Wednesday, 31 August 2011

King Dude - Tonight's Special Death LP

Very few are as good as King Dude, this one man unstoppable neo-folk machine forged in the deep pine forests and forgotten mountains of some long lost aeon can do no wrong in my opinion. The latest votive offering for fans ears to consume is an LP called Tonight's Special Death and is released 10th September this year on Avant Records, so not long!
Tonight Special Death is full of warmth and analogue clutter, echoes tumbling through pagan halls of the elders, reverberating off the armour of long dead Chieftains buried in the barrows and hills of the Downlands, strummed guitars like larks high above in beached blue skies oblivious to the history below, laments and howls emanating from dry cracked lips.
King Dude is about to embark upon a short European tour starting in Belgium on 3rd September go see him!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Fire For Effect - Bahrain video

I'm away for a few days this week so dont expect too much until Tuesday, anyway here is Fire Fore Effects video for he track Bahrain.. killer vhs distortion, anime, hackers and crazy shit!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fire For Effect

This is awesome times 2012 how has it taken this long to discover Fire For Effect!! No like seriously!! Any artist that describes themselves so perfectly for me must actually be living in my head and not be real, cop a read of this: "Fire For Effect is... dark nights, dusky maidens, future raves, full moon beach parties, desert stars, vine hung horizons, industrial wastelands, cyberspace djs, high tech mecha demon magic, ethnobotanical basslines, dark crystal messiahs, teenaged gothic anime love affairs, stinging auras, fungal fantasy house, nautical elves, and voidic charms." THAT COULD DESCRIBE THIS BLOG!
Expect more Fire For Effect posts in the future.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Maria Minerva: Riff Trade video

"Ruff Trade" starring Maria Minerva & Xhai Middleton. Directed and edited by Joonatan Allandi. Special thanks to Marek Chorzepa. From the CD/LP 'Cabaret Cixous' on Not Not Fun Records.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Official music video for the track Prism Portraits by MYTHS

LoOmis -Vellocet EP

LoOmis makes sleepy dreamy experimental maf indie that could be label as chillwave via shoegaze etc. Slow and beautiful it's a great warm hug of a sound. Coming from New Orleans LoOmis is currently an experimental analog recording project from Patrick Bailey of New Orleans based instrumental math rock band Smiley With A Knife. You can hear the warm Southern swamps and flatlands in there its great. Download the EP Vellocet from Bandcamp now.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Pyramids Of Mu - Rave Evar 2.

Always blog Pyramids Of Mu ad infinitum. Here's the second mixtape of the day, I know when do you have the time to listen ay? Well just copy it onto an old tape and leave it on a wall outside a school somewhere, might inspire the kids. Rave-Evar 2 a new mix - download its ravetastic beauty from Soundcloud now.

Enigma - Mea Culpa (KLF Remix)
Arkanoid - No Problem
808 State - Cubik
Ibiza - Box Bass
Blame - Music Takes You
Ibiza - AMUzone Trek
Jaydee - Plastic Dream
Moby - Go MU
Bizarre inc - Playing with Knives
CLONE INC. - Keep The Groove
CUBIC 22 - Rave the Reflex
Shamen - L.S.I
HI TEK 3 - Come On MU And Dance
Northside - Shall We Take A Trip
Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (club mix)


Here's a fun get the party started little MEGAMIX from J+J+J. Who's J+J+J? Joanna plus Johnny plus Jesus of course. Download from Soundcloud here. Blam.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ - Never trust a klingon (Zombie Rave Mix)

ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ - Never trust a klingon (Zombie Rave Mix)off of the forthcoming Zombie Rave 6 mixtape out soon. This track is available to download from Soundcloud but limited to 100 downloads.. be really quick!

ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ - Never trust a klingon (Zombie Rave Mix) by matersuspiriavision

ʄ≜uxmuℭica: Live At Club ℭilencio.

Video Directed and Produced by Yorba Zergot. Music performed and written by ʄ≜uxmuℭica. Filmed by Jarod Curtis. Go grab the Industrial Noise thing that ʄ≜uxmuℭica is from Bandcamp now, Live At Club ℭilencio is the new release; intense, awkward, noisy and abrasive, channelling some long dead machine spirit through the broken synth of life.


Prog, psyche, trance, funk, jam rock, stomping, wall of sound, wah and scream guiatr solo past future sound from a band called Goat... "Most far-out band in the world! From Gothenburg, Sweden but with roots in darkest Africa.Some rumours say that they are illegal immigrants making music while hiding from the police." Whatevs but this is just brilliant!

Secondhand Discolights

Secondhand Discolights.... this band take the Chillwave warm analogue synth path and manage to push in some really great original vocals and arrangements, this is not another Washed Out/Memory Tapes inspired rip off, its got a fully rounded sound part indie part hipster chillwaving. Really good. There isn't much to go on online other than this is a British band/project/artist and they have a Soundcloud. go grab the two free downloads of of their and keep an eye out for more Secondhand Discolights.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pictureplane - Real Is A Feeling

For some reason I didnt blog this when it came out..

New free Tash Willmore track.

It's dj-able and its next level without announcing it to the world.. Tash Willmore has a new track up on Soundcloud which you can download for free. These Eyes is a great post rave sounding glittering high end dark grime track all full of wonder and light and intense fog. go download it now!

These Eyes by ᴛᴀsʜ ᴡɪʟʟᴍᴏʀᴇ

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Diamond Black Hearted Boy free EP.

New EP called "e" from Diamond Black Hearted Boy, Richmonds minimal noise and art, electronic cut and mix, R&B squelching, internet stroking king of vague psi dub and introspective bad trips. Its free to download from Bandcamp and to listen to on your own, lost in a tent at a festival somewhere at 3am, its cold and the visions are passing but you cant find your feet, where is everyone else, can I remove these headphones they seem glued in place, what was that, is this my tent, what day is this?

Monday, 15 August 2011

Yunō - Disney World

Unouomedue has been having a dream, Its dream that sounds really good!... "This is the first song from my new side project, Yunō. It’s based off of a reoccurring dream I’ve been having about going to Disney World. The artwork also represents the dream. I’m not sure exactly what this project really is, but it’s fun." - Uno Yu-No (unouomedude) go download the track for free from Bandcamp.

Age Of Consent - The Beach video.

I like to think I helped this band take off when I blogged them last year.. lol.
This is a great video by Gareth Phillips from NTSH London.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Story Of Isaac change to Crim3s.

The band previously know as Story Of Isaac have finally changed their name after it was given to them by Ethan from Crystal Castles. They are now to be known as Crim3s. Its always weird when bands change names but this really works and marks a split from their more Witch House past to bigger things for sure. It also seems a good name in the wake of all the recent London riots, looting and various crim activity. We should also hopefully be seeing a new video from them soon as well. In the mean time there is a new remix from them of the YouLoveHerCosShesDead track Sunday Best. Go "like" their new page on Facebook here.

Fostercare's new EP Stray.

2011's Post Rave/Slow House sounds from the likes of Pictureplane, Story Of Isaac, oFF, Teengirl Fantasy, Tash Willmore, High Park, Micro Naps, Stoned Boyz etc now gets another top up with Fostercare's latest EP Stray. Available from Bandcamp for "name your price" its a blinding piece of weirdness hip hop and 2012 rave, with track titles like I Ate The Knife and Bling A Bitch. This EP is the first of 5 he is going to release over the next year.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Cubic Zircona

This band like to call their music Ethnic Disco... I don't like that description but I do like the band. Cubic Zircona are a three piece from NYC and their sound is a tropical hip hop and electro slow grind sooth mix of perfect next level shit... brilliant and really quite camp it jams its way through a world living by rules from back in '92 but using them to create 2012 sounds with ease. So good.I just totally missed these guys when they played in Brighton last week.. I also just missed Washed Out and I'm going to miss Grimes tonight all due to being way poor. Lame.

Free track Lucid In The Sky available here.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Micro Naps - Switchblade Witch

Micro Naps own brand of Witch House is full 2011 and beyond, already carving a brilliant electronic cave of sound from amidst the rubble and fallen Masons of 2010s Witchian explosion Micro Naps is back after only a few months abstinence from the neon tinged limelight with a new release, an 11 track album called Switchblade Witch which is available for "name your price" ie "free" from Bandcamp. Great stuff, that rolls and cavorts with all kinds of sounds, dark and devilish, midnight electronica from beyond the pale veil, screwgaze and amphetamines in dark circles under your eyes. Not fully next level but as close as one can be happy with.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Pictureplanes new video for Negative Slave!!

Blissed Out gets remixed by Ritualz -internet implodes

Post raver 2012 occult shit, real as, next level, collaboration of the year finally dropping, hell yeah! Download here.

O.M.G video..

O.M.G is extremely obscure. Here is O.M.G

Alpha Couple: WHNZ:27:NJNYC

Alpha Couple have a new EP out and available to download for free. This band keep surprising and this EP is in equaly great release, get it here.
"WHNZ:27:NJNYC was recorded in New Jersey, New York and Toronto, Ontario between March and July 2011. It features field noise and samples recorded by Alpha Couple during their US tour, and samples from Toronto radio stations. Two tracks, 15 Americans (Rothko on the Other Side of the Room) and Jasper Johns, are remixes of songs that appear on Alpha Couple's previous release, Stalingrad. These remixes are a reaction to finding, during a time of deep disturbance, a Rothko painting hanging across the room from a Jasper Johns painting in the the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Many samples on WHNZ:27:NJNYC are taken from an answering machine tape found in a junk shop in Manhattan's Chinatown."

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Purity Ring - Lofticries

Video for the song "Lofticries" by Purity Ring. Footage is from a 1970's Swedish film called "Thriller: A Cruel Picture."
Go check their Soundcloud and Tumblr. Plus there is a free download to grab of their song Ungirthed here. Ungirthed is also available on 7" vinyl via PureGroove here. Pitchfork love this, its all subtle beats and soft and little post Witchian sounds, when that vocal comes in its just full on beautiful, 2012 next level shit. Go get it, rep it like crazy.

SE▲PUNK summer sounds.

So Zombelle & Myrrh Ka Ba have collaborated for an EP of seapunk called Tropicult out on Tundra. Come to the party beach towel in hand, sea blue hair across your face, expecting slow and low tropical dub, heard through the bejazzled ear of a conch shell, sexual leanings strained through palm frond buckets, drugs on the beach, eyes half closed, sinlight, sex wave, SE▲PUNK. $3.33 to download from Bandcamp.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sewer Greats Compilation 2.

Here's the new Sewer Greats Compilation album, Volume II.

"NEW JUKE SHIT WORLDWIDE, AMDISCS/Sewage Tapes would like to present the second in a series of compilation mixtapes, featuring exclusive tracks from around the globe of bluish Earth. Donations go towards the physical releases."

There is some awesome stuff on here, Pariah Carey, KYNAN, Fire For Effect, Teams, Glass Popcorn. Its free to download but as they say donations go towards the actual physical release.

Blood Orange - video for Sutphin Boulevard

Friday, 5 August 2011

31 albums by Alphabets.

There are just some cities that are winners at different times and Denver home to Pictureplane amongst others is at the moment really winning. Here is a band from Denver called Alphabets... they are really really prolific... just check out the landing page of their Bandcamp! Just choose a cover you like the look of and click through to download for a nominal price of two dollars an album... there are 31 albums/EPs in just three years it seems, all with awesome artwork and tons of tracks! Label under experimental electronic dance pop.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bee Eyes free download.

Bee Eyes are great, I know very little but this dreamy glo-fi pop really wins, rainy summer days inside getting stoned with girls, playing guitars, putting on scratched up vinyl and drawing pictures on the floor I guess is the demographic activity for this band. Awesome stuff. Go to Soundcloud to download a load of free tracks and go to Bandcamp to download the demos EP for free as well. This is some great lo-fi really catchy pop tunes go get them and listen.

Bee Eyes - Dream Car (Demo) by Bee Eyes Bee Eyes - Dasma Girl by Bee Eyes

Papercutz remix of Sun Glitters.

Beautiful track here; the Papercutz remix of Sun Glitters - Love Me. Out on UFOLK Records.
Drifting glacial sunshine though crystal disco balls, Everest Rave, mesospheric post rave. You can download it over at XLR8R

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Mishka Fall Lookbook video - Directed by me!


This band pushes next level with some heavy lifting sonic vehicles, I.R.O.K which stands for; THE INTERGALACTIC REPUBLIC OF KONGO are "Contagious and violent psychotropic afro-punk." But like this stuff rushes head-on occupying somewhere just ahead of Rainbow Arabia and attacking that Moroccan alt headland from a synth sucking rhythm breathing angle last seen emanating from a band like Asian Dub Foundation but not them. Kick ass!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Post coital sunshine breaking sounds from ORIG∆MI.

This is good. ORIG∆MI is a 17 year old kid currently living in The Hague. He makes the most brilliant quiet Chillwave inspired sounds, all drifting and glacial summers, his first EP is called The Rapture and it is just brilliant, he describes it as being about "beauty, giant space monsters, bitches and places to feel comfortable in. Oh yeah, it's also about death and destruction... kinda." This is the stuff to listen to post Washed Out and Toro Y Moi, listen to those guys and end up partying all night in a feild somewhere, then space out at dawn to ORIG∆MI. Beautiful.
The EP is free to download from Bandcamp and is well worth listening to, blogging and generally telling all your friends about.

Actual Pain: All Of Them Witches Lookbook video

Monday, 1 August 2011

Tidal Raves forever, Chillwaves never!

lyfelessbi†ch chopped and screwed mixes.

Lyfelessbi†ch, just some Detroit Soundcloud girl doing the Drag remix thing but with what sounds like some great MC overdubs, chopped 'n screwed, and slowed down tagged with "fuckkkupz // evil shit // swagged out 2 the maximum" All weed and purple drank, infinite scrolling and Salem. Good and mental. All free downloads. Blam. Tumblr too.

guilty666pleasure x gvcci hvcci (slw edit) by lyfelessbi†ch