Thursday, 28 May 2009

Kasms, Spayed and Male Bonding!

..are just brilliant! I've been playing them out since they were only a few months old, pre single/album etc, which I hope they don't mind, I have had a really good response to them so it's all promo!

Here is more from them:
and website!

Their Album "Spayed" is out since 11th of May and is ace, the single "male bonding" is out and free here.

..and to top it all they are just TOO hot!

Monday, 18 May 2009

This Mono Galaxy

This Mono Galaxy are a Brighton duo boldly, bravely and relentlessly pursuing an 80s new romantic synth pop dream without the accolades they so dearly deserve. Masters of the quiet desperation dance pop song they have been pretty prolific! This video comes from their 2nd album "I Am Not No - One"

Check their Myspace,
or website and leave them some love!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Not For Resale setlist. 7/5/09

This is what you missed from me!

Dark Meat~Freedom Ritual ..(Brian Jonestown Massacre vs Spiritualised)
Sun City Girls~A Wake ..(satanic chanting of the modern state of revolution)
S.C.U.M~Visions Arise ..(post-punk goth noise that is just so now)
Twisted Wires~The Hunted ..(more great un-signed post-punk gothness)
Crystal Stilts~Crippled Croon ..(shoe-gaze sun kissed garage echoes)
Rainbow Arabia~Omar K ..(Crystal Castles meets El Guincho but much better.. @Ed Lilo)
Ebola~Remix of Meddle by Little Boots ..(dubstep remix of lame neu disco but good)
Twisted Wires~Ripe For The Somthin ..(industrial gothness with Cult'esque vocals)
Alec Empire~If You Live Or Die ..(he's gone a bit XTRMNTR but its all good!)
Hostage Remix of The Prodigys Take Me To The Hospital ..(its very hard to hear where the Prodigy in this, maybe it was mis-labeled when I downloaded it?)
Bat For Lashes~Daniel Duke Dumont remix ..(same again, this is all squeaky rave-step vocals and no real 'Tash vocals!)
White Fang~Tall Shadow ..(Punk, anti-folk shortness)
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds~Hitchhiking ..(the new Andre Williams/Mick Collins)
Black Moth Super Rainbow~Born On A Day The Sun Didn't Rise ..(but definately born on a day when BMSR did another lovely song just like all their others)
Popolice~Action ..(Oz un-signed shoe gaze wonderment)
Hedgehog ~24 Hour Rock Party
..(Best band in China ..EVER!)
Mi Ami~New Guitar ..(you know all scramble guitars, drum wars and screach)
Rainbow Arabia~I Know I See I Love I Go ..(as above so below)
Dj Punisher~Smells Like Teen Spirit(Punish Bmore Mash)
..(Very low-fi version that is so silly you have to get it)
Bigzy~Ringa Roses ..(do the dance, sing it a bit, then start to role your eyes)
Twisted Wires~one night at the raw deal (radio edit) ..(final track all reverb, flanger, chorus peddle and smiths vs the cult trippyness)
Dj schmolli~Wicked Wedding (Riot Bmore fix2)~Billy Idol x Chris Isaac
..(What it says! best track for eons!)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Not For Resale this Thursday! 7/5/09

Me and Meatbreak will be playing SO MUCH new stuff your ears will be confused.
8 till midnight at The Penthouse. I've got new stuff to play by:

Women In Love,
Stellar OM Source,
Alec Empire,
White Fang,
Dark Meat,
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds,
Dj Jonty,
The Vivian Girls,
Sun City Girls,
Rainbow Arabia,
Oneohtrix Point Never,
Dj Digital Dave,
Kid Cudi,
Black Acid,
The Laughing Light Of Plenty,
Dj Slink,
Dj Punisher,
Glass Candy. ..its quite a list!!