Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mater Suspiria Vision, awesome video nasties!

Mater Suspiria Vision have just released a Limited Edition of 10 Betamax and 10 VHS tapes called "On TV" (which obviously is now sold out) and have a CD called "Second Coming" out with Disaro.

Think fellow Disaro signings oOoOO, think late night film scores, think dream sequences, think satanic sex trances, think pagan geometric worship of John Carpenter.
Clipped films, slowed down unknown horrors, floating witches, echoing drug induced comas! Brilliant stuff!

Their Myspace is full of their videos/music/visuals etc.
They also have a Tumblr.
And you can find them on Facebook too!

Any post about these enigmatic video nasties would not be complete without showing you at least two of their awesome videos! Enjoy!

Friday, 26 March 2010

//Tense// our industrial masters of tomorrow!

//Tense// formed like all the best bands out of a hatred of the music they heard around them! So in 2006 they started their sound, industrial, bass, drum rhythms, Depeche Mode and sweaty angry dancefloors. Houston Texas birthed these replicants who like oOoOO have a release coming soon with the Disaro label. They also have an album "Memory" and a limited release Ep on tape out with Desire Records (available here).
One cant help but feel their music is being played in an unseen club down a back street somewhere every time you watch BladeRunner. Check out Twisted Wires to get another angle on the same sound and if that isnt enough to make you scream for robotic joy and sell your eyes for food credits then check the video below to hear them immediately! Where the singer can be heard at the begining saying "hey babe you're cute I'm gonna fuck you after the show!"

Photos above by Gavin Guthrie.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

oOoOOs new video!

oOoOO are from San Fransisco, beloved of 20jazzfunkgreats and Tri Angle, this band bring the 80s grooving dark vibe back, like a tripping out Geneva Jacuzzi. Intense doom synths and foreboding, slow grinding echo beats and far way vocals but also a light San Fran melodic vibe. Surfing on valium, sand between the toes but wearing a large fur coat.
Below is their new video for Seaww which says a lot about this mysterious unpronounceable band. They also who have a 6 song very limited EP with hand made sleeves available from their myspace.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Trudgers and tape releases.

If you know anything then you'll know this year is all about getting that tape deck out from under your bed, plugging it in and playing the glut of great tape releases that are about at the moment.
When downloading a EP or album is as easy as it these days, getting music in a non digital format is just that bit more special.

Trudgers, a Californian four piece, have two tape releases, Stag At The Social availabele on Hi Shadow and Bedrooms On Fire available on Goaty Tapes.
Fronted by Brently Mitzner (in the picture to the left) this is what I like think of as Doomwave, Ian Curtis vocals fronting dark, slow, spaced out shoegaze. Beautiful cemeteries in the rain, black and white photos of empty roads, winter. Check out English band Hateful Abandon as well for a similar Chillwave for goths, dark vibe.

Below on the left is Stag At The Social and on the right is Bedrooms on Fire.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Moon Duo, the Escape LP and Killing Time video!

Moon Duo was formed in 2009 by Erik Johnson (Guitarist in Wooden Shjips) and keybaordist Sanae Yamada. They've had two records out already, last years debut 12″ single, Love On The Sea and the Killing Time EP, out on Sick Thirst and Sacred Bones. This year sees the release of their four song mini album, Escape out now on Woodsist Records.
If you know Wooden Shjips then you will know a little of what to expect but if not then imagine long looping guitars, drums and synths, echoeing keys that sound like vocals and trance drones rumbling on into a sonic netherworld. A marriage of Silver Apples and Suicide in a cave beneath the gathering dusk.

Their Myspace.
Their own store to buy direct from.

Below is the brilliant video for Killing Time.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Qa'a, their Chi'en album for download!

Formed in 2006 Qa'a do space rock noise that travels from light clear springs to dark fuzzy noisescapes. With yawning chasms of organ and echo, psychedelic trances and insane bellows on the way!

They released their second album Chi'en (mastered by Hans Joachim Irmler from Faust) on CD in November last year on Màgia Roja, a psychedelic/noise label from Barcelona. A six track album with songs ranging between 8 and 24 minutes it is available to downlaod for free from the strangly empty Màgia Roja site.

Their blurb explains that the band was created "with as the intention to follow a secret musical genealogy that was believed forgotten by all, radiating music with no stylistic adherence where magic, repetition and rituals prevail above all else."
So pseudo pagan noise band stuff like everyone else? Well no because these guys do it really really well! Just check the video of them live!

QA'A al BeCool from Lluis Huedo on Vimeo.

Check their Myspace for their gig listings, of which there are many this spring and summer. Though none in the UK.

Tanlines, Settings EP and Real Life single excitement!

Tanlines are what Vampire Weekend should have been like if they had looked south rather than across the atlantic, what Yeasayer are trying to now be and what Rainbow Arabia almost get right. A Brooklyn duo, Tanlines have just released an EP called Settings. All drifting calypso over crashing waves from a tropical beach, illuminated neon palms, steel drums and bass that pours dark rum into your ears. This is happy as hell music, synth riffs over a percussive world of layered beats, bleeps bottle taps and claps to the point almost of cheese!
Released on True Panther the 6 song strong EP also has guest vocals by favourite of this blog Glasser. The single from the EP is also out with remixs by Memory Tapes and Basic Needs.
They have also had the odd song out on Young Turks and Kitsune Maison.
Currently doing a short tour of festivals in the US this band are about to cross the pond and take us away from the grey rain filled skies and into an imaginary world of eternal holidays and sandy toes with their only confirmed UK date so far being in Brighton at Jam on the 24th May!!

The single "Real Life" is available here.
The EP can brought in digital format or 12" here

The video below is the Memory Tapes remix of the single, keeping things kind of the same but just blending in some lime and ginger to make you feel all warm.

Here also are their 2 Twitter accounts if you want to follow them (1 for each member of the band!:

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Blue Light Initiative launch party tonight!

This is tonight!
The launch party for Brightons newest band collective, The Blue Light Initiative, formed to help promote each others gigs and releases and to form a support network of fans and gig goers.

The Stars Down To Earth, Bobby McGees, Yokoko and Beautiful Word all on one billing in one place for only a fiver. Plus for the first 30 people through the door there is a free compilation featuring 9 songs by the 9 bands involved in this project!

I put this poster together a few weeks ago in a bit of a rush so while I like it I know I can do a lot better.

I'm usually a fan of the hand drawn/painted poster but just recently been really liking photo backgrounds. This doesn't work as well here, even though I love the photo, but it can be really visually striking when got just right and placed amongst all the other illustrator and hand drawn font posters you see everywhere!

Sunglasses want want want!!

This isn't a new music post so much as a personal ego hunt.

Each year about this time when there is a nice sunny day or two I start to think about summer and how I need some new sunglasses.
I try to get some before it gets too close to summer or else I end up with something lame.

This year I know exactly what I want.. but how or if it will happen is another thing entirely!

The glasses in the first picture are where I first saw them, it wasn't until I found the second picture that I realised there were real!

I probably would look like a tit in them but.. if anyone knows of any of these massive, girls, 80s, visor style shades then I would pay up to £50 for some!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Geneva Jacuzzi album Lamaze released!!

The first official album release from Geneva Jacuzzi is here! Lamaze is a collection of 15 of their lo-fi gems recorded between 2004-2009 (one of which is Love Caboose, see video above!) that were compiled by Geneva Jacuzzi and mastered by Ariel Pink and Jay Rajeck this year. Vinyl LPs & 8 tracks (yes, 8 tracks) of Lamaze are out 9th March

The album can be downloaded now from iTunes

Check out their Myspace to see/buy their brilliant t.shirts!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Endless Endless Endless, Things I Saw CDR download.

Endless Endless Endless are in the same vein as Hobo Cult Records and bands like Oneohtrix Point Never. This east coast duo wields guitars, gameboy, and vocals in a swirling improvised dream world of echoeing noise that bounces off the walls of arctic caverns, hewn long ago from the primevil ice pack by our Neanderthal cousins. Some unknown demi-god is coming and we're not sure if he's happy.

Things I Saw (a 3" cdr) is one long improvised trip into the inner working of the brain, colourful and sparkling at points, dense and suffocating at others. With 4 interlinked pulsating tracks it is around 23 minutes long.
This release on Kimberly Dawn Records sold out within a very short amount of time so is no longer available in all its custom made, tiny, laser etched talisman embossed glory! (Just look at the picture! So good!) But as its sold out the download link for it is fine to post without feeling guilty that you're robbing poor noise musicians!

Here is their site:Endless Endless Endless
And the download link: (click)