Sunday, 20 June 2010

Little Specks of Blood Lust Blood and Blindness.

Recently I've been loving so much of the Chicago EBM sound, bands like Valis, White Car and Houstons //Tense// that I've neglected to point out that we have two equally awesome female fronted bands in a similar vein over here on the south coast of England!

Blindness are an unsigned four piece, who create a great industrial, shoegaze, EBM sound that brings up elements of bands like Curve or Nine Inch Nails.
Live its drums, guitars, bass all fronted by an amazing singer Beth Rittig.
If //Tense// played over here this band would have to support them!
I still haven't caught them live but from seeing past projects from some of these guys I just know it cant fail!

Little Speck Of Blood Lust Blood are a duo that have a great livesound, part Zola Jesus part Jesus and Mary Chain and quite a bit of electronic beatery. I saw them play to an almost empty club a month ago but their performance was no less epic because of a lack of audience. Allen plays total shoegaze fuzzed out guitar while Helen projects a voice that can go from a whisper to a gunshot in seconds.
The tracks recorded below really don't do them justice to their live sound to be fair!
Check them at their Facebook. Twitter. Myspace.

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