Friday, 1 October 2010

Mercitron and The Galactic Foxx.

This band are from Brooklyn and were covered last week by all the blogs who must not have anything else to do but sit waiting for the next email. I couldn't get a post out that quick but here it finally is.
I dont know much but what I do know/hear I like. Mercitron & The Galactic Foxx seem to be Hitch Hikers Guide fans with "Dont Panic" emblazoned as the title of their album and futuristic stylings.
The music is poppy electro with heavy weight songs that sound at indie and modern at points and retro styled synth pieces at others while a production gloss over all gives it almost a club feel at points, there must be some cool remixes in the pipeline! Its ambitious and user friendly. Curling American Rs in the female vocals. Hyperspeed gated synths and well placed drops. Could be an electro Metric if you look at it from another angle!
Also reminds me of Doom and Gloom who I blogged about last month.
Well check it all out for yourself below and download the nine track album for free from their Bandcamp page here.

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