Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mechanimal - Un / Mobility

Pinnacles (Physical Therapy Remix)

Here's a great track, Physycal Therapy remixing the Peepholes song Pinnacles, turning it into a spaced out minimal grooving dubbed out wonder. The original is blinding enough as it is but this remix takes the band in a whole other direction. Both versions are below. which do you prefer?


Brillaint min-mix - Unbear ft. Diamond Witch, the V-DAY ABOMINATION MIX with a flash of genius track choice toward the end.. a dragged remix of Backstreet Boys - "Backstreets Back" slow and menacing as hell. Download from the Soundcloud player below.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fat White Family - Cream of the Young video


KVLT by KVLT is a fantastic ambient album, 5 tracks of pure perfect minimalised crystal sound, majestic piano inflections and glacial droning dirged out atmospherics to die for. Beautiful like a National Geographic photo of a crocus pushing through newborn snow that has been scruffed up and lost down the back of a dusty Victorian cabinet.

Brandon White's Cuss Words

Brandon White of Cuss Words is more prolific than anyone at the moment and the brilliant thing is he can write a great tune. This is classic guitar led psychedelic garage rock with tinges of country and folk in there too. Each and every track feels timeless and classic, the inflection of of vocals and guitar, the riffs, the production, the hooks its all beyond anything that's needed from simple self released records. 

This new album (14 tracks long) is under the title of "Brandon White's Cuss Words"  and you can buy it/download it from Bandcamp for $8.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Feature - Memory EP

The duo that is Feature make a great fuzzed out garage sound that is more about harmonies, tone, energy and bass heavy scrunching guitar sounds than it is about flat out garage surf tunes. This is textural and complex, garage extremists if you will similar to The Sticks if The Sticks had singing as a focus point. 

Feature crash and sway through tracks, it should be minimal but like other great guitar/drum duos like The White Stripes or such, they turn their two piece into something larger than themselves. 

This EP called Memory came out in October last year.

DJ Smurphy

Mexico Citys DJ Smurphy makes a sound that could be described with genres like hip hop, juke, trance-hall, gothic seapunk, anything like that. lol. But anyway its way good and even though one track reminds me of late era Prodigy that's a good thing rather than a negative. There's a lot of space and echo which brings to mind Zombelles EP which is a great evocation. Download the EP "Smurphwave" for free or 'name your price' from Bandcamp.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Yves Lokati - Luna Maris video

There's a nice description of the process of making this video: 

"The main idea was to throw pictures to the sound in a somehow synaesthetic way; five individuals, different as they are, "wrote" the script for it, without any ambition to actually tell a story in the classical way. Listening to the song, we asked ourselves some questions: What colour does that sound have? What pictures come to my mind? What situation would make that sound complete in a certain way? We collected items we associated with it, food that tastes like it, memories, thoughts, scents, feelings, and threw it all together. The result of that very interesting experiment surprised us in the way it reflects certain fragments of ourselves and how the visual and the sound together build a vibrant, living surreal universe."


Remixes from Hollow Press

The Hollow Press label has put out a great 32 track remix compilation which you can download for free from their Bandcamp. Check out their info about it:

"Friends of Hollow Press have contributed 32 incredible remixes on this free Bandcamp release. This compilation acts as a project from which artists can connect with other artists, and collaborate with creative minds from around the world. Included with this download is a PDF which features website links (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook) to all of the artists featured on this collection. With these links you can find out more about them, purchase their music, or even contact them for a collaboration. To everyone involved, I thank you immensely for your time and love."

Its a really good label with some awesome artists on its roster and this album is a great little endeavour. Definitely worth a listen.

Stendek - Touch (The album)

It came out a month ago but there's been no fanfare so I'm here to inform you of how good this debut album "Touch" by Stendek is. It's brilliant. Amazing production, beautiful sounds, epic scales, wondrous tracks. Killer electronical ambient slow rave magic. It's available to buy from his Bandcamp here. Well worth it. Stendek is an audio -visual project from Poland and one of my favourite finds of last year, with his single and accompanying video for the track Touch being one of the best things of last year. Big things, big things!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Goreshit​ & ​Vaenus

Sunday afternoon 2013 Breakcore anyone? But wait hey come back its really good this time, intense blind driving drum'n bass, totaly over drawn and raging but with some great atmospherics throughout so its not just balls out head ache inducing grind.

Artists are Goreshit and Vaenus and the record is on Hakai Suru Recordings available to downlaod for free on their Bandcamp. 

InSIDE — Plink Flojd

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Keel Her - Riot Grrrl

'Riot Grrl' 7 inch by Keel Her released by Critical Heights and re-recorded especially for the occasion by Tye Die Tapes. "Witness KEEL HER come out of the bedroom and into the studio with two slices of fuzz-pop gold, including b-side 'You Would Be So Grossed Out If I Did That" Go buy at Critical Heights here.

Ace garage pop perfectly designed for a 7 inch single, mentions of summer and gratuitous swearing abound and you can sing along like its an anthem or something.

More Ana Caprix tracks.

New Ana Caprix tracks and mini mix, sleazy post RnB mixed with epic slo-mo trash dance. Quality on new levels. Smooth and brutal at the same time like being drowned in Tango Still. Free downloads at Soundcloud. Also check out the Ana Caprix tumblr. 

Friday, 22 February 2013

Illustrated People spring/summer 2013


It starts so slow you'll think your speakers aren't working but then it gets going and grinds and howls its way into the room, slow, spiralling and ancient. Caustic ambient drone for late winter afternoons. This is a two part single collaboration between two artists, Fake Blood Universe and Apollo Vermouth and its called Blackwash. Download for free at Bandcamp here.

Kali Uchis - Table For Two Video


Here's a great new Fifty Grand track - Lex Talioni$. Whispered vocal threats and a brilliant dirty little beat and groove all the way through. Quality sexy slow dance track. Download for free from the Soundcloud player below.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Disclosure - White Noise ft. AlunaGeorge

Odd video as its pretty good but seemingly disconnected from the vibe of the track which is simply amazing! Perfect vocals. 

Horror Vacui

Horror Vacui make gothic, post punk, new wave Italian death punk and hail from from Bolgna. They wear all black and rock out. The three tracks online are really really good. They've jut been touring France and Spain. That is all. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013



Chalk is like a Seapunk flirting artist from Miami making tropical dance music for URL minds. Check out his Soundcloud for some free downloads.


Arbee is from Quebec and creates truly ambient soundscapes, quiet, minimal and considered. Sometimes a loose beat filters its way into a track but often its a world of spaced beauty and free floating noise. Check out this artists Bandcamp for a huge range of quality records to download.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Entertainment are a great new band from London with an insanely catchy guitar led sound that hauls up thoughts of all types of influences from late era Brit Pop bands, all the way to the more melodic moments from post rock giants ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and back again. Check out this new track Moving In The Right Way produced by the sonically uber gifted Rory Attwell. You can download this track for free from their Soundcloud.

Kitty Crimes - Find A Penny video

Vagina Vangi

Vagina Vangi were Russian a band that appeared around the same time as Witch House arose, they made some amazing tunes then disappeared off the radar a bit. Well if you want here are their two EPs from 2010 and 2011 - now up on Bandcamp. A mix of Witch House, Electro, Nu Metal and chart dubstep, very very epic sounding, and really good. They should be releasing a new record soon.

Weekend Mu

Electro-clash-punk-synth-pop tracks by a band called Weekend Mu...

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tannhauser Gate - Obsession video

Debut music video for the brilliant Cape Town EBM duo Tannhauser Gate. Filmed,directed and edited by David van Rensburg


This is good, really good, straight out and out Shoegaze by a band called Mansion, a London duo. Both songs on their Soundcloud are available to download for free. go check out their Facebook page too.


Total cheese on loop for ever, Nostalgia by Powercut. 80s sax solo smooth dance magic times ten.

This next track by Powercut is equally smooth 80s but like, more california games, and more pacific surf swell over atari love handles.

Friday, 15 February 2013

pariah - signal loss video

Ben Aqua "Stupid Hoe"

Sarang 16 by Fire Coral

I swear to you the artwork for this track above is a magic eye picture and if you stare long enough you see a sail boat, go on try and see it! This is a new track by Fire Coral, a synth throbbing little jerker of a number that bounce along. Go quick and download it for free from soundcloud now!

Power Lunches

Resonance FM show "Power Lunch" just gave me a lovely shout out, their show is ace, check it out!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Constellation Jodorowsky

"Constellation Jodorowsky" is an intimate documentary on the life of one of the greatest artists of our time, Alejandro Jodorowsky. This is not a typical biopic, but rather a self-analysis by the artist, who also has testimonials from Fernando Arrabal, Peter Gabriel, Marcel Marceau and Jean Giraud, among others. A film about film, spirituality, comics, music, mime and tarot. Considered as the best audiovisual introduction to the life and work of this visionary master.


Aural Sects is a net label releasing a never ending stream of high quality releases, its almost to hard to keep up with all their content, this album "Virescit Vulnere Virtus" is from a brilliant progressive/ambient-Black Metal band called Wolcnum. Six tracks of killer atmospherics, epic wall of sound grinding synths and doom laden vocals. Download it for free from Bandcamp now.


L.A boy/girl producer duo Peachblack make brilliant depressing 80s esque synth darkwave electro, their new track is Push & Pull and it's awesome... but its not a free download wtf! :(

Monday, 11 February 2013


What is it with people creating extensive fan-made music videos, these are great by the way...


Dark industrial electronic black metal sounding downbeat, abrasive and beautiful in its extremis. The artist is called ∆TILLL∆ and the EP III is available to download from Bandcamp for free.

South African Witch House

I miss Witch House, it was fun being part of a exciting online community creating great music, concepts and imagery. Maybe that's why I like this new track by South African artist Boolz. Quality dirge and drone, echo, fuzz, creepy sound effects and trashed beats.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Classic Plastic - Bucket And Spade Escapade

Here's the latest music video I directed, for the Brighton band Classic Plastic. VHS rich and '90s style.

エクスプローラ ETERNAL

エクスプローラ ETERNAL and グラマラス {REBORN 2013} a killer remix if ever there was one. Download it from Soundcloud for free now.

Lebanon Hanover

Skinny Girl Diet

Albums are designed to keep you down, to keep you at home listening quietly for an hour or so, albums are an opium kosh. Singles are a line of speed, they are about the now, they hit you up with instant engagement, no singles have to "grow on you", they are for going out, on the move, songs for action and life. Singles are revolutionary, albums are the the prison you need to break out of... Eps on the other hand are little manifestos for life.

Thanks to Bill Drummond's recent critique of Classic Albums for these ideas.

With All this in mind here is a great all girl punk band with influences from Riot Grrrl and Grunge and all manner of immediate vital sounds. The band are Skinny Girl Diet, they're from London and they play fast and just about keep up. It slays. Download what you want from their Soundcloud. Support you local girl gang.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tensnake - Total %100 '90s vibe

The Prince Is Coming.

Listen to this! A new araabMUSIK track, The Prince Is Coming. Really nice.

EP2 from Chapel Yard

This is a split EP on the Chapel Yard label out of Yorkshire featuring the bands Paper Dollhouse and Raining Leaf. Atmospheric ambient drone and loose experimental noise. Quiet and beautiful at times and a good remedy from worrying you're not doing enough, stop, listen and envelope the sound. Download for free from Bandcamp.

DORCELSIUS - Magic Spermaids

Monday, 4 February 2013

MS MR - Fantasy video

Fatima Al Qadiri - Ghost Raid - Art + Music - MOCAtv x Fade to Mind #1

Skeleton Lipstick

Philadelphia's Skeleton Lipstick have released their début 10-track album 'Glows Then Melts' available to download from Airline Tapes Bandcamp. An album of 80's horror sounds merged with summer haze and synth warmed sunshine. Slow fuzzed out downtempo with glimmering electro moments.