Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Who Died

The forest floor, the bottom-most layer, receives only 2% of the sunlight. It contains decaying plant and animal matter, which disappears quickly, because the warm, humid conditions promote rapid decay. Many forms of fungi growing here help decay the animal and plant waste.

Who Died - You Remind Me - download from Soundcloud for free.



Really good, reminds me of Teams. Perfect GTA soundtrack, blissed out and smooth. Lens flares and slo-mo poll dances, riding the coast road with the top down. Dealing to teenagers from fast food parking lots. Cruising in the heat of the noon day sun back lit at all times. Download the EP for free from the Soundcloud player below.

Folding Pyramid

A new Brooklyn noise three piece called Folding Pyramid, comprised of Zanye, Zevan and Astrid. Live sounding and occultist at points, atmospheric and moody at others. Space ghost grinding in the darkness. Download the track Nefertiti for free from Soundcloud.

Monday, 29 October 2012


"4D Fantasy, the second collection by MEAT develops the brands distinct latex wear identity by re-imagining the experiences of designers Bo Claridge and Alis Pelleschi's youth and projecting them into the future. Silhouettes and clean colour palettes are drawn from their memories of provincial British chav culture and the UK Garage raves, sports centres and markets they used to attend. Once again notions of empowerment are key to the collection, with clothes designed to make MEAT boys & babes feel super sexy in their own skin, while also reclaiming the word 'slut', (emblazoned across several designs) from it's negative connotations." - William Edwin Wright

MENEO - the "Larele" video

Sometimes its nice to chill, to take a calmer route than is straight up raging, just a cool beer in one hand, reclining on a bed, nice colours nice sounds, nice. Then you get bored as all hell and before you know it there's all kinds of crack and craziness, iced up to the max and trying not to gurn, it isn't pretty it isn't nice, its a sickly sharp bitter stab in the sonic darkness twisting the knife of experience to feel out the corners of existence.

Thus we have Meneo, the horribly wonderful 8-bit hyper coloured, eye grinding bastards that they are. Come to my arms my brain splicing geniuses. Here is Meneo with their video for "Larele" a day-glow jiffy bag of crystal teeth grinder mainlined straight to the eyeballs and ear drums. Blam!

MENEO "LARELE" from Device on Vimeo.

Bodyline ボディーライン

Here's someone really good that I doubt you know about. Bodyline ボディーライン  
Smooth chillwave funk, 80s styled synth jamming, slow sunny and dirty. Cyberpunk gospel sounds. There are a few tracks to download for free on the Soundcloud page so go check it all out.

Lucid - Transet (Official Video)

Now maybe the video is better than the track but who am I to say, it is hard as fuck though and the Tron 2.0 skull and psychedelia visuals really suit this, even though I first expected a retro synthed electro noir track to throb out through my laptop speakers this hardstyle hammer fest is still pretty damn good.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Drunk Bridge Burning & Saturday Night Bedlam

The Vivids, energetic angular post punk feelings channelled through full on garage psych noise and 80s discord. Brilliant and hard to listen to like Gang Of Four or The Fall sounded like at times. Download their five track Drunk Bridge Burning And Saturday Night Bedlam EP at Bandcamp for free now!

Orties - Orgasm in Paris


THE BLVCK GH0ST by CELESTIAL TRAX. Mucho quality! A bit Witch House but so well produced and really freshly dynamic it wins hands down. Nu Life is the best track.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Momentform - Yearn

"Paris-based Momentform take their darkest turn with Yearn, a collection of four tracks that reflect the discord, isolation and paranoia of the urban metropolis. The project draw inspiration from the fringe pioneers of minimal synth, post-punk, and the electronic avant-garde in their singular pursuit towards a modernist ideal. Carefully composed of repetitive rhythm sequences, searching bass lines and fractured arpeggios, Yearn agitates and haunts at every juncture, ultimately questioning whether the city can ever allow one to reach a truly meditative state."

Lovely little blurb from a brand new record label based in London called New Ideals. This is their début release. Intense, intellectual and awesome.

Bestial Mouths "White Eyes"

Dignan Porch - Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen

Of the many of the new wave of lo-fi garage post punk bands gracing any and every gig across the more discerning venues of the land Dignan Porch are one of the more genius editions to the roster and a band that I can really listen to more than just a couple of times. 
They have a album just come out called "Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen". It slays. It can be downloaded from Bandcamp here.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Prince James Ferraro

Nice couple of little tracks from James Ferraro "SO N2U" is the 1st single off new album "Sushi" out in November on Hippos In Tanks but I'm not sure if the squelchy, Spice Girls sampling "Rainstick Fizz Plus" also features on that upcoming release. But it's a killer dirty funk grind of a track so it way should.

FAUNA - Soulmates

Fear Of Men - Mosaic

The brilliant Fear Of Men have a new 7" called Mosaic out on Too Pure Records. It's full of ranting vocal samples, glittering lo-fi guitar melodies and an angelic vocal throughout that sprinkles a wistful mournfulness aver the whole thing. Sadly ecstatic in a way that evokes thoughts of northern Post Punk pop bands from the late '8os. Killer. 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Feebzz - Downtown

Blissed Out's new production project with Feebzz continues with this new track sampling Downtown. It's free to download (grab it from the Soundcloud player below). Feebzz's own brand of icky feeling trash talk rap meanders along over Blissed Outs always fuzzed out beats and hook toothed syths, her voice feeling as if its funnelled through some kind of  de-auto-tune app. A whining, high pitched, stoned flow that's surprisingly moorish.


Like some kind of new audio crack Adeyhawke blasts your vestibule, cochlea and utricle with a sound so cheerfully relentless its hard to fault. Electro channelled through the brain of child allowed to stay up late to watch John Carpenter films, while proudly sporting an oversized Madonna tour tshirt as a pyjama top. Adeyhawke is from Ireland/Dublin and has a bunch of free downloads on their Soundcloud page if you have a quick look.


New 18+ videos. Really NSFW.