Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Blackbird Blackbird is really busy!

So Bye Bye Blackbird has had a name change to Blackbird Blackbird, it doesnt matter but it confuses your Last.fm scrobbling a bit.
I love that this artist is releasing music so quickly and is realeasing it for free! Its music business 2.0 but mostly its just great chillwave music!
He's so busy, first there's a new EP fittingly called "Let's Move On Together" which is free to download from the Blackbird Blackbird Bandcamp.
There's also a Blackbird Blackbird/Treasures split coming out on Double Denim records over here in the UK on 23rd July. A collaboration with someone from Mathemagic (another great chillwave artist) and a future collaboration with Foxes In Fiction. Plus there's supposedly still the Atlantic at Pacific and Blackbird Blackbird musical cross pollination as well.
There's a track out called "Twin Flames" with Kiss Kiss Fantastic too and a new solo track out called "Hawaii" both of which you can download for free from the Blackbird Blackbird Tumblr.
..And if you're so inclined you can follow him on Twitter.

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