Monday, 17 January 2011

Wtchmn ❖ has two new free tracks!

seemed to be an artist that started off as "loving tribute to Salem" but has now kind of gone and become a really good band making the kind of Witch House sounds that will shape it in 2011. Maybe at pains to not categorise him or herself totally in the Witch House bracket ❖'s music is tagged on Bandcamp (where you can download two amazing EPs for free) as "celtic, earthrave, progressive trance, and Earth" I love it! I wish I was in a band where I could reply to someone "Earth" when they ask what kind of music it is make! Having blogged about ❖ before I thought I should check his site out again and low and behold now there is a Soundcloud page with two new songs, "bloobrryærsmyth" and "lickthwtch" both free to download! I also notice that maybe ❖ is also pronounced Wtchmn as that seem to be the URL similarity between all the different sites!


  1. Update: ❖ is a "bindrune" + is the name, and it does not get pronounced!

  2. this seems to be a "loving tribute to tobacco."

  3. where is wtchmn??!! i miss!!!!