Sunday, 31 October 2010

Nattymari - MI▲MI ▲SSFUCK mixtape!

Another Nattymari mixtape! This one is called MI▲MI ▲SSFUCK, get it by following this mediafire link or visiting the Soundcloud page. You can go here to get his other two Dragged and Screwed, Witchian, dark dance dub noise mixs!

Like before I'll let the man speak eloquently for himself:

"Miami Nightlife. Coke thin bodies sweaty with self importance. Sheen of meatgrease. Girls in more makeup than clothes. Still smelling of last night's alcohol. Shots are called as the music pumps out the empty promise of the night. Outside palm trees mock the ragged; on the endless quest for methadrine excitement. The morning comes to reveal receding hairline and acne scars. Lines are cut like morning coffee.
Scan and repeat."

MI▲MI ▲SSFUCK by nattymari

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  1. separated track by track here too (for the DJs):