Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cool ass video!

Sounds/ Night Terror. Date/ June 2011. Model/ Alyssa Hardin. Deep within the woods being worships skull and performs rituals to wake it's spirit from the dead. The trees come alive and spirit is evoked.

Pyramids Of Mu - TZI video

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


RIVKA is a Pittsburgh-based electronic band made up of one guy and one girl that "seeks to capture the feelings of summer and youth." A relatively new project they are in the process of planning a small tour in August and their album/EP is available for free on their Bandcamp page. This is quality dream pop, synth happiness and summer sounds drifting and upbeat while also pretty slow and heavy. A heady fuzzy mix. Brilliantly produced and constructed. Perfect picnic in the park music or for cliff diving or bonfires on the beach or running naked through the olive groves drunk on red wine and love. Blissful obscured, celestial and beautiful!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Let You Know by oFF

Well sweet R&B feeling Witchian track by oFF remixed by BOYof18+. Slow and just barely keeping the beat together this is a track one notch above ambient. A soundtrack to waking up in Berlin still wasted from the night before, as the dawn creeps through the curtains and you feel the dried blood on your forehead and the see the sunlight breaking through the window pane.
Its free to download from Bandcamp.

Monday, 27 June 2011

NØ ØNE CaN TeLL Me WhaT Tø Dø ¡T's *My* L¡Fe

New video and track by Lil Internet, perhaps the most incessant 'all caps' Twitter user out there. Expect UFOs, rainbow dolphins, constant ravin, Internet spam culture, visual aids, Hood Trance, holograms, tears, 3d computer art, symbols, sex and club shit!
Download the track from Soundcloud here.

MASSIMO RUBERTI - Giorno Assoluto

Massimo Ruberti is a solo project form some guy.. its good, he's released loads of records over the last decade, just check his website. This video is compiled from footage from "The Fourth Dimension" (1988) by Zbigniew Rybczynsky. Zbigniew Rybczynsky is some mental effects guy wjho was doing amazing things with blue screen back in the day and has made some of the most amazing early music videos out there. SO GOOD! Check his Wiki page.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Martial Canterel + Tobias Bernstrup

Intense sexy minimal wave synth epic-ness, like Gatekeeper with a deep voiced 80s crooner thrusting erotically at the front of each track. This is Martial Canterel + Tobias Bernstrup, their Strange Land 7 inch, limited to an edition of 300 copies is out on the 10 July 2011 via Mannequin Mailorder. How good does this sound!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Fatima Al Quadiri

Want to explore one brilliant website and discover some amazing music?
Fatima Al Quadiri. Musician artist etc.
I blogged the Muslim Trance Mini Mix a while back and everything on there is awesome. Knowing internet culture.

Sewer Greats: Volume 1.

Sewer Greats, Volume 1 Compilation.
There is some great stuff on this compilation, it's well worth downloading, its free/name your price.

1.Art Vandelay - Hey Man 00:49
2.Bobbi Dahl - Come, Watch (AA) 03:10
3.koldskål - gefroside 02:52
4.balenciaga and the gucci pradas (feat. Mondo Teeno) - Came Back Positive 02:05
5.Shisa - savethequeen 04:17
6.Teamm Jordann - Stadium 03:41
7.AyGeeTee - 10xOver 08:02
9.muroidea - Dem Badman Sleep 04:16
10.I†† - losGÇá 04:16
11.derrida - Crunkcycle 02:14
12.JSHIH - this, distant 03:37
13.Good Amount - Netscape 02:46
14.The Electric Nature - Grvvty Pnnts 03:49
15.PAN - Delaware 05:12
16.Tjut Dream§ - Jut Nightmare 03:22
17.G o S l o w - Colada 02:40
18.SLOW HEAD - Cut Through the Mist with a Lantern 02:54
19.Specialist Morgen J - taped for money 07:22
20.☢☣☢4THA////\/ΔTIO/\////­ - ๏'̡̘̦͈͇͎͈̙̮͉̉ͤͯ͛̃̎,̦̦̟̇́̈́͋̅ͤ̊͜'̡͔̠͂̈́͞'̉◯̡̘̦͈͇͎͈̙̮͉ͤͯ͛̃̎,̦̦̟̇́̈́͋̅ͤ̊͜'̡͔̠͂̈́͞'̉ͤ◯̡̘̦͈͇͎͈̙̮͉ͯ͛̃̎,̦̦̟̇́̈́͋̅ͤ̊͜'̡͔̠͂̈́͞.exe­ 05:30
21.shaman - god is in my body 04:50
22.Raw Thrills - Stranger Girl 03:16
23.Rollerblade - Motorcycle Chant 02:52
24.Hleger - Groups of People 03:32
25.R Stevie Moore / Ariel Pink - Closing Credits 03:54

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Delayed departure from Sample City for the FLK project!

Pretty sure if lawyers are involved and have slowed the release of anything today from The FLK then it isnt actually a KLF project.. but strangely that makes me like it more. They said this on Facebook today; "We apologise for the delayed departure of the 21.06 from Sample City. This is due to lawyers on the line." And then they released this track for free download on a Sundcloud page! Its a well good track, really not what I was expecting!

MaX BETA Vs Lady Gaga - free download.

Finally a Gaga based Witch House/Drag EP arrives. This is by MaX BETA; a free to download 5 track EP comprised entirely of awesomely remixed Gaga tracks sounding all Witch House is a Salem style. I'm surprised it hasn't been done before, at least to my knowledge... personally I made a drag remix and accompanying video for Born This Way within a day of it being streamed online!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Pyramids Of Mu: Walk With Mu.

RAVE-EVAR a mix by Pyramids Of Mu.
Available to download from Soundcloud here.

The Pyramids Of Mu - Walk With Mu CDR is available to pre order from Phantasma Disques here. Its a limited edition of only 75 copies, but they include a collage flipside card cover art by Cosmotropia De Xam and the first 30 copies come with special Japan OBI Card on colored CDR.
RAVE-EVAR by Pyramids Of Mu

Sunday, 19 June 2011

We Know Where The Time Goes: 21.6.2011

So this Tuesday something happens and we find out if this is a KLF return of some kind, keep your eyes and ears pinned to The FLK site. I wrote about this band on the Mishka bloglin here.

ASSS Meddicine

Here is the new video from portland USA's ASSS who are releasing a split 12" record with the UK's Meddicine in July as a co-release between Clandestine Records and SixSixSixties records.
ASSS and Medicine UK summer tour details here.

Warm Speakers

Dont know anything about this is but its brilliant!! Some band or dude from Long Island, check the Facebook page.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

This Mono Galaxy - The Envy Scratch

This Mono Galaxy continue on putting out great synth pop albums tinged with 1980s genius hooks and melancholic wonder, deep crooning vocals and better pop catchyness in just one song than most bands have in their entire catalogue. Here they are with their latest release The Envy Scratch a twelve track long dark synth pop wonder that explores a more electroclash modern R&B direction but all with their great synth sound and brilliant song writing that they always bring to every album they put out, by themselves for seemingly little recognition! The album is available from Bandcamp for £3.99.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Free download - Kynan, Kool Guyz

Free download by Californian dude Kynan well good and stuff.
Sweet bouncy blue sky pop.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cold War free downloads.

Despite one half being in the US and one half in Denmark the band Cold War are still "making it happen from between seas." With four new tracks up on Soundcloud a remix of Kreayshawn's breakout hit, a Prince remix, a pimped out satanist theme from Batman Forever and a Rihanna S&M screw remix. Take a listen its full on drag/screw remixes delivered in a way that makes you wanna listen again and again. Download from Soundcloud.

SEAL - KI$$ FROM A ROZE by Cold War GVCCI GVCCI -kreayshawn remix by Cold War PRINCE - Da Beautiful 1's (SYRUPEEMIX) by Cold War

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Stardust presents Pyramids Of Pluto

954 W. Belmont Pyramid
Chicago, IL

Thurs. 6-9-11:

◀Pyramids Of Pluto▶
With DJ Jean Shorts & a DJ set from The Drum
Hosted by Trannika Rex of SisterMan

Facebook event here.
TILL 4am
954 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL.

ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ of MATER SUSPIRIA VISION - Ti Sento (2011)

Vittorio Mazzoni - Geografia Della Campania EP

Vittorio Mazzoni has an Cassette EP out called Geografia Della Campania. Recorded in Naples and Benevento in January to April 2011 it's 47 Minutes of blissed out dark chillwave, nostalgic and fuzzy, psychedelic, beautiful and rich. Buy it for $5 now from his blog here. Also here is a video to accompany the release, Vittorio Mazzoni's cut and paste collage videos always have something very special about them, evoking timeless worldwide locations and events, footage harvested from some amazing sauces watch and enjoy.

New Pyramids Of Mu - videos for Ukko & Baladi

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Mater Suspiria Vision live experience @Old Blue Last 17/5/11

Moonbase Commander free EP.

Wow I know people can be eclectic but this is something else, Moonbase Commander describes his "Outer Space Is a Lovely Place" EP as beats and Dubstep and yeah thats in there but also there is a lot of experimentation, ambient chillwave-ish tracks, glitch noise parts, 8-bit melodies, lounge-core, nod-core and all manner of chilled out beat moods. Its an eclectic 8 track EP from Sydney but its pretty damn nice. Plus its free to download from Bandcamp!

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Glaswegian Witch House artist Marzip☭n has a new EP out called BL▲CK▲MIRROR NOTEBOOK which is free to download from Bandcamp, if you want to have a listen. Phantasma Disques should be releasing his first record later this summer as well.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Free compilation download from Young And High Club

Young and High Club have just released a 13 track under-the-radar/unsigned mixtape which is available for free from Bandcamp here. It cam out a few days ago and is a great mix of bands and what-have-you so go get it and really like actually discover some new music that you might not otherwise have heard, stuff that may or may not be out of your own personal music comfort zone!

1.Gardens and Villa - Orange Blossom 04:18
2.Bear Cavalry - Dragon's Milk Pt.II 05:21
3.Mara Carlyle - Away With These Self Loving Lads 04:32
4.Mayer Hawthorne - You've Got The Makings Of A Lover 02:12
5.Headless Horseman - Wavlngth 02:38
6.Milo Snow - Playing Grass Vol.1 03:26
7.Bella Mckendree - Love Her 02:42
8.Mean Lady - Far Away 04:15
9.Aaron & The Sea - I Want[ed] you 03:15
10.Naomi Jasmine - 30 Second Love 03:57
11.A Classic Education - Gone To Sea 02:53
12.Mayaeni - Broken Glass 03:59
13.Gracie - For Dylan, From Africa 03:25

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Blissed Out - Drones blingy video!

Manni Dee

Here's A fellow Brighon resident making some awesome experimental HipHop along the lines of someone like Black Moth Super Rainbow, Manni Dee is his name and he has a track called Antidote that has just been released on Boston label Vermin Street. Check the video he made below!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Stoned Boys free downloads!

Stoned Boys are my favourite Russian band, here is a new track free to download from their Soundcloud page, a remix of Silent Island by Russian artist Make. Stoned Boys are awesome dance producers along the lines of Pictureplane or Teengirl Fantasy post-rave for the niche clubbing era.
Also on their Soundcloud page are a huge number of other brilliant and free downloads. Go grab them.

MAKE - Silent Island (Stoned Boys Holy Land Mix) by Stoned Boys