Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Gorillaz Do Your Thang video

Not usually that into Gorillaz but this video for Do Your Thang just slays!

A Lesson In Solace by Hexagon Sun & The Sepia Raven

You know that moment in deep space when the controls seize up and the ship starts into a degenerating barrel role that you know can only end up in you spiralling into the gas giant ahead, the hull torn to shreds by the encroaching rings of dust and rock that circle it in perpetuity, the solar wings blasted away, the power fails and all that's left is to burn up on the bright acidic atmosphere hurtling towards you at over 4000 miles an hour. You don't want to look, don't want to be think about it but somehow you cant tear your eyes away as the glass of the flight deck cracks and shudders glowing brightly in the new dawn as the ship burns away to nothing, a molten chaos of a meteor streaking across the feral sky of an unknown world. 

You know that one? Well Hexagon Sun and The Sepia Raven have collaborated in order to bring you the soundtrack for that moment. Called " A lesson In Sollace" it's an album out on Dataplex Records, a net-label based in Long Island, New York and it's free to download from Bandcamp.  

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

YƩS. "The Triangulation Of The 5th Dimension" @ POWER LUNCHES

YƩS. "The Triangulation Of The 5th Dimension"  @ POWER LUNCHES


Facebook event here.




 BLAINE (Amp + Deck)



 YƩS =

Sally Dige - Immaculate Deception

Monday, 27 February 2012


Slow synth doom, minimal and epic it crushes along on a huge scale as if recorded in a satanic cathedral. The artist is magn∆Carta. "Did she die in vain?" No Americans will get that and as magn∆Carta comes from the states he or she can be forgiven for the name somewhat. Go download this track for free from Soundcloud.

Actually Huizenga NSFW

Actually Huizenga is like some kind of LA synth pop porn princess who makes sickly crooning 80s electroclash all sweat and thongs and peroxide 80s hair. It's that kind of thing that rests close on the edge of art-house genius or cheap trash. Is it post-modern soft-core porn in a soft focus 80s style with an equivalent soundtrack or is it actually just soft-core porn with a dated soundtrack. Who can tell these days. It's fun either way.

Her Soundcloud has a bunch of free downloads if you scroll further down her page and you should go check out her YouTube channel for loads more budget video erotic madness.

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Tough Troubles - Romances

Tough Troubles bio starts when; "the Holloway had burnt down. Feeling unsafe and betrayed by local health and safety by-laws, local men were looking for a place of togetherness and peace. Fi Fi and Mi Mi met at Argos on the corner of Holloway road and Isledon road. Mi Mi was flicking through the shelving section of the catalogue when Fi Fi struck up a conversation about the flimsiness of the cd storage unit he had recently assembled. Gi Gi supplied the Korean snacks... and the rest happens at the local arts center, a safe and inclusive environment."

There are so many genres and sounds flowing through this four piece bands DIY album Romances. It's a cornucopia of influences, grungy garage rock one track, experimental noise the next, it even goes all post punk and darkwave on your ears at points.

Go download it for free (name your price) from Bandcamp now.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Fire Eyes.

The tenth release on Palm Springs' Random Acts Of Vinyl label is the debut single from Brighton-based duo FIRE EYES. This limited edition vinyl 7" and download offers a first taste of their forthcoming debut album, scheduled for release in 2012. Buy it here.
FIRE EYES are ex-Drift Records collaborator Sally Megee, formerly of Cottonmouth Rocks and Paul Beat from dirty blues rockers Mudlow. Together they push drum-machine beats, quivering tremelo guitars and haunting vocals driving whirlwind-style from the forest to the desert under a ceiling of stars towards the distant horizon.

8-bit never dies - Fake Brad 'Hanabi' live

Friday, 24 February 2012


Go web yourself in slime, URL in IRL, Atari Teenage Yoghurt, online meta culture, Generation Tumblr, PLUR vibes in slimepunk kids parties, drowning in seapunk, bonus points for top scores, madness. Gangs7a is like one of those, you know, but doing really short tracks that don't ever loose my attention cos they stop before I get bored, all URL mega samples, 8-bit, dubstep, glitchcore, noize.

Go check the Bandcamp for a free album to download.

Check in with Gangs7a's Tumblr as well.

#SICK! >>> Opening night <<< Tonight!

#SICK! London's new FILTHY genre-bustin' electro danse mash-up club night party in the heart of Camden!!! And it's totally.... SIIIIIICK! 

 DJs AMY KR∆KHAUS, SHAUN BASS (Destroy Culture) ALEX WOLF (Post Religion) will completely rip the floor up with some srsly bad-ass shiiiiiiii...... 

 £4 with a flyer until 11:30pm - £5 without a flyer until 11:30pm... (otherwise it's £7 on the door), it's a steal! ;-)

Diamond Black Hearted Boy - future uploader

I hadn't check up on anything from Diamond Black Hearted Boy for a while and so I discover he has been uploading from the future! 2037, 2029 and December 2012! It all makes sense now, these art piece minimal mash-techno alt hip-hop house tracks filled with samples and boundery pushing, genre mining sounds. One track uploaded sometime in December 2012, probably on the go as he evades the conscription gangs roaming the Russian Caucasus, is a look back at the genre of Seapunk. Called Dummy its a brilliant splash of a track, with a minimal water filled "Pirate Bay of the Caribbean" feel. 

Moving further ahead in time Diamond Black Hearted Boy seems to be inspired by looking back to a more simple time of 90s house vocals but put through the filters of the present time in 2029... droning synths and spaced out nocturnal echoes backing an epic looped vocal.

Next we push forward even further to 2037, with the track entitled: "damaged mecha walking through the outskirts of neo​-​dubai (its dark and hell is hot" more of a diary entry from a future club sight, this intense warning-siren filled track floats with oil filled energy and cascading avatar vocals, reverberating in the middle eastern night, as the bombs crawl across the dessert in search of new owners. Blam this shit is good. I just hope this dude gets back to our time ok. But hey if he is flitting between eras why come back to early 2012.. why not head off in time to '87 or '92 and avoid all the chaos. All his tracks are available for free download from the Bandcamp.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Crystal Castles - Suffocation (HEALTH Remix) free download

AMAZING remix and its free to download from Crystal Castles Soundcloud.

Netrun video by Thug Entrancer

Thug Entrancer

Slow minimal ambient techno shit for you today; so good, so clean, so sexy. Thug Entrancer released Tropics Mind Volume 1 and 2 about 3 months ago.. its awesome. Clear and pulsing its crisp ice beats and squelching synths conjure up an ice bound Chicago shifting in time between 1987 and 2033. Also.. what a name! Fuck you cant loose with something like that!

The two releases are available to download for free (or name you price) from the Thug Entrancer Bandcamp. Go get them you wont be disappointed.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Great trippy video for Buddha Floored by Scorched Transmissions

Vogue Witch Night this Friday in Milan

Mater Suspiria Vision, live in Milan ::: DURING FASHION WEEK !!! With Delila Muerte and Shivabel Coeurnoir.

High Park - Live Slow

High Park has been a With House stalwart since the inception of the idea back in 2010 but this new release on Phantasma Disques is a real beauty, a real mix of sounds and beats. Despite the album being called Live Slow it's in no way a fuzzed out Witch House dirge fest rather its a dynamic beat filled album that really bounces along at points, with space and textures and constant interest points. Well good, a really surprising sound. Download it here for free or buy a signed CD here.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Odd Future redeem themselves with a killer video shocker!

Hausu EP

This EP from Hausu is like a year old but I just discovered it and it's pretty damn catchy so I wanna share, also it has a sweet piece of cover art, as seen above. Recorded in Seattle the two jangly indie guitar ditties complete with baritone vocals and chorusing Smithsian guitar are free to download from the Hausu Bandcamp.

The Weeknd - Balloons of Haus (Produced by Chi Duly)

Here's Chi Duly remix project of Balloons of Haus by The Weeknd. You can download it all from the Soundcloud player below.

"Balloons of Haus is house music for the "I'm not really into techno" folks. It's uptempo but more to the point (free of those minute long intros/breakdowns of arbitrary ambience). The concept was born of my interest in bringing The Weeknd's vibe to a DJ set. He's talking about what every other artist you hear in the club is talking about except he's artistic, emotionally believable. The Weeknd's subject matter is already club friendly. The pace however was only bedroom friendly. My project still retains that laid back, mellow uptempo R&B vibe but picks up on a harder electro vibe with the Dirty Diana remix. It's all around a very diverse range of house music genres."

Monday, 20 February 2012


 Severin are a London duo making industrial electronic rock 'n roll, all noise pop and 80s. Its nice and that. Check em out.

Ripostes by GPSYMTH

The debut album by GPSYMTH is out now (I guess you pronounce that Gipsy Moth.) Called Ripostes it's a nine track release full of glittering Chillwave dream-pop wonder and nostalgic cloud floating warmth. Ambient and drifting and throbbing with quiet magic this album is a slow melting dream soundtrack to astral projections in the Elysian Fields. Go download it for a measly $2 from Bandcamp now.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Destroy Culture - HyperBounce 24/02/2012

Destroy Culture & Dungeon Bounce present:

☆╮╰☆╮ H Y P E R B O U N C E ╰☆╮╰☆╮

~ h00dumentary (beast on leash/sweden)
~ the 13 (new 16bit project)
~ south london ordnance
~ musa kusa + kishti (LuckyPDF)
~ ~ Todd Hart
~ Milli (Late Lunch)
~ Willuminati (Super Super)
~ Destroy culture x Long
~ DJ Bump n' Grind 
~ Vital Team

PLUS: Live video installation, Live Dancers, Real Live.

~ 10pm - 5am
~ £5 before 12, more after. ~

CLF Art Cafe/Bussey Building
133 Rye Lane
SE15 4ST 

Jam City - The Courts

Free download from Veils.

Just released this February comes an EP out of Portugal by Veils. Very much a Witch House sound all saw-toothed over driven synth drones, off kilter down tempo beats and echoing ethereal vocals its a sound we have heard before quite a bit. But this is good, like really good if you like the kind of sound Witch House artists produced, this is something special because its so nicely put together. Its epic and rumbling like the best tracks by Ritualz and it's beautiful and delicate like something from Salem when they're on a comedown. Go download it for free from Bandcamp.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Geneva Jacuzzi at Cheetahs Club Hollywood!

OFF LOVE - Live in Paris

Acid Kicks

Here's another great American guitar band only this one hasn't any guitars in it. Acid Kicks is made up of three bass players and one drummer. Hailing from Philadelphia they make a cacophony of punk prog sound, epic swirling sludge and and rocking psychedelia, like Hawkind running into a band like Gonga or Teeth Of The Sea and deciding to get their gay skinhead mates to chase them through town. It's brilliant stuff. 

Go download their "Life Dreams" 7inch release from Bandcamp for $4. If you spend a bit more then you can get the vinyl and if you spend a bit more than that then they will send you a dreamcatcher with the release as well! There's also a slightly more recent live release -"Live At Silk City" which you can download from their Bandcamp for free if you want.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Free download of Fiveng's new single.

Two new tracks by California's Fiveng - the first "It don't Mean Shit" is a monumental pop prog ditty that I would swear samples Guns And Roses at the start, while the second is an equally grandiose dream pop track called "The Love I Seek."

Go download them for free from Fivengs Bandcamp now.

Ritualz - III (Instrumental) video

Unofficial video for the track "III" from the "†‡† vs. Fostercare" LP which was out in July 2011 on Robot Elephant Records
Footage from "Witch's Cradle" (Maya Deren, 1944).

Thursday, 16 February 2012

o F F - CloseToU (oOoOO Remix)

o F F is fast becoming one of my favorite artists of the moment. This guy is just making some amazing music and producing a sound that is really unique - really pop and R&B but also Witch House ambient post dubstep stuff. Awesome. Live as well he is a force to keep you engaged and enthralled throughout as he stalks the stage handing out roses to girls in the audience his face obscured just like in his promo pics with a black and white ying-yang scarf. The CloseToU single has just got a remix by the equally brilliant oOoOO turning it a bit more post trance and skittish, a nervous little beat pulsing through the track. Go download from Soundcloud now.

"close to u i dream of
close to i i'm not
valentine day is here
oOoOO made it sound like a dream
u and me it was very special..
it's been years but
i still miss u dear m."


Next level Chip Tune, all chopped and screwed, ambient, dragged and all sparkly.. is this Unicorn Drone music I cant remember... anyway the artist is SEGA32X and the album is called MLTDS3GACDONAMRBLETBL​.​3x3. It's available on Bandcamp for like $3 dollars...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dark Sister- Red Velvet - the video!


THE PHARMACY - DIG YOUR GRAVE taken from the upcoming album "Stoned & Alone" out on Seayou Records

Coco by HOV


▲NGLDS† is an artist from California making obtuse churning Witch House all fuzzed out noise and down-tempo like this track, new to Soundcloud, Ar†, a droning slow low goth step thing. All ▲NGLDS† tracks are free to download from Soundcloud.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Thought Tempo - winter sex tunes

Thought Tempo, slow sex jams to get you in the mood, there's even some panpipes on there! Dragged out snares echoing into the rich velvety night,slow low crooning rhythms and sleepy morphine vocals whispering sick nothings into your open ear canal. 

Echoes of long lost summers and far away beaches. Dark notes on future raves, quiet half heard trance riffs slowly floating through a hazy atmosphere of blinking winter lights.

Slow low sexy flows, ambient hip hop beats trickling down from on high. Go see and hear.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Ocean City Defender

Brigitte Roussel solo single

One half of Nac Hut Report, Brigitte Roussel, has gone all solo on us and released a solo single which you can download for free direct from the Soundcloud players below. Its an intense industrial noise and abstract sound piece, all macabre and gothic, slow low and dark. Great stuff.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Soft Lighting

Soft Lighting is Bryan Cox, a Kansas City based musician/producer, so no not "that" Brian Cox. Soft Lighting's sounds are all Shoe Gaze, Italo Disco, 80s film soundtracks and warm bouncing Chillwave. The sort of music to climb into a nearby womb with and make out surrounded by slowly undulating candyfloss dream clouds. It's melancholic in that glorious warm and self destructive way that songs sometimes can be, droning and melodic, like being hugged by a woolly xylophone.

Soft Lighting's debut album will be released soon on Synthemesc Recordings. In the mean 
time check out this track.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Justice - On'n'On video

Drrty Pharms

Drrty Pharms rocks from LA making Haunted Juke Minimal Wave Witch House sounds and describes their influences as love, disgust, shame, guilt, self-pity, romantic period classical, juke, sex, drama, death, Disney, occultism, black people, Freud, Bataille, The Torah, Nietzsche, Hitler, the cold, isolation, facebook, Burial, Glenn Branca, trauma, repression, Futurism. 

LOLs on a major scale, but its it nice and I like it and we can take it serious and get into it or just step back a bit appreciate the zeitgeist and laugh if we happen to be in the "chuckle" demographic. It's all free to download from Soundcloud. and this artist has loads of tracks on Bandcamp too! Like LOADS!

Friday, 10 February 2012

New DJ Scotch Egg project -DJ Scotch Bonnet

Anbuley - The Ghanaian Rihanna...

From the same label that gave you MonsterHeart comes Anbuley. Anbuley is an Ghanaian/Austrian artist based in Vienna who makes an Afro-European take on club music. Her EP ‘Kemo′ Yoo Keke‘ is available now from the Seayou Records Bandcamp for €3 ot you can go download the WAV long edit of the single from Soundcloud. It's weird and kinda really good and I don't know where to put it other than to say it would go down really well in a DJ set when no-one was expecting it and you could sort of call her the Ghanaian Rihanna!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

New Fucked Up -Year Of The Tiger!

Mascara & //TENSE// track

Mascara & //TENSE// - Empire of Man.
I missed this doom filled track when it came out three months ago, its part of a split 7" with Slow Head on Tundra Dubs. Its pretty damn awesome and ponderously epic!

Chacmul -mexican winter chillout

I don't know much about Chacmul other than this artist creates beautiful slow burners that gradually build into grandiose electronic dirges of beautiful fluttering magic. This shit's real. From Mexico Chacmul has put up all four Soundcloud tracks up for free download so you should go grab them now.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Phèdre - In Decay (NSFW)

Chippy Nonstop.

Hailing from Oakland Chippy Nonstop is a female rapper that spits slow dirty shit with a Blingee internet feel that seems less rap more URL zeitgeist and Kreayshawn inspired. Its all bubblegum sex and fronting while wearing in your face URL couture. There are a few downloads on her Soundcloud. And you should go follow her on Tumblr and Twitter.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Sewer Greats compilations are just slaying all competition, every release is packed with the best unsigned and underground artists around and each new release is full of people I've never ever heard of.. in fact this latest release (Sewer Greats, Volume 4) only has one artist out of the 25 featured that I've heard of before and every artist is always the sort of thing I'd blog about. Anyway Comp number 4 is here and it slays, with a cover by the talented Cornelia Van Rijswijk and as always it's available from Bandcamp for free or "name your price." Go get it and try and pay something 'cos these artist need to keep eating, partying and making noises!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Arrivals Crux - free download

Ethereal dystopian indie, dark gothic and free to download! Yey! The band is Arrivals Crux and they are putting out a bunch of free download singles before an EP in the Summer. Download it from the Soundcloud player below!

Glass Eyes - Aegean Coast

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pictureplane - Gucci Goth mixtape!

Exclusive mix for Gucci Goth Tumblr! 


“Made up of using lots of delay and slightly slowed big room and anthemic 120bpm house music. Think of Ibiza in a k hole. But with a light at the end of the tunnel. Everything I do is filled with love. There is no tracklisting because a lot of the tracks are very very different sounding than from what they sound like normally. The title of the mix is a literary reference to the essay “Poetic Terrorism” by Hakim Bey. The mix is meant to give strength to the listener.”

Go download if from the Gucci Goth blog.

zimní son by milky toad + chikiss

Zimní Son is a collaborative album between Russian electronic artists Milky Toad and Chikiss. It's a wonderful lo-fi electronic folk masterpiece of an album full of whispered crystalline tundra ambiance. Just look at the album cover it says it all. With its orgasmic retro synths and upbeat VHS mood this is like Chillwave if it was about winter wonderlands rather than summer beach ones. Beautiful. Go download the album for only $1 from the Dopefish Family Bandcamp, it's well worth it because it is just so beautiful and different!

▼▼◯ ▛ ◣▷ T◯▼▛ - new video!

Brilliant video here from World Tour, strobing through the night like a flickering rave of madness. The band will shortly be releasing their debut disk with limited edition print from Phantasma Disques, six unheard tracks that will only be available on disc and not digital download! In the meantime go check out their Soundcloud for some great tracks which you can get for free.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Atari Teenage Riot remix of Salem's "better off alone"

OC Mixtape Series #11: Total Freedom Mix

Another day another mixtape, this ones all over the place but good to put on and blanch out to while getting on with the days activities, whether that's scrolling through Tumblr, getting down to some art or drifting around town wearing your cardboard gold chains! download form the Souncloud player below!


Pigeon Mort - Free EP

While some people may be tiring of Witch House sounds made by people with little genuine spark and creativity one must not forget that hardly anyone has heard much of this music, just because you may have tired of the over-driven saw teethed synths and dark claustrophobic beats doesn't mean that artists out there making this kind of thing aren't turning out some awesome tracks. With this kind of open new fan attitude at the forefront of your blog brain have a listen to this great release from Pigoeon Mort, its free to download from Bandcamp and it's got a whole load of great remixes attached!


Friday, 3 February 2012

Curtis Vodka - Coral Records Splash0005

Super PLUR vibes and nu to old skool references in this totally on point new release from Coral Records Internazionale. A split digital release from Curtis Vodka and Unknown it's a breakbeat rave classic with full on Jungle ambitions while all the time keeping the #Seapunk vibe alive with a watery spaced out sample-tastic hyper vocal thing going on. Go get it for $5 from Bandcamp.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cuss Words - Best American guitar band of 2012

Grungy post-punk Shoe-gaze lo-fi punk with more soul and heart than you could find in a thousand days of searching Bandcamp and Soundcloud for good guitar bands. This is so unconscious and raw, emotional but way cool with it! 
Cuss Words creates the sound of perfect grungey punk hooks and choruses, fuzzed out and discordant at times, beautifully melodic and poised at others. This reminds of first hearing Cerebral Ballzy not because it is in any way similar but because it has that feel of a band very naturally creating a familiar sound in a very original way! 

Cuss Words sound is infused with Americana, with guitar noises and vocals that have strains of The Grateful Dead to Kurt Cobain to Pavement to even The Foo Fighters, but it's all so brilliantly loose and lo-fi, so warm and home-made. Jeffrey Lewis's City And Eastern Songs album with its punked out thrashy tracks is also a sonic reference that comes to mind as do the harmonies and quiet beauty of some old Neil Young.

The bands current location is Brooklyn but its members come from all over, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Canada and the band are unsigned at the moment; this needs to change quick -some UK Independent needs to get on this quick! This band is also a three piece which is just a such a winning combination, plus they have a female drummer! Win! 

Cuss Words EP is $5 from Bandcamp and I more than strongly encourage you to go buy it! It's a total winner!