Wednesday, 7 December 2011

SHADES - your pop star of 2012

This is big.. SHADES is Ana, a young girl from Mexico City whose music is produced by the brilliant Witch House artists Ritualz and Teehn Bwitches.

This is emotional DIY pop, all 2012 and future, sucking in great little influences and styles; reggaeton, jungle, drum&bass, trip-hop, post rave etc. All made in an entirely DIY fashion but with the ambition a major label pop star. Mexico to the world in 2012.

SHADES is managed and produced by Negative Youth, a group of creative individuals also from Mexico City who do all kinds of DIY media things, parties, music etc, Ritualz and Teehn Bwitches are part of their number. Its exciting next level stuff, a proper pop star emerging from the fuzzed out chaos of Witch House, genious! The debut SHADES EP is coming soon. Watch this space. And check her Tumblr.

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