Thursday, 3 March 2011

Free album download: ZXZ - Abraxas

ZXZ is a solo project of Industrial musician / composer / producer Stan Przhegodsky. Who is also part of Witch House group ▼□■□■□■. This dude is pretty prolific and on the money with it. I've written about his ZXZ project before, it's kind of an experiment in making a new Witch House/Industrial goth sound, dynamic and dancey but in a melancholic way. He list his influence for this project as: "oOoOO, Skinny Puppy, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Ministry, Spice Girls, The Sisters of Mercy, Clan of Xymox" And that is a perfect if somewhat long summing up of his new album!
The album Abraxas is just out and available for free! Get it here. Its 15 tracks of industrial Witchian pop and goth awesomeness sampling up Madonna a lot and even though it takes things in a Mater Suspiria Vision direction at points with endless echo cycles and delay it never becomes trippy and spaced out, rather this is an album that remains on top and moving forward throughout. Like you could dj some of these tracks in a club and get people dancing just about, especailly on the more EBM style tracks like Angelique and The Bell Witch.
I properly like this album its great, you just have to kind of avoid the part in your brain that views some of the ZXZ blurb with suspicion, a bit like some Black Metal bands, just listen to the music and not what they say. I mention this because ZXZ says he is: "Influenced by the philosophy of Boyd Rice and ZXZ is a Social Darwinist project, dedicated towards individualism, natural law, and Stoicism." Interesting as Boyd Rice is one cant help but feel a bit uncomfortable around phrases like "Social-Darwinism" and Boyds website doesn't exactly help him out much. Anyway I'm probably totally off the mark with this and I had no trouble wigging out to Burzum and lapping up his two new albums so ignore all that and download Abraxas and trip to 15 tracks of dark dance and death magic awesomeness.

intothegroove by zxz Angelique by zxz Tombstone by zxz

Track Listing:
01 - ithoughtwehadsomethingprecious
02 - getoveryou
03 - Like A Virgin
04 - intothegroove
05 - Angelique
06 - monastery
07 - LD∞
08 - Rivet
09 - The Bell Witch
10 - Vanished
11 - sunshine
12 - The Danse Society
13 - Alexandria's Genesis
14 - Charlotte Sometimes
15 - Tombstone

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