carbon
6. †‡† - >>>>▲<<<<<
5. Allez-Allez - Hideous Racket (Thee Four Horseman Remix)
4. White Ring – Suffocation (Fostercare Remix)
3. Von Haze - Outsyd Tha Nite (White Car Edit SALEM Remix)
2. Zola Jesus – Night
1. Health - USA Boys

Monday, 3 January 2011

I Phone video glitch of Crystal Castles remix!

This is a real thing! Uploaded to You Tube by friend, fellow Brightonian and member of The Mekano Set, Milk. Love the glitch!
"Video straight from an iPhone with a broken camera. Looks like old computer graphics but it's just the iPhone, no filters etc. Music is Crystal Castles Vietnam with a bit of The Mekano Set added."


Haunted Cassette Tapes are a great little Witch House record label that I wrote about before Xmas on the Mishka Bloglin. They released a mixtape called THE EUROPEAN WI†CHCRAFT ASSOCIATION from a collective of people from Romania, Germany and Belgium. Some are visual artists, some are musicians and the mixtape features dragged eurohouse and trance but it was limited to only 15 copies and so is now all gone! Though you can listen to all of it here! Enjoy!

European Wi†chcraft II by European Wi†chcraft European Wi†chcraft I by European Wi†chcraft

Sunday, 2 January 2011

six thousand, six hundred and thirty early '90s rave mixtapes.

If you like 90s rave mixtapes, like you know real proper ones from the actual 90s not ones done now then head over to this Mediafire folderto download thousands (yes thousands, 6630 to be exact!) of mixes!! All put up there by someone called Baztheacidman. Its just tons and tons of dj sets and mixtapes, most so obscure you would have had to be the dj yourself to know who they are by! And everything is mostly very early 90s! Brilliant and almost too much to be able to decide what you want to listen to! Its around 9 months worth of continuous raving!!
This is the link.

Sounds From the Other Side

My weekly Sunday night column "Sounds From the Other Side" for the Mishka Bloglin has reached the six month mark!

Click through to browse my posts on all things dark, obscure, occult and gothic! Covering everything from Witch House bands and Neo Folk singers to Darkwave synth outfits and Noise artists.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Signs of Cthulhu..

New Years day...
I found this on my way home this morning on the pavement outside Al Duompo Pizzeria.
If ever there was a sign of Cthulhu this surely is it! Does the Pizzeria have shadowy associations to undersea worlds, ancient gods and secret societies?

Then when I got home these two pictures were the first that greeted me on Tumblr!
Something is afoot!

Here are two Light Asylum tracks to play the day out with: