Thursday 1 December 2011

Curxes should team up with This Mono Galaxy

80's synth pop inspired Brighton band Curxes channel the ghosts of discothèques past, funnelling moods and poses, bass vocals and cacophonic synth rhythms, a voice par none for this kind of thing and glistening key riffs, growling and rolling in the sonic mire, cutting tongues on broken disco balls, sinning in the dark, spinning atop windswept moors, arms out head back welcoming the diamond rains.
Their stuff is good but I cant help thing of another 80s synth inspired genius of a Brighton band, This Mono Galaxy. And I have to say This Mono Galaxy's tune's are way catchier.. If I was Curxes I'd invest some dollar into some kind of songwriting thing with TMG, I think the combinations would be an awesome top of the chart kind of thing!

Creatures by CURXES
The Constructor by CURXES

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