Friday, 1 October 2010

SEΔCREST mixtape!

Ok so first sorry for not updating the Fokkawolfe Blog recently! My laptop fully crashed and died after getting a virus while I watched Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip for free over on the now evil TVShack, so like it wasn't even from a corrupt media fire link! But I'm back now and things seem ok. First post here is the Nattymari "SEΔCREST"

"SEΔCREST is the Max Headroom of the new millennium. His face popping up on every TV. The voice of the people"

Another chopped and screwed mixtape here this one from Nattymari I first saw it covered over on the NFR blog a few day ago. Its a scrambled top 40 mix that rumbles from digital glitch re-ups to dub echo and Zombie Rave mixes. Slow and hard and full of crazy.

Just have a listen below!

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