Monday, 15 March 2010

Qa'a, their Chi'en album for download!

Formed in 2006 Qa'a do space rock noise that travels from light clear springs to dark fuzzy noisescapes. With yawning chasms of organ and echo, psychedelic trances and insane bellows on the way!

They released their second album Chi'en (mastered by Hans Joachim Irmler from Faust) on CD in November last year on Màgia Roja, a psychedelic/noise label from Barcelona. A six track album with songs ranging between 8 and 24 minutes it is available to downlaod for free from the strangly empty Màgia Roja site.

Their blurb explains that the band was created "with as the intention to follow a secret musical genealogy that was believed forgotten by all, radiating music with no stylistic adherence where magic, repetition and rituals prevail above all else."
So pseudo pagan noise band stuff like everyone else? Well no because these guys do it really really well! Just check the video of them live!

QA'A al BeCool from Lluis Huedo on Vimeo.

Check their Myspace for their gig listings, of which there are many this spring and summer. Though none in the UK.

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