Friday, 22 March 2013

New track from Fifty Grand

Nice new track by Boston's Fifty Grand. An acoustic feeling slow hip hop number, with a mellow warbling plucked string melody riffing along in the background throughout. Keep an eye on this artist!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lonely Boys - Daylight video

Dux Content - Lifestyle

DOWNLOAD DUX CONTENT'S NEW ALBUM "LIFESTYLE" - NEW FOR 2013. Download for free HERE. Some intense digital life soundtracks for the hard of feeling.


End Of The World 3 (Ancient Ones) by Curswords is some heavy, epic shit! Deep, low and grinding with some hard beats giant witchian synth dirges, it kicks along at a relentless rolling pace like a landslide in slow motion ripping through an Atlanta strip club. Blam! Download for free from Bandcamp now.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Fokkawolfe - Mixtape #1 (New Guitars)

So here is the first ever Fokkawolfe Mixtape. I don't know why I hadn't got around to making one before but anyway here it is, a curated selected of some great new guitar bands spanning new shoegaze, britpop, punk, grunge, extreme garage and whatever, all from the last three years, most from the last six months and a lot from bands local to Brighton or London. 

Download the 50 plus minutes of constant brilliance from mediafire here.

Track Listing: 

Do You Feel What I Feel Deer

Do You Feel What I Feel Deer create multi layered, multi instrumental folk with as much atmosphere and rich psychedelic Wicker Man style intensity as you can shake a stick at. Made up in part from members of that equally mesmeric band Milk & Biscuits, Do You Feel What I Feel Deer occupy a more quiet and jewel like sonic realm that lulls you into a warm twilight meadow of choral wonder. Download "Beat Glorious Heart" for free from Bandcamp.

Anna Heat - R Fleet video

From The Land To The Sea

New lo-fi garage punk revival sounds from the UK in the shape and form of Furrow and Ancient Times with a split release tape and mini zine on the Coastal Wizards record label. Excellent, really excellent music. Proper energy, solid, real, cool as fuck. I think there's only 1 tape left to buy so go look quick!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

New album from TEAMS

A new album from Teams dropped a few weeks ago! Called Sierra City Center (Diamond Club) it seems a bit more abrasive than his normal smooth chill sound, the slow grooving beats and warm synths are still there but its all gone a bit more disjointed and dirty, more fuzzed up and distorted. There's also a hell of a lot of great Prince style guitar soloing going on! Its an interesting move and there seems to be more vocals on this album too which is nice. Buy/Download it from Bandcamp.

Teams is also playing tonight in Paris if you can get there... The poster is below: 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

April Larson

Fuzzed out drone and noise, awash with buzzing, aching, slow grinding mountains of enormous sonic stature. The soundtrack to the grinding of the giant cogs upon which the planets sun and moon rotate around the earth. 

"April Larson is the representative of a tribe of nāga located along the coast of Louisiana. She listens to music through customized headphones with speakers placed along the jaw and translates music into sense-data through a collection of three interlaced brains. She continues her research in oneironautic listening and regularly delivers lectures on relevant tone-clusters to beehives and ghosts."

Download from the Bandcamp.

Life's Shit

Friday, 15 March 2013


Vision Fantom - Eternity 2000


South African post RnB artist Sadhands, who now seems to be called Crueler, has a new EP/demo out called "I As Dancing While She Was Dying". Its a glacial epic, clouded and minimal, lost in echo and distance, half heard vocals, almost at a stand-still beats and a constant sound-scape of low grinding drone and atmosphere. Its part of a sound that has artists from The Weeknd to oFF Love as members, fogged out post RnB epically slow and sensual, drifting beats and ghost tweaked vocals. Download for free from Bandcamp.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Melanchosmic garage folk sounds, and garage in the proper use of it rather than meaning indie. Sweetbreads is an electronic project by one Thom Dinsdale, its a quiet instrumental atmospheric wonderland crafted from choice sounds and simple building sonic landscapes, sometimes full on instrumentation and rough DIY other times ambient drifting beatscapes fill the track. Folktronica is a dirty dirty word but it could be whispered quietly in this case. Great stuff go check it all out on his Soundcloud.

Foals, Late Night.. epic dark and fucked up.


Fucking cool video, modern equivalent of finding awesome videos of 80s new wave synth bands on YouTube. Cheap lo-fi and captivating.

Monday, 11 March 2013

▲more - Lisova pisnya (Forest song)

inc. - Angel (Roman Kov Bootleg)

New track by Roman Kov, set the slow minimal moody chill factors to eleven, lie back and bliss out. Free download to be grabbed from Soundcloud.

New No Bra!

No Bra were and still are totally brilliant, full stop no limits that's a musical fact. Thing is I've never followed what they do other than to see the occasional tour listing and hearing the odd fantastic track. Suddenly Soundcloud comes alive with joy as here they are, their knowing industrial, spoken word, minimalist sounds are over the top good. Blaam! Tots love. Listen.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday video watch

The fantastic Fear Of Men and their latest video. Want to make a video with these guys so much.

Electro Noir god Future Cop with a great video from the guy who runs the Fuckyeah1990s Tumblr using clips from Vanilla Ices movie... he did a movie WTF!

A slow sensuous RnB dirge that will get so stuck in your head from newbie Indiana and her well ace track Bound.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Horse Head

I like Horse Head and what's not to like, Californian, chill but not wavy, blissed out and alternative, psychedelic RnB vibes, smooth sampled crooning pearls of joy, very much in the same sonic area as another great Teams. 

This reminds me of the best that was Chillwave in 2010, spilling out from sun drenched minds in places all over the States, although California was a bit of a hub. I planned to go on a "blog tour" that year, kind of like a DIY band tour but without the shows, just me turning up and blogging chillwave bands gigs and staying with them for a day or so. It would have been ace. Taking trains and buses everywhere as I never learnt how to drive, catching lifts from place to place, doing fuck all out on a beach somewhere, drinking mexican beers and chatting with newly formed bands about vintage synths. 

You can download the last two Horse Head EPs for free from Bandcamp. Love Theme and The Green 1.

Also go check out the Soundcloud page for the latest tracks. And there are so many new tracks all the time.

Beach House - Wishes video

Exotic Club

People still love making synth dark wave punk stuff and Portland's Exotic Club is no exception. Download their track Drunk Ass for free from their Soundcloud and check out their new sexually charged track "Stars, Asteroids, Moons &Comets".

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Zebra Katz - Y I Do

Soda Fabric - Swim

Here's the excellent Soda Fabric and their 'few days fresh' just released second single from their forthcoming  debut e.p "Tears on the beach". The track is called Swim and you can download it for free from their Bandcamp.

New Whitley track.

Here's a new track from British Seapunk producer Whitely teaming up with "fresh-on-the-scene geezer" Liquid Passion. A bouncing dolphin friendly squealer of a jam that raves on into the night and is free to download from Soundcloud. Grab it from the Soundcloud player below.

XANDER HARRIS - Night Fortress video

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Peers - Night Driving

Peers are a great guitar band already getting hit up by the NME for their ace demo single Night Driving, a rip roaring anthemic roar of mournful exaltation.  Download it while you can from their Soundcloud here.


Been meaning to blog some more xxyyxx, for a while the Bandcamp page has been bookmerked and then the Mishks bloglin goes and beets me to a "late to the party"post. Damn. Anyway check this artist out and believe or go home. Also the album also called xxyyxx is free to download if you so wish and you really should.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bleached - Next Stop video

Raju Arara

004 by Raju Arara, a throbbing drone filled soundscape, glittering with promised beats and inferred melody. It was available to buy on tape from Hare Akedod a home of "Limited Edition Cassettes and Electro-Acoustic Improvisation Rituals" where trades are welcome. But its sold out. You can however download it for free and you really should if you like this kind of thing.

Magic Fades

New track from Portlands Magic Fades - "Lets Do It '97" a collaboration with Siddiq (dj/producer/rapper from Houston, Texas) 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Sulk - Flowers video (Brit Pop 2.0)

Drowning The Colossus

Drowning The Colossus is the dark psychedelic witch-punk influenced electronic project of Zach Schoenblatt and David Goldfarb out of Miami. Check out this latest track remixed by  they've labelled DMT House. Downloads and stuff from Soundcloud.

Psychic Rites

Psychic Rites by Psychic Rites. This record came out just before Xmas on the Aural Sects label and is fantastic and deserving of a bit more notice I think. It's brilliantly produced, dark, droning, electro synth pop from Japan, with great vocals and great song structures, I'm so used to this kind of thing being instrumental and formless that when it has proper songs and shape it just comes alive so well. Download the whole album for free from the always overly generous Aural Sects Bandcamp. (oh and it also reminds me at points, in some way, of Of Montreal.. somehow.)