Saturday, 11 February 2012

Drrty Pharms

Drrty Pharms rocks from LA making Haunted Juke Minimal Wave Witch House sounds and describes their influences as love, disgust, shame, guilt, self-pity, romantic period classical, juke, sex, drama, death, Disney, occultism, black people, Freud, Bataille, The Torah, Nietzsche, Hitler, the cold, isolation, facebook, Burial, Glenn Branca, trauma, repression, Futurism. 

LOLs on a major scale, but its it nice and I like it and we can take it serious and get into it or just step back a bit appreciate the zeitgeist and laugh if we happen to be in the "chuckle" demographic. It's all free to download from Soundcloud. and this artist has loads of tracks on Bandcamp too! Like LOADS!

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