Monday, 18 October 2010

Arc Light, S/T and Westinghousing albums.

Arc Light is one dude from Brooklyn making ghostly lo-fi shoe gaze pop. Its psychedelic and rockin and spacey all in one track.
Indie music is at its best when someone just seems to go at it without too much planning and Arc Light has that feeling, the album S/T, available to download for free from his Bandcamp page, has that attitiude one song can be dark punky and filled with fuzz and twang and the next song a slow ghostly dirge through corridors of echoing wah pedal guitar and phasing synths over drugged up vocals.

He also has an album you have to pay for, his most recent, called Westinghousing. But at only $2.99 its a steal!


  1. reminds me of BJTM a bit, good stuff.

  2. yeah me too, you're right it has that lo-fi psychedelic thang going on!