Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pressed And - Imbue Up

Imbue Up is the début release from Pressed And - two dudes from somewhere Stateside, it's a super tactile synth and chilled out pop drone space music with beats to stab for, heavenly shit that drips into your ears, gold lamas riding down all the tongue hairs of your ears, headphone central and eyes closed. Melodic bass dreams, the party Valium brownie of rave, celestial Gurkha parties in the ice caves of the Himalayas. It's drifting, chopped and screwed, drag and bass, ambient R&B, chillwave as seen from behind the bike sheds, ghetto hippie music.

You can get a limited edition cassette version of the release from Crash Symbols which is probably well worth the hassle. And you can grab the album for $5 from Bandcamp. Worth it x10!

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