Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cuss Words - Best American guitar band of 2012

Grungy post-punk Shoe-gaze lo-fi punk with more soul and heart than you could find in a thousand days of searching Bandcamp and Soundcloud for good guitar bands. This is so unconscious and raw, emotional but way cool with it! 
Cuss Words creates the sound of perfect grungey punk hooks and choruses, fuzzed out and discordant at times, beautifully melodic and poised at others. This reminds of first hearing Cerebral Ballzy not because it is in any way similar but because it has that feel of a band very naturally creating a familiar sound in a very original way! 

Cuss Words sound is infused with Americana, with guitar noises and vocals that have strains of The Grateful Dead to Kurt Cobain to Pavement to even The Foo Fighters, but it's all so brilliantly loose and lo-fi, so warm and home-made. Jeffrey Lewis's City And Eastern Songs album with its punked out thrashy tracks is also a sonic reference that comes to mind as do the harmonies and quiet beauty of some old Neil Young.

The bands current location is Brooklyn but its members come from all over, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Canada and the band are unsigned at the moment; this needs to change quick -some UK Independent needs to get on this quick! This band is also a three piece which is just a such a winning combination, plus they have a female drummer! Win! 

Cuss Words EP is $5 from Bandcamp and I more than strongly encourage you to go buy it! It's a total winner!

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