Thursday, 31 March 2011



Cat Throat: Nebula LP.

This is an artist called Cat Throat and I dont really know anything about him/her/them. But their album Nebula it is REALLY good! Googling or Facebooking them wont help either I've tried, anyway no matter these guys are awesome, its squelchy dreamy well written glo-fi dream pop, then goes darker and more electronic and electro-ish. Way cool,
The blurb on their Bandcamp reads: "This album was recorded in the month of February 2011. Each song was written and recorded within one night, with the exception of layering. The songs are played in the order of which they were created." Go get the album for only three dollars from their Bandcamp now!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Orange Blossom Flyover

Screw the H8rz Chillwave doesn't stop!
Orange Blossom Flyover is an artist doing some beautiful things and I'm so glad he emailed me his EP Fast Reverse. This is spacey, mellow pop that reminds me as much of Blackbird Blackbird as it does Maria Minerva or even Billy Corgan, in fact very Billy Corgan at points, drum machines and blissed out vocals, and hey there's some great electric guitar in there as well but it really fits, so its not just a analogue synth plug-in extravaganza.
Get the EP and a bunch of his other tracks for free from Bandcamp.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Premier: Teehn Bwitches - Wicked Dr (Instrumental edit)

Teehn Bwitches - Wicked Dr (Instrumental mix) from Laurence Dean on Vimeo.


A great collaboration/remix here: Tape 3000 and WIK▲N - UR LUV SONG (WIK▲N REMIX) Download free from Soundcloud!
Tape3000 was founded in 2007 by producer and singer Nadine Platzek from Germany. I'll be blogging more about this project soon.

Tape 3000 - UR LUV SONG (WIK▲N REMIX) by WIK▲N

Monday, 28 March 2011

Industrial art piece tv shrine turntable experience!

Ted Macrorie: "Warning ! Contains Flickering Imagery! Super-8 Movie shot by my Dad circa 1969 at a MacRorie/ Mulcahey Barbecue in Queens New York. I pick up a drink (natch) and my brother goofs around on a tree.
Switches to my bedsit in Bradford circa 1991.
Shows me putting my sculptures on a customised turn-table."

Brilliant art film by one of Brighton's best artists, Ted Macrorie!

MSV: Inverted Triangle I LP

Mater Suspiria Vision - Inverted Triangle I LP

LP on Phantasma Disques/Clan Destine 2011
Side 1:
Side 2:
Das Haus der Hexe
Ghost House of Eugenia
Labyrinths of Venice feat. Scout Klas

DELUXE COLLECTORS (LIMITED TO 50) Inverted Triangle I signed by Mater Suspiria Vision + Individual unique Polaroid (Fuji Instax) of Aura of Mater Suspiria Vision + 2 Promo Photo Cards

I've never ever "re-blogged" anyone but..

..Gucci Goth posted this a few days ago and it slays me every time! I want this slogan and picture at least as a t.shirt if not a full chest tattoo!

"Our shamans are working hard to develop new ways to protect yourself from reality. The future will be ours!"

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bon Accord: Dayliner EP.

Bon Accord: Dayliner EP released on Jukboxr in February 2011. Limited edition 12-inch two-tone vinyl, with poster. also available via Bandcamp as well.
For fans of: Chillwave, synths, dream pop, electronica and Shoegaze.


GHOAST - all I know is this person is from from Chicago and making some damn fine music, listen to this very beautiful sounding overtly ethereal stuff, like this track Garden, great!
I'm not sure but I would guess this is someone involved with awesome Chicago club night CULT.. it just seems the sort of thing that would be!

Garden by GHOAST

There are three tracks free to download from Soundcloud and one mixtape called #AaliyahTaughtMe which does exactly what it says on the tin!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Maria Minerva new videos!

Maria Minerva - California Scheming from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

I wrote about Maria Minerva for my first ever blog post over on the Mishka Bloglin, since then she has been busy being creative, this bottom video is an intentionally bad video made for the track Strange Things Happen In My Room from the cassette "tallinn at dawn" released by not not fun records in february 2011. Go to her YouTube channel to check out some other videos of hers!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Fostercare: Second Thoughts review.

Fostercare is a Witch House artist making really good intelligent R&B inspired experimental electronica, its dark rave feel and druggy down-tempo leaning tempered by more upbeat glitchy and over-driven stompers of tracks. Techno-psychedelic Witch House trances washing over you in layers of rich pulsating waves, spectres on the sonic air, pushing you to strange rap tinged lands. Blissful then chaotic this artist has released his 2nd album Second Thoughts and it's 14 tracks are available from Bandcamp for just one dollar for the lot! Check it out if you like interesting electronica just as much as if you like Witch House or stuff like that.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mascara/Mario Zoots video collaboration.

Mascara – Shadow Of Tonight // Video by Mario Zoots of Modern Witch.
From upcoming SEAT▼2A Mascara-Silver Knight Gothic on BLACK BVS RECORDS!

μnłıłĿΞΔ becomes Urethrateeth.

The Witch House artist formerly known as μnłıłĿΞΔ is now known as urethrateeth and is making dirgy noise stuff along down-tuned Witch hOsue Hip Hop lines, dark noisey and sadly lacking the sampled up Beyoncé.
Check it all out though on Soundcloud and have a browse through the Tumblr.
moan stare (forthcoming on Pale Noir) by u r e t h r a t e e t h tell it hum (forthcoming on Pale Noir) by u r e t h r a t e e t h

Nardwuar Vs Lil B at SXSW!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Nardwuar Vs Odd Future, such a good interview!

Mellow Grave: a sonic 2.0 for 2011

Mellow Grave is a New Zealand based artist that has kinda just arrived on the scene making the best of the best in terms of dark Witch House-like trance club music, down tempo electronica with an apocalyptic flourish. Its electro-clash drone and drag, black metal stylings on a club setting, heavy as fuck, cool as a gazillion icebergs heading for a dubstep Titanic. This is also someone who knows how to produce the heck out of a track! This is pop Witch House crossover killer 2011 shit! (over the top praise I know but I'm starting to bore of all the constant lo-fi Witch House sounds and its nice to hear some real quality dynamism)
The Mellow Grave EP is available as of the 13th March, Released on cassette by Sibling Sex Records NYC for $7.00! Plus streaming on Bandcamp here.
The track Oxygen (below) is available as a free download from Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Oxygen by Mellow Grave Melatonin by Mellow Grave

oFF - Let U Know

Saturday, 19 March 2011

New TeehnBwitches track!

New TeehnBwitches track: "Porque Te Vas"
Brilliant stuff, if you are in or can get to Mexico City today go see TeehnBwitches play along with Ritualz, Drugs For Drunks and tons of other amazing bands. Facebook event here.

Mellow Grave FTW!

Mellow Grave is the future of Witch House, listen to this shit its just so good. I'll write more on this artist soon I promise! Its like slow and doomy and yet ravey and upbeat at the same time, its got classic down tuned vocal parts, dreamy shit, awesome visuals, and has all the synthy filthyness and tranced out hip hop styling you want! Epic is another word worth throwing into the mix as well!!

Friday, 18 March 2011


DJ T33N GRL RAVE: Bandcamp Download ~ Tags: loli rave, speedball, aznrave, crack, hentaicore, lolicore, pcp, sherm speed, Florida.


Splash Wave are a band making a brilliant '80s esque synth sound that also verges into Chillwave territory. Brilliant reverberating analogue synth pop gems sounding like a Californian Games soundtrack for 2011 mixed in with something Glass Candy might have created if they had been wearing more tie-dye t.shirts and living in Paris. Love this band, totally like RAD. The two tracks below are both free to download from their Bandcamp page, you just have to hunt them out.

Another awesome OFWGKTA performance this time on MTV!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Free album download: Chvpa, DE2MO.

Polish Witch House with more of an electronica experimental angle here from Chvpa, I dont know much about this dude but I like some of these tracks from his DE2MO album which is free to download from his Bandcamp page. Especially liking the two tracks I've embedded below. Also you cant really go wrong with the awesome "pyramids on the moon" album cover he's created.

Therapies Son: Over The Sea.

Therapies Son remind me of The Flaming Lips but through some MGMT/Chillwave prism with a giant Beach Boys/Beatles style backing orchestra that swamps everything then gets played back through a dodgy cassette player, this is great stuff from an LA band that I think is just one person.
Download his Over the Sea album from Bandcamp now. Plus check out the awesome cover art (on the left).

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

SXSW! Go to these gigs if you can!!

taigaΔΔΔ mini mix!

I was recently listening to a lot of taigaΔΔΔ
again and wondered what had happened to this Russian Witch House project as all the tracks were missing from Soundcloud and I couldnt find any info anywhere, well suddenly now there is this mix up, it was all recorded live and hints at new things coming out as I didn't recognise any of the track names: 1 knealpray, 2 when pain exceeds resources, 3 if my ghost... , 4 oradour-sur-glane, 5 arbat rains.

2010-2011 prod minimix by taigaΔΔΔ

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Bosco Delrey track/video

GuMMy†Be▲R and ZOMBELLE video

You Are Listening To Los Angeles

Thanks to "Milton Scott" of The Present Moment for spamming Facebook with this and making my week! I never new this website existed until I clicked through and was presented with You Are Listening To Los Angeles. The premise of the site is that it live streams the city's police radio alongside ambient tracks plucked from Soundcloud. Its totally like being in Bladerunner. The best thing ever to fall asleep to, all the crimes and crazyness of the city constantly crackling and distorting coupled with some great ambient tracks. And then if you are bored with LA you can hang out listening to the police frequency and more great music in four other great cities: New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Montreal. I could have this website streaming in the background of my life forever!

Godspeed You Crack Whore

Just look at this tape release! Isn't that the best band name ever! The
DREAM YOGA / GODSPEED YOU CRACK WHORE split cassette has been out on Haunted Cassette Tapes for 15 days now and only 20 copies were made! So they might all be gone, but they might just not be so go order it via For only 5 Euros plus shipping!
Plus go to the Godspeed You Crack Whore Tumblr blog to hunt out a few more free remixes!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Great Mystery Jets video, I dare you not smile/gurn when watching it!

New Cold War downloads.

New Cold War remixes today listen to this all this stuff, dodgy chopped and screwed edits and drag remixes, its both great and very simple. The second track below is a nice quiet Native American chant/sample thing, could be great being remixed in turn by someone else. I'm sure they would be up for it, someone should get in their with a synth fuelled drone covered fuzzy beat. You can download all the tracks for free on their Soundcloud.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

EEEE 4 evr.

Blissed Out has been writing a bunch of other tracks/remixes under the name EEEE. Its all R&B remixes using Drag and Witch House influences but taking it all 2011 and upbeating it and turning it danceable and lighter, more clubtastic. Have a listen for yourself and download the four tracks for free from Soundcloud.
Rock The Boat by EEEE tATud TEERzz by EEEE

Saturday, 12 March 2011

CFCF -Games Remix

CFCF - It was Never Meant to be (Games Remix) from Franck Deron on Vimeo.

This track by CFCF is awesome but more importantly "unofficial" music videos are so damn cool!

N|H|L cvl†

New Dutch artist trying his hand at producing Witch House, the project is called N|H|L cvl†, and these are the two tracks available so far. Download them both from Soundcloud. Kinda formulaic but a good start none the less and its got some interestingly different rhythms in there!
k▲b|n by N|H|L cvl† mys†ery m▲n by N|H|L cvl†

Friday, 11 March 2011

AraabMUZIK studio session video.

Dub x AraabMUZIK In The Studio [Full Video] from JefferiesFILMS on Vimeo.

"Dipset's current shinning star" AraabMUZIC! This is totally awesome!
"Dub and araabMUZIK studio session in its entirety, take a look as he plays Dub some hard knockin production "FMM2" coming soon. Shot by JefferiesFILMS."

~▲†▲~ releases ~▲††▲~ album.

So Russian Witch House artist ~▲†▲~ has released his or her first full length album via Phantasma Discques and its an amazing dynamic Witchian doom synth, slow rave masterpiece amusingly called ~▲††▲~. I wrote an excitably enthusiastic review of this artist a few months back over on the Mishka Bloglin.
You can go buy the album for $9 on Bandcamp now. But have a quick listen below first of all!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Micro Naps!!

Micro Naps are Phantasma Disques newest artist signing and total hype love, previously known as Privacy (but I wasnt aware of Privacy so here I am blogging Micro Naps) the first album on Phatasma is just entitled CDR and is gonna be available soon. This is the album cover on the left.
Go here to pre-order the album. This artist is from California and just adds to Phantasma's totally amazing and global artist list, check it out: MATER SUSPIRIA VISION, ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ, PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS, Madame O und Ihre Kopffilm Bande, \\\^◊^///, Cosmotropia de Xam's chromatic dream box, fromrussiawithaids, Powwoww, How I quit Crack, OMEBI, I††, GL▲SS †33†H, ЭЗ3O|0/O\0|O~>, ~▲l▲~, teehn bwitches, GI∆LLO,†‡†, BL§§D ØU†, ▲NDRΛS, ///hors3M@CgYVER\\\, Tracy Widdess.
Heartstop by MICRO N∆PS


JERMAINE JAGGER::G ! R L S::phase2.DAY.finale.

Mary of The Shangri-las:TEETH:Young Cream:Virgin Mega Whore vs Liquid Sky:Gaga/Jaga Re-werq: †‡†:oOoOO:*NSYNC:NGUZUNGUZU:White Fence:Missy:Nicki Episkar:Aaliyah vs Belief:Ke$ha: So truth be told vs Nene Leakes:Lindsay Lohan:The Kills:Moroder/Summers vs Blissed Out

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Giant love blog hype for these blogs.

Wolf Children a really new Witch House Tumblr blog that is worth following, they hyped me so I'm sending some love back.

Suncancer ~ 8-bit visual aids with writing and music reviews and hype and fucking awesome collages check it for the defaced in Paint scribblings and Blingy gifs.

Kyoko-Hindu Nosebleed City is a top music blog of arty music and Witch House and artwork and the bloggers own music and lots of that kind of thing go see it.

ɮaɳʂɧɛɛ ⨻ ɮɛἀƫ is a paganistic nature and fashion blog of original stuff no reblogs, great photos and styling and artwork. Top stuff.

is a Spanish based style blog that always feels refreshing and cool and somehow in my head connected to all this kind of music.

Missing Thumbs is a great music blog run by a fellow Brighton blogger who always knows his stuff. I always find new bands and stuff when I have a look at this blog.

WIK▲N news.

Some WIK▲N news now, this British Witch House artist is going to be playing live at this years Summer Darkness Festival in Holland in July. Plus he's also done a remix for Croatian Mathrock band "+ / -" Check it below! I love what the Summer Darkness Festival has to say on the subject of Witch House:
"The new genre witchhouse is like a return to those old chill-out rooms that they used to have at rave parties, where you could drift away in endless drones and downtempo beats and lose yourself in strange, occult fantasies."
+ / - - Nimrod Glacier (WIK▲N Remix) by WIK▲N

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Free download: Bewilderbeast - Slow It Down

Bewilderbeast make great Chillwave music that stands up to scrutiny and/or 2nd and 3rd listens. Happy lo-fi synth gems, crystallized blissed out moments of pop comas, grooves made of acid ice-cream, dreams of wind swept beaches, surfers paradises lost in time seen through the barrel of the perfect tube, echoing in an eternity of lens flares and Hipstermatic snaps, joy packages in audio form.
Their EP Slow It Down is available for free from their Bandcamp page.
Have a listen below.

Monday, 7 March 2011

The Present Moment: Vinyl picture disc 12" released.

The debut album of LA based The Present Moment is finally avaliable on a limited edition 12" vinyl picture disc complete with a download coupon from Desire Records. The album is called The High Road and The Present Moment are ace so go check the two song from it below and then go spend your cash on some sexy ass vinyl!

SEASON OF THE WITCH by ThePresentMoment

Sunday, 6 March 2011


I've never heard of this Witch House group ▲)╪(▼ which I think are from Sweden and hey they've been around since the start almost well you know since it became a "thing" early in 2010. They are pronounced "Whispering Sanctity" and they they sound really good I think. Let me know anything you know about them as I find it really weird that they've not been on my Witchian radar at all!!!
Secondly look at this Witch House pre-courser.. LOL!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Marzip☭n! - data ghosts.

Marzip☭n! is some British Witch House artist making cloustraphobic sounding lo-fi noise dance music. Its good but I'm not sure I would listen to it much in the headphones while I'm out and about or I might end up stabbin someone with a plastic fork in some kind of paranoia induced panic attack then running for the nearest exit crying and needing to change my trousers double quick.
This seems to be a digital EP called Data Ghosts and "Sol-5 Moon" and "Frozen Warnings (Harvested)"is my favourite of the tracks so maybe just skip straight to them.

Data Ghosts by Marzip☭n!

Friday, 4 March 2011

▽nkown ShΔpes

▽nkown ShΔpes EP ..this is good but I know nothing of the artist! Thanks to the brilliant but infrequent blogger Missing Thumbs for putting me onto this! Download here.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Charlie Sheen Dubstep Magic!

Free album download: ZXZ - Abraxas

ZXZ is a solo project of Industrial musician / composer / producer Stan Przhegodsky. Who is also part of Witch House group ▼□■□■□■. This dude is pretty prolific and on the money with it. I've written about his ZXZ project before, it's kind of an experiment in making a new Witch House/Industrial goth sound, dynamic and dancey but in a melancholic way. He list his influence for this project as: "oOoOO, Skinny Puppy, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Ministry, Spice Girls, The Sisters of Mercy, Clan of Xymox" And that is a perfect if somewhat long summing up of his new album!
The album Abraxas is just out and available for free! Get it here. Its 15 tracks of industrial Witchian pop and goth awesomeness sampling up Madonna a lot and even though it takes things in a Mater Suspiria Vision direction at points with endless echo cycles and delay it never becomes trippy and spaced out, rather this is an album that remains on top and moving forward throughout. Like you could dj some of these tracks in a club and get people dancing just about, especailly on the more EBM style tracks like Angelique and The Bell Witch.
I properly like this album its great, you just have to kind of avoid the part in your brain that views some of the ZXZ blurb with suspicion, a bit like some Black Metal bands, just listen to the music and not what they say. I mention this because ZXZ says he is: "Influenced by the philosophy of Boyd Rice and ZXZ is a Social Darwinist project, dedicated towards individualism, natural law, and Stoicism." Interesting as Boyd Rice is one cant help but feel a bit uncomfortable around phrases like "Social-Darwinism" and Boyds website doesn't exactly help him out much. Anyway I'm probably totally off the mark with this and I had no trouble wigging out to Burzum and lapping up his two new albums so ignore all that and download Abraxas and trip to 15 tracks of dark dance and death magic awesomeness.

intothegroove by zxz Angelique by zxz Tombstone by zxz

Track Listing:
01 - ithoughtwehadsomethingprecious
02 - getoveryou
03 - Like A Virgin
04 - intothegroove
05 - Angelique
06 - monastery
07 - LD∞
08 - Rivet
09 - The Bell Witch
10 - Vanished
11 - sunshine
12 - The Danse Society
13 - Alexandria's Genesis
14 - Charlotte Sometimes
15 - Tombstone

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Com Truise

Somewhere between 2012 and Witchian, Chillwave extravaganzas is the awesomely titled Com Truise. Housey slow motion beat synth master of time and inner space.

Max Tannone - Selene

Max Tannone is a producer out of New York who has in the past done remix albums such as Jaydiohead, Mos Dub, and Dub Kweli. His new project is called SELENE and is a 5 song hip-hop EP inspired by the 2009 sci-fi movie Moon (which you should definitely check out if you haven't seen!) Using samples from the film's original score he teamed up with Brooklyn rap artist Richard Rich to, "explore themes like isolation, separation, self-realization, cloning, and all kinds of craziness."
Of course sampling such a great film and film score will always sound good but hey this takes it beyond that and ends up being something really awesome in its own right, Richard Rich raps nice little rhymes that leave the whole project feeling kinda beautifully morose. Download it for free from his site or directly here.

Selene by Max Tannone

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


MATER SUSPIRIA VISION Vinyl LP "Inverted Triangle I" on Phantasma Disques.
Tribute to 70s HORROR movies and Nicolas Roeg's "Don't look now". Non Profit Promo Video Collage by Cosmotropia de Xam

Guards will be your new favourite band.

SHIT listen to this!! Like Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros collaborating with MGMT to do Arcade Fire covers!! So good!! The band are Guards and this is their Bandcamp page here. There doesn't seem to be a Facebook or anything else for them but their Twitter is here.
They've done some good covers (like of MIA's Born Free) which have been getting them noticed a bit but hell they deserve total full blown coverage. Their Bandcamp has a free download of their EP also called Guards. Get it or regret it! These guys are like MGMT when you first heard Kids or Time To Pretend but without the perfect photoshoot on a beach at dusk to get them going global
The song below is new it seems! Love these dudes!! Guards - Swimming After Dark by 1FTP