Tuesday, 15 March 2011

You Are Listening To Los Angeles

Thanks to "Milton Scott" of The Present Moment for spamming Facebook with this and making my week! I never new this website existed until I clicked through and was presented with You Are Listening To Los Angeles. The premise of the site is that it live streams the city's police radio alongside ambient tracks plucked from Soundcloud. Its totally like being in Bladerunner. The best thing ever to fall asleep to, all the crimes and crazyness of the city constantly crackling and distorting coupled with some great ambient tracks. And then if you are bored with LA you can hang out listening to the police frequency and more great music in four other great cities: New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Montreal. I could have this website streaming in the background of my life forever!


  1. been going on 3hours str8 of this shit.

  2. yeah this is amazing!

  3. Cant stop listening to New York, late night is best!!