Wednesday, 27 October 2010


As is sometimes the way on Soundcloud and especially with the kind of bands circles I frequent its sometimes near impossible to find other info on the more obscured artists on there. Robert Disaro of.. well Disaro records posted a track by this artist up on Facebook earlier and like wow its such a good choice!! $LØW HE▲D is the artist, and if you click through to the Soundcloud page then you can download a bunch of damn sweet tracks!
The first track/mix below was the one Robert Disaro posted up, its got everything from Nike7UP and Kreayshawn to Earl from Odd Future and Salem! If I was a Cali scene girl my line might read "This is like some so hot and next level super mix" but ..well no I do say that!
Aweswome pre Halloween party soundtrack for Gucci Goths!

*Update since writing this I've found the $LØW HE▲Ds Facebook and its got all the links and stuff on there!

//Pal3 a$ M00nli9ht// by $LØW HE▲D


  1. I found his Tumblr:

  2. oh and Blogspot blog:

  3. That really is a great mix. Thanks for sharing.