Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Max Tannone - Selene

Max Tannone is a producer out of New York who has in the past done remix albums such as Jaydiohead, Mos Dub, and Dub Kweli. His new project is called SELENE and is a 5 song hip-hop EP inspired by the 2009 sci-fi movie Moon (which you should definitely check out if you haven't seen!) Using samples from the film's original score he teamed up with Brooklyn rap artist Richard Rich to, "explore themes like isolation, separation, self-realization, cloning, and all kinds of craziness."
Of course sampling such a great film and film score will always sound good but hey this takes it beyond that and ends up being something really awesome in its own right, Richard Rich raps nice little rhymes that leave the whole project feeling kinda beautifully morose. Download it for free from his site or directly here.

Selene by Max Tannone

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  1. This is such a sick album - get it, you won't be disappointed! Been hitting repeat on this for a week solid...