Thursday, 10 June 2010

Missions to other worlds now!

Austin Texas is a melting pot for dark synthy EBM based wonder and Missions are a great example of this!
A three piece of Josh Mills, Markus Diffee, & Amber Zook they roam a night of anguished love and redemption dance floors, in a mysterious countdown to the end of time! Really, just look at their myspace or website and you'll see an apocalyptic star clock counting down the seconds till our end time, 20th January 2012!!
Rocking the kind of spacey direction that disco can go in there are elements of Glass Candy at points but then also the dark dance floor vibes of Gatekeeper!

They have a free mixtape to download from their website and an album to buy (cost is 'name your price') from their Bandcamp!
They seem to do a lot of pretty good remixs as well!
Have a listen to them first below!

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