Tuesday, 31 July 2012



Chiptune, Seapunk, post trance, whatevs. Whitely is just some brilliant16 year old from Telford making music that is way summer vibes. He's got an Ep called Wonderful Life up on Bandcamp for free, its three chiptune seapunk gems complete with chattering dolphins and steel drum melodies. Go check out his Soundcloud for a whole load of more tracks.

Girl (I Wanna Be Your Girl) (Girl)

Totally awesome track from We Have The Technology - "Girl (I Wanna Be Your Girl) (Girl)". 

Full on uplifting Seapunk happy post-trance magic. Wish there was a free download somewhere. Play loud.

Monday, 30 July 2012

porno paradise 18+


TRAAMS are a trio from Brighton/Chichester making really great guitar driving garage, drone and roll. Check out their Soundcloud for more tracks, though there's nothing to download for free as of yet.

New 80's Stallone tracks!

80's Stallone is just brilliant, his Gatekeeper-esque 80s synth masterpieces all macho throbbing EBM synths and driving pulse rate beats never fail in my book, I could listen to this stuff forever. Over the summer there's been a whole bunch of new tracks come out so have listen below to some of the best. Also go here to buy/download some official releases.

Sunday, 29 July 2012


NU DEPTH is a another bedroom  producer dude out there on the ether making URL sounds. 

Downloads at Soundcloud.


Grunge mark two. Local Brighton band Birdskulls sound like they want to single handedly bring back a time before there was internet, mp3s or a failing music industry. There are just three tracks up online, they're all good and sound like they were recorded from underneath an upturned bath inside a giant barn. Its great, really great. Do download the three songs they have up on Soundcloud and I swear at least one will get stuck in your head.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Buzz Kull

Sydney based darkwave duo Buzz Kull make an awesome sound. With baritone vocals echoing down industrial tunnels, harsh crunching incessant drum beats and giant orchestral synth surges this band really kick ass.

The single Fallen Flower is available to download from Bandcamp for free. Go get it its great.


B∩MSTEAD is a producer and visual artist making URL sounds, remixing splurging and slicing in a seapunk world. There are a few downloads on the Soundcloud page for you to get if you fancy.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Honeyblood live


Honeyblood, to girls who play songs about stuff, all lo-fi and grungey in a Scottish post punk style and I bloody love it. With crunched guitars and vocals far off in a large hall somewhere, the live and shody style recordings are just brilliant. Taking the White Stripes set up of guitar and drums this band kick ass in a melancholy way. 

There's nothing to download as of yet and there cassette release is sold out but go like them on Facebook here and check out their Tumblr for loads of live videos and stuff.

Fifty Grand

"The usual model for the afterlife is that people continue on in a dimension of time that is parallel to ours. But it’s much more like a perpendicular departure. They’re going vertically, and you’re going horizontally, and you move incommensurably apart as time proceeds." 

Fifty Grand's self titled album is out on Aural Sects and you can download it for free here.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


I found an artist called Pepsi7up he makes computer vocaled ambient synth in a really brilliant nerdy way. It's not briliant but its just got something amazing about it that makes me want to listen to all of the weird ass tracks on his Soundcloud.

Skate Bitches

Finally Boys

Finally Boys - post trance, spaced out rave magic, stardust winder all euphorically spewing from duo DJ gold. Finally guys are two guys from Oakland. There's an Ep coming soon but until then you can download a mixtape and one track from their Tumblr.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ritualz - Hypermotion X

Ritulaz - Hyermotion X. Out on Mishka. This  came out ages ago (May) but I think I never got round to blogging it. It's epic as all hell and so well produced, what you can expect from Ritualz really. This EP unlike the others is more sci-fi in mood, if that's a thing. Download it for free here.

Magic Fades - She Beat All The Haters

Portland's Magic Fades are so damn good if you like indie-futures slick auto-tuned alt RnB. She Beat All The Haters is their most recent single and it slays. With remixes from Slow Head and Obelisk its a giant creep crooning gothic masterpiece of alt-pop mainstream baiting sex music. Blam! 

Its available to download for "name your price" from Bandcamp now.


Chalk is an artist from Miami grinding out constant new tunes on the edge of the wave. URL styles, meme-step, House, Slime, Seapunk, tropical, 90s ghetto. All very hit and miss but still great. Follow him on Tumblr here. Hunt through the thirty plus songs on his Soundcloud for all the free downloads, some awesome stuff on there.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Kreayshawn - Go Hard (La.La.La) video

MS MR - "HURRICANE" live performance

Sinice Tosh

A full on experimental lo-fi project here from an artist called Sinice Tosh from Germany. 
A meditation on calm cold emptyness and feverish wamth strangling all love and silence, communicating in nothing, somehow embedded in yourself and you and us feeling lost and placed. Tipping over, tipping in. Diving above. Layering a truce between fear, hope and girth. Flying above us. Diving in. Trying to see through. Seeing again. 
Download for free at Bandcamp.


Horror Trance, Alien Step, Slimepunk dubstep, essential meme-step, Peace Love and MCDonalds drive through.. whateve's. CVLTFANTASY is just some dude, you know, some internet maker, uploading stuff aahead of the game. Blam. Free downloads.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Vision Fortune

Cyclical droning worship music, rythm and repeat in occult symbiosis, let go and repent for this is Vision Fortune. Imagine Liars around the Drums Not Dead era taking things more guitar effected. They describe their sound as "Field recordings from some future lost civilisation." Heavy, awesome and effortless.

Go buy a 7" of theirs from the mail order label Mannequin here.
And go buy and download their brilliant five track EP out on cassette from the Italian Beach Babes label here.

Xyloid - sex on the beach

New track by Xyloid - a Seapunk reworking of Sex On The Beach, the Xyloid Road Trip Remix. Go download it from Soundcloud now!

Young Unknowns free download

Atmospheric, fuzzy, guitar based, female fronted indie rock from Young Unknowns , a four-piece from Brooklyn. They have a free download of their single Target Practice available on their Bandcamp.

Sunday, 22 July 2012


What a name.. Yoko Temple is an artist from Cardiff making Chillwave sounds, all spaced-out warm retro synths, slow mellow beats and echoing vocals all summery and nostalgic. This is an artist with a great sound, really beautiful and full, a maximalist approach, huge and cavernous. The EP is available from Bandcamp for "name your price." Go get it. 

CROSSOVER - Wraith in the Woodz (Mater Suspiria Vision's The Curse Of Kenneth Anger Remix) Official Video

Saturday, 21 July 2012

New White Ring mixtape

White Ring Mixtape time!! 

WHITE RING - fri 13th mix 
 ***** featuring excerpts from WHITE RING debut album Gate Of Grief ***** 

Prater Dome - Open The Gates 
Ginger Snap5 - Katya 
Club Cheval - Now U Realize 
WHITE RING - Leprosy (excerpt) 
Deathface - Prince Of The East 
WHITE RING - Angels (excerpt) 
Janet Jackson - Pleasure Principle (Rank 1 Remix) 
Bosstone - Lean 
Dream Trance - Vampires (Youtube rip) 
Blawan - Getting Me Down 
Gesaffelstein - Belgium 
Ozma Otacava - Snow Goblin 
Deftones - Digital Bath 
WHITE RING - Do U Love Me 2 (excerpt)


Friday, 20 July 2012

SSION "FEELZ GOOD (4-EVR)" Official Music Video

Ghost Planet

Witch House feeling synth Noir form an artist called Ghost Planet. Dark electronic sci-fi witch House with acid tweeks and industrial movements. There are only three tracks up on Soundcloud. I like the one called "Dont Drink And Drive. Take LSD And Teleport" but that's mainly due to the name.

Emily DeHority

However much I vow to not blog or listen to Twee it always sneaks back in somehow! Today its Emily DeHority, she makes music on her green Ukelele and sings songs about normal boring weird stuff in a terribly charming, awkward and lo-fi way that feels pretty punk. She has a few albums on Bandcamp to download for free or for money. Got listen and download.


DUNE F∀NGS is one dude from Michagan making really great music, all chiptune, seapunk, chillwave, Housey future rave sounding, magical and warm, maximalist and grooving. His album SN∀KEROOT is available to download from Bandcamp for $4.99. Go get it!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Le1f - Wut (Official Video)

Spell Hound - \\//

i suck

As if to follow on from the ambient beauty of a time stretched "god" particle here is a an EP by Pigeon Mort with a similar feel but  more harsh and cohesive stance. "i suck" is six tracks of intense fogged out magic, throbbing rumbling and slow breaking its way into your brain. Download for free here.

Higgs Boson - by Dirty Knobs

"On Wednesday July 4, scientists at CERN announced that they had found a Higgs-like particle after analyzing results from the Large Hadron Collider. Researchers detected a "bump" in their data corresponding to a particle weighing in at 126 gigaelectronvolts (GeV), consistent with the Higgs Boson, which is believed to give mass to all other particles. The results have now been "sonified" Sonification works by attaching a musical note to each data. So, when you hear the resulting melody you really are hearing the data, amazingly, the sonification produced a habanera-like music."

Dirty Knobs then took the resulting upbeat tune and time stretched it to create his tune Higgs Boson.. which you can play below and download here.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Alpha Couple - Mariah video

New Puro Instinct track!

Yeah! Puro Instinct (originally Pearl Harbour) have a new track out called Dream Lover. It's still got that Californian chilled out jangly vibe but it's also a bit overcast, grey and melancholic like a rainy day trip to the beach, and they have a more dancey less guitar vibe occuring! Awesome stuff. It was free to download from Soundcloud but that ran out so they've thrown up a mediafire link for it. So you can go get it for free!

Happy 25 Honey by Ellah a. Thaun

Brilliant lo-fi effected acoustic pop, all droning and messed with until its silly and weird as hell but still totally listen-able. Happy 25 Honey is the solo album from Ellah a. Thaun. It's free to download from Bancamp and I highly urge you to go get it, it's not going to really be like anything else you have.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Missions are back! Their pretty great so its nice to re-discover them. Thye have a 7" out called  Darrk/Blakk, the vinyl is in the shape of a triangle! You can order it here. Missions make moody synth electronica with a brief nod to the 80s and more of French kiss of a gesture towards tech noir sounds. Its a great look, sonically.

Papercutz - Where Beasts Die

Tuesday morning is different from Monday, less water rave and more beautiful epic ghost folk. :Papercutz are from Portugal and makes some of the most "stop and stare in amazement" style music around. The track Where Beasts Die is the second single from their album "The Blur Between Us" out July 10. It's just amazing. Rivers was the first single.. it too is a gigantic masterpiece. Words like "haunted" "spectral" and "dark" are silly words that in no way convey the greatness of this band. Total winner.

Monday, 16 July 2012


Koda is an artist and producer making future RnB, all spacey gothy and tinged with dubstep, its down tempo trip hop style along the lines of Thom Yorke, Burials, or Amin Tobin. Its good, a lot of artist out there could learn a lot by listening to this dude. There are a few free downloads on his Soundcoud.

Tash Willmore - Across The Sea

Awesome new video for Across The Sea by Tash Willmore. Directed by Count Backwards. Tash Willmore has an album out later this year on Black Bvs Records.

Banned From MTV

Teen Witch mixtape -  Banned From MTV, no longer available to download but still up on Soundcloud to stream.

space drift remix...

Monday morning Unicorn Kid remix (or Space Drift Remix to be precise) of Kondaine by The Very Best... a super uplifting acidy steel drummed African dance wonder.. blam!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tropical Popsicle - The Tethers video

Tropic Of Pisces

Tropical pop along similar lines MGMT or Of Montreal, Tropic Of Pisces is the new project from the guitarist/glockenspieler of Oberhofer, Mathew Scheiner. Smooth synth funk and chillwave style moods, slick and classic feeling. It's good but could also so easily slip into pure yawning cheese ...and yet it doesn't which is good!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

ANDRɅS - Invincible video

Girls, gore and high speed crashes! Its the awesome new video for Invincible by ANDRɅS who has a new EP coming soon on Aural Sects.

Field recordings from the edge of Hell

Field Recording From The Edge Of Hell by Dirty Knobs... lasting nearly nine hours and over 1Gig in size this album is a monolith of time stretched ambient wonder, grinding up from the nether regions of the aural psyche, slowly ploughing its way through your day, a soundtrack to forever, glacial in its movements yet surprisingly diverse it will reveal and destroy you mind with its dark phosphorous lit beauty. It costs a dollar to download from Bandcamp and some of the tracks are free if you're such a cheapskate that you wont pay!

Execution by 18+

Friday, 13 July 2012

i work a the mall


Shit but LE1F is amazing and there are loads of free downloads on his Soundcloud - no way enough people know about this dude! Minimal feeling rap with a sweaty nightclub feel, super cool but lost amongst the ether, everyone get on this, where's the Super Super LE1F front cover etc. Blam! This is too good.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

GLASS TEETH - Post Rave/WitchHouse/Trance genius

I first blogged about GLASS TEETH back in June 2010, they were great then and they've only got better in the proceeding two years! With an album out via Phantasma Disques and an EP out via Black Bvs Records GLASS TEETH has been pretty prolific. I've previously described this band as "...a Witchian answer to the Dipset Trance Party sound, hip hop via trance created by black clad children in the attic." I stand by that statement. Go here to download both those above mentioned releases and check out all GLASS TEETH's latest tracks in the set below. Hurt Me - the final track below - is just so so good!

Pictureplane Brighton gig!

Monday 13th August - Picturplane is playing the Green Door Store in Brighton! The perfect venue for one of the best artists around! Do not miss this gig it will be a brilliant House and post trance Diy experience, maybe Travis will add to the graffiti in the gents toilets like he did at Jam/Sticky Mikes the year before last. Anything could happen and tickets are only £6.50! Here's the Facebook event for it with all the extra details etc.

Summer Camp - Always video

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

o F F Love - everyday (craxxxsoft remix)

New o F F track remixed by Craxxxsoft.

Babe E. - cEreal

Babe E. make loose electronic jams with a crazed tropical feel, lo-fi electronics, samples and a rich dusting of mental all thrown into the mix, all very 90s computer jam feeling. It's fresh rugged, with a irreverent fun vibe to the whole thing. Babe E's Soundcloud has a bunch of free downloads to get if you fancy it. 


Outlands are an experimental disco noir, alt RnB, trip hop band making super cool, bass and ambience music but with a real backbone and sexy curve to it all. They have an EP coming out soon on the ever great record label Chill Mega Chill. In the meantime the two songs below are available to download for free from their Bandcamp page.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

d'Eon - LP - out on Hippos In Tanks

Hippos In Tanks is a label with some awesome artists on it; Von Haze, Physical Therapy White Car,  Gatekeeper, Laurel Halo, Hype Williams and Sleep ∞ Over to name a lot! They also rock the awesome artist d'Eon and there's a brilliant LP out just called LP which you can buy on Itune or get the vinyl direct from them here.

d'Eon makes a kind of future RnB tinged with prog concepts and grandiose gospel feelings, post trance ambience and 2013 vibes, this is the sort of thing Seal or Sting would be making if they were 21 instead of 61. 


Sadhands are from Cape Town in South Africa and make brilliant down-tempo alt beat shit, all glacial future RnB, ambient and soundscapey, quiet, brooding and dark. It's a good listen and well worth downloading. Reminds me of someone like oOoOO, Clams Casino or oFF.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Christ - distance lends enchantment to the view

Time beyond genres. Music that land forgot. Sound before artists. Textured skylines throbbing to the beat of colours painted long ago back when everything was on floppy disc. When Magic Eyes and Mandelbrot Sets rubbed shoulders. Warm glacial melt waters excited by naturally occurring radiation drifting up from sleep caverns long lost from soul to soul. The water quietens, echoing through the mountainside. Hello, what day is this.

This is Christ.. an artist from the UK making awesome music. Go download an album such as "distance lends enchantment to the view" from 2009 from Bandcamp now.

Huizenga - Tropical winter video

アキラ a tribute to Akira.

Another mixtape/compilation in tribute to something this time it's Katsuhiro Ōtomo's AKIRa and its been put out by Witch-House.com ...yes there is a Witch House.com!

Anyway its a really nice noir piece featuring artist such as SKVLL P/\R†Y, WIK▲N and BLVCK CEILING, with hardly one fuzzed out synth in sight which is nice. This is a very slick and "Akira" feeling release worthy of the association. Go download this 14 track album for free from Bandcamp.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Summertime, tips down river, blowing shit up, beers and bras.


BLAM LORD'S QUEST is a compilation from Aural Sects. 49 tracks from almost as many bands all themed around gaming. Its pretty damn good. You can stream the whole thing from Bandcamp or download it in two parts from here and here.


ΚΑΛΛΙΣΤΙ // KALLISTI makes proper rave, breakbeat and late nights style. I know nothing at all about this artist and none of the tracks are available to download but damn this is good, it'd be even better on a massive sound system at 3am in a dirty basement somewhere! 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pale Noir closes

Pale Noir the brilliant DIY label, one of the first to emerge from the whole Witch House scene is closing! This was their message of parting: 

"Pale Noir is taking a very long break. We may or may not be back next year. Thanks for all your support and please know the DIY bizz is no easy one. It is a lot of hard work. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Passion. There is never a financial gain. It is very much a starving artist market. 
Please know the DIY labels do not make any profit. They spend their own hard earned money from their real jobs and sometimes will starve to help an artist out. This is real love and passion.  
For anyone who has ever bitched about Black Bvs Records Tundra Aural Sects Clan Destine Records Phantasma Disques Baku Shad-do and all the other DIY labels you need to try doing this yourself. All these ppl could be putting all their hard earned money into themselves but they give so many of you a chance because they truly care about you as an artist. Please support these labels. Without the support more and more of us will dwindle away.
Love to you all and THANK you from the bottom of my heart for finding an interest in PN and giving us a try. I found the most amazing group of artist with such sweet hearts. I love you all and I will always be your biggest fan. ♥ ♥"