Monday, 25 October 2010

Sandy Denny 19 CD boxset release!

For classic folk fans and I'd also say for the more discerning fan of escapist lyrical pop then the name Sandy Denny might stand out somewhat.
Those fans also might get pretty excited by the forthcoming 19 CD box set release out on the 1st November via industry behemoth Universal. Yes you read that right a 19 CD box set, that's an insanely large amount of CDs and probably one of the last of its kind as things push forward this kind of thing is gonna look so quaint in a few years.
Most people will get the whole Fairport Convention side of things but she also worked with loads of other people and had a bunch of solo albums before her death in '78 of "traumatic mid-brain haemorrhage" from falling down a flight of stairs! On the list of tragic yet strangly odd musical deaths that has to rank pretty high, though I doubt much can be done to out seat the recent "death by rogue hay bale" that oft ELO cellist Mike Edwards in September!
Sandy Denny made some great music in her time though it was mostly posthumously that her following and recognition grew. This box set has pretty much everything she recorded including BBC recordings, alternate takes, acoustic versions etc. As you can imagine its full of extra postcards booklets and general box set stuff which any fan would expect. There's something very visceral in the way a lot of the acoustic guitar sounds with her, kinda heavy and woody. I imagine Neo-folk paganist King Dude might take a few things from that sound now and then.
Check out this video below for some classic folk hippie action from Sandy, just look at that hair! Back then in '71 litterally everyone looked like this I guess!

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