Friday, 22 October 2010

Young Henry -seagaze and free EPs.

Another Amdiscs release here, Young Henry is from Minneapolis and creates what can only be described a melancholic chillwave, though he calls it Seagaze, its got all the same elements, just down shifted to become a trip to the beach on a grey rainy day, the breakers are rolling in bereft of surfers, the gulls shelter from the wind in the dunes, shaking off the rain, its nice though, you can go back to the car and eat sandwiches and listen to the rain pattering down upon the roof.
Young Henry has an EP called U/N which is free to download from his Bandcamp page and another EP called It Must Have Been The Weather which is also on there for free.
I also notice he samples a melancholic Jeffrey Lewis song called Anxiety Attack.
While your at it you might as well check out his Tumblr blog for some interesting picture viewing.

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  1. free bandcamp EPs are where its at!