Saturday, 27 February 2010

Babe Rainbow, Shaved.

Just a quick post here:

Babe Rainbow - Shaved from Salazar on Vimeo.

Babe Rainbow is one man and his laptop making ace tuneage from out of Canada on Warp Records. This video is just killer so I had to post it. Go to his Myspace for all the rest of his equally off the hook videos!
Other Babe Rainbow linkage:

Friday, 26 February 2010

Princes new song Vs Flight Of The Conchords

New Prince track!
Cant help thinking it sounds like a Flight of The Conchords song. That isnt a bad thing mind!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Chillwave,Mexican Summer and the best event at SXSW this year!

Chillwave, either it was for boring stoner girls or the best thing to happen to 2009. Chillwave annoyed the hell out of the kind of people who say they hate hippies but was also loved, blogged and shared by a very wide range of people.

The bands that fit the genres parameters would never have been as well known if this had all happened five years ago, blogs and general internet love-ins have made these bands, well not big but at least widely circulated, heard, known and loved.
Chillwaves Wiki entry informs you of a bunch of amusing facts about the scene check it out here.

This collaborative South By SouthWest all day event that the poster to the left shows is being put on by champions of Chillwave Mexican Summer Records and Gorilla Vs Bear on the 19th March and the line up is an amazing who's who of the genre!

Memory Tapes,
Washed Out,
Pearl Harbour,
Best Coast,
The Golden Filter,
Real Estate,
Eternal Summers,
Dum Dum Girls,
The Mantles,
The Sandwitches,
Mountain Man,
The Young,
The Bitters,

Just Googling the first four will spam your brain with enough blissed out vibes to last for days!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Late Of The Pier, Best In Class alternate edit!

I found this alternate edit of the Late Of The Pier "Best In Class" video while trawling the internet for new music!!

This edit (Directed by Steve Glashier and Sam Potter) is made from the footage shot on the day of the main filming and is for the cast and crew. The official video includes footage shot by Sam Potter on a previous shoot.

This version has a different feel, its in a higher resolution thankfully and is it me or is it vaguely more erotic? A friend insists that the girl who is miming to the song all the way through is actually one of Late Of The Pier made up really well to look like a girl? Its not true but he's an idiot! Great casting!! I found the video from this site.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Late Of The Pier, Best In Class video!

First shown on Dazed Digital this is the video for Late Of The Piers double A side, Best In Class, (to be released 1st March on vinyl and for download.)
Wish this had been uploaded to YouTube in a higher format, Its so low rez for an official vid.
This is the bands new, own Label Zarcorp, well its their store link so you can buy the vinyl when it comes out!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Glasser, UK tour dates!!

So.. Glasser who I blogged about on 2nd February is releasing Tremel as a 12" on Young Turks. Its out on the 29th March in the UK. With a bunch of remixes. But proceeding that she's touring here! First there's a gig with Is Tropical on the 4th March, then five dates supporting The XX!!

There is/was so little info about this artist that I never thought she would be hitting up this country!

photo by Chloe Aftel

These are the tour dates:

4th March - Lexington, London supporting Is Tropical
5th March - Academy 2, Birmingham supporting
The XX
6th March - Academy 2, Manchester supporting
The XX
8th March - Stylus, Leeds supporting
The XX
9th March - Studio 24, Edinburgh supporting
The XX
10th March - Kazimer, Liverpool supporting
The XX

Here again is the video for Tremel (though I imagine as it is now being released another one might be on the cards!)

Thomas White, The Last Blast.

Thomas Whites album The Maximalist is out in March, all stonking Who vibes and warm fuzzadelia, crazy ass drums and in a wondefully indie way the phrase "concept album" without it seeming wrong!
His first single off the album (the video of which I helped out on) is called
The Last Blast and is up for free download from his site.
Album excitement for sure!!

I was there to see him play an amazing set at The Prince Albert in Brighton on the 12th Feb.
The Myspace is full of more info and will let you know about any more upcoming gigs. (As of posting there are none announced in the pipeline!)

Please skip through the annoying embedded advert. I think the button for which is in the top right corner.

Thomas White on MUZU

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Turbowolf are in Kerrang!!

Turbowolf are in Kerrang!!
Bristols disco metal powerthirst of a punk band get a whole page and interview!
These guys are brilliant so you have to go see them as soon as you can, no excuses!
The EP is coming in March and then the album later in the year!

Here's the bands blog covering the Kerrang experience.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Bird Eats Baby, new video!!

Brightons very own, very brilliant Bird Eats Baby have a new self made video out!

Big sonic feelings of 70s greats, Hunky Dory era Bowie, early Queen etc. The same way that Muse get that element in there but doing it in a totally different way.

Sinister anthemic cabaret built for a far bigger stage than they yet occupy. But as this is a band very much doing it themselves and creating amazing things with a big on-line, constantly updated, DIY presence its only a matter of time before it will cost an arm and a leg to get into one of their shows!


Their next gig is an acoustic set at The Hope on the 8th April.

Friday, 5 February 2010


This is how the stickers look that I just got printed.

Look out for them about town as I'm giving them to a bunch of people!

But if you're reading this then you already know about the blog!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Liebeharts, New Unary Poem EP.

Liebeharts is a project by ex My Name Is Red singer Chris Liebe-Hart.

This is a big sound, a vocal lead emotional electro pop experience, 80s snare and squelching bass throbs, angst on the dancefloor but enough of a beat to keep you more than dancing! Dark shoegaze electro discoballs!

He has an EP of his track "New Unary Poem" out on 22nd February, on City Wall Records, which has three more than okay remixes in the prog house mood accompanying it. Although the single itself is more than enough to get you on the dancefloor.

Punters, check him out and promoters, put him on!