Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Lesson In Solace by Hexagon Sun & The Sepia Raven

You know that moment in deep space when the controls seize up and the ship starts into a degenerating barrel role that you know can only end up in you spiralling into the gas giant ahead, the hull torn to shreds by the encroaching rings of dust and rock that circle it in perpetuity, the solar wings blasted away, the power fails and all that's left is to burn up on the bright acidic atmosphere hurtling towards you at over 4000 miles an hour. You don't want to look, don't want to be think about it but somehow you cant tear your eyes away as the glass of the flight deck cracks and shudders glowing brightly in the new dawn as the ship burns away to nothing, a molten chaos of a meteor streaking across the feral sky of an unknown world. 

You know that one? Well Hexagon Sun and The Sepia Raven have collaborated in order to bring you the soundtrack for that moment. Called " A lesson In Sollace" it's an album out on Dataplex Records, a net-label based in Long Island, New York and it's free to download from Bandcamp.  

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