Friday, 11 June 2010

Yoga, Megafauna LP and Cosmotropia de Xam video!

Yoga describe themselves as psychedelic black metal and have a sound which is very much a world of noise-scapes and film scores for imagined trippy yet classy horror.
They have incredibly listenable tracks with titles such as; "Treeman""The Necromancers Goblin Ha" and"Flying Witch" which should give you an idea of the mood of this band. Forests, mountains and David Lynch!
Megafauna, their LP, is available via Holy Mountain records (home to OM, Wooden Shjips and Country Teasers amongst a ton of others.)
Regular readers of my blog or fellow Witch House fans will notice that the video above for the Yoga song "Reptoids" is by Cosmotropia de Xam, the visualiser in chief for Witch House, so as you might tell Yoga also can slot into that genre too!
Cosmotropia de Xam whoever they are is an amazing editor and (I dont want to use the awful word VJ so..) visual artist and filmaker. You can check out the rest of their work including lots and lots of live footage of bands on their Blog or directly at their YouTube Channel!

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