Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Giant love blog hype for these blogs.

Wolf Children a really new Witch House Tumblr blog that is worth following, they hyped me so I'm sending some love back.

Suncancer ~ 8-bit visual aids with writing and music reviews and hype and fucking awesome collages check it for the defaced in Paint scribblings and Blingy gifs.

Kyoko-Hindu Nosebleed City is a top music blog of arty music and Witch House and artwork and the bloggers own music and lots of that kind of thing go see it.

ɮaɳʂɧɛɛ ⨻ ɮɛἀƫ is a paganistic nature and fashion blog of original stuff no reblogs, great photos and styling and artwork. Top stuff.

is a Spanish based style blog that always feels refreshing and cool and somehow in my head connected to all this kind of music.

Missing Thumbs is a great music blog run by a fellow Brighton blogger who always knows his stuff. I always find new bands and stuff when I have a look at this blog.

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