Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Crispian Mills new 7" and free download.

Back in the day Crispian Mills/Kula Shaker was judged against the pop chart conventions of the day and the Brit Pop bands of those years. Though Kula Shaker were mega successful indie snobbery has since resulted in an unfairly negative standing amongst a lot of Indie fans. But with the fullness of time the bias of those early year has lifted, this is a decade where psych and folk have returned in weird and wonderful ways and now with the 7" release on Ho Hum Records of a Crispian Mills solo single called Healing Hands we can re-evaluate his sound for real.

The two tracks pressed for this single come from a long lost and unfinished solo album Crispian recorded over a decade ago on Dave Gilmour's houseboat (not a lie!!)

The 7" sounds really good, a genuine British 60s sound, folksy and psychedelic and really fresh, its a different ear that listens now and its like we've all caught up with what Crispian Mills was thinking from the start.

Download "Be Merciful" the b.side from the 7" for free here:


  1. I think you've gone out on a limb with this one. I'm still up for a bit of Kula Baiting.

  2. I dunno.. I actually like it and find it quite funny that its being released 12 years on or whatever, though I guess this is what happens if record companies send me vinyl, I give a biased review!!

  3. the track is good wudnt expect anything else from crispian he is great in everything he does

  4. Blinding release...