Sunday, 27 January 2013

Shy Girls

Shy Girls from Portland - post RnB sounds from a full band experience, super slow, super sleek and chilled. Kind of cheesy but still on that cusp of acceptability that artists like The Weeknd and oFF Love inhabit. 


Diamond Witch is from Mexico, used to be in the Witch House band CA†HEDRA and makes some harsh as hell mixtapes. Just check out this latest one called Fake Doomsday. go check the Soundcloud to download all the rest of the mixes.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cult of Youth - A Take Away Show

Fake Drugs

Two great tracks by a band called Fake Drugs, the two tracks are called Past Empires and Tombs of Luxury.The first could easily have been dropped from the last Klaxons album for being too good , while the second one is a mix of The Knife and Blur abttling for control of a one key synth. Ace! Download both tracks for free from the Soundcloud now.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Arian A Jalali

Bass driven post punk sounds by Arian A Jalali, sounding close to true blue '80s northern melancholia via a bit of Interpol. Quality. All I know of this artist is that they are from Portland. You can download one of the tracks from Soundcloud or the player below.

"Leaving The Body - Flying Away"

Here's a new track b Fifty Grand. "Leaving The Body - Flying Away" is a slow beauty, a delicate Wintery tune kissing at the weak sun as it feebly rises above the horizon. Ace.

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Gorgeously hypnotic shoegaze feeling track by SPC ECO, a brilliant band featuring one of the guys from Curve. I've only just discovered these in the last few days, they sound so good. Dreamy 90s electronic, shoegaze, trip-hop, dark dream pop sounds. Quality. Go check out their Bandcamp to download the many EPs and Albums  they have. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Teehn Bwitches - Remain EP

Free trance and techno vibes, epic and incessant, a huge sound, blasting out into the future away from its Witch House roots, this is the new EP by Teehn Bwitches. Called Remain its available on Mexican net-label Maligna, you can download it for free or pay what you want. This is an a EP fully DJ-able, fully driving  and up beat, still with buzzing synths, still with the giant, cavernous sound but faster, more vital, more alive than before.

Golden Brown

High Tide At Gold Beach by Golden Brown is a five track EP of "new age" electronic psychedelic ambient jams, all quiet, subtle, slow, highly listen-able and very mellow.
Download it for free from Bandcamp.

Teehn Bwitches - Escape video

Monday, 21 January 2013

Sunday, 20 January 2013

UUVVWWZ - Open Sign video

Swing Delux

Breezer EP by Swing Delux, a three track down tempo ambient EP with a bit of a soulful feel. Available to download for free from Bandcamp.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

SSION - LUVVBAZAAR - fantastic new video!!

Wh1ch House?

After you've stopped not laughing at the name of Wh1ch House? then you can actually listen to the music which isn't Witch House in any way and is actually well good bass music of various sorts with a hell of a lot of mixtapes on the Soundcloud. 


Glass Teeth remix of Therapy by Tamara Sky. Heavy duty scale doom rave. Blam! Download from the player below.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Daybehavior - A Train to Moscow

Sister by Ellah a. Thaun

Drone layered folk tinged acoustic and psychedelic sounds, rough, ready and lo-fi, written and recorded between the months of October and December 2012 on a folk acoustic guitar and a stylophone by Ellah a.Thaun. As always the're beautiful and grungy at the same time. Download for free from Bandcamp.


TWOS. A new band with an EP called Feel out now on Aural Sects. Huge, orchestral glaciation across fjords of sleep. Spacial and forever re-edits of some brilliant tracks, from Sigur Ros to Bob Marley, slowed dragged, re-pitched and glittering with cavernous reverb until they become entire new tracks in their own right, resplendent with chirping night cricket beats and waves of slow collapsing sound, the original sample sucked away on the wind. Total killer.

Download from Aural Sects Bandcamp page now.

Fire Coral

New track from Birmingham's Fire Coral a bouncy '80s synth little number called Transient Bliss that jerks along until its done like a proverbial sailor on shore leave, its melody trailing a sticky white line of yoga cat effigies behind in its wake. Download from the player below

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Choongum - Girlfriend

Beautiful post RnB from Choongum. Totally romance full, slow minimal and chilled. So good. You can download all Choongums EPs and albums from the Bandcamp here, and I strongly suggest you do. This one track is just a pre-valentines mush-fest stand alone thing and available to download for free from mediafire here.


This one is great though the name is... Tittyslamma. 
Whoever Tittyslamma is they hail from Miami and damn it if they dont make some fine ass tunes, slow beautiful beats and dreamy melodies all epic as fuck and totally at odds with the in you face name. All the tracks and the remixes are free to download so go get them now.


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Mr Kitty

Mr Kitty is all nu-gothic synth pop with spoken word vocals blending into CC style shouty parts and saw-toothed synth howling, slick 8-bit electro with darker overtones, atmospheric and moody. The album (available to download from the Aural Sects Bandcamp for free) is called Emotional/Physical.

GLISSANDO densinghour vol. 28 mixtape

Simply an amazing mixtape by Afrika Pseudobruitismus called Cool Cool Water. Download for free here.


Michael Garrison: Discovery 
Suzanne Ciani: Atari Corporate Tag 
PHYSICS: Science Fair 
Paul McCartney: Temporary Secretary 
Aids 3D: 2 X (extended jam out) 
Dolphins into The Future: Wildlife Tapes Portal Jams 5 
IASOS: Splash Happy 
BEBETUNE$: Pepsi Baby 
Vactor: Jam 2 
Veracom: Okki Beaches 
Suzanne Ciani: The Third Wave-Love in The Waves 
Romcom: Namasté 64 
Blank Bankshee: Purity Boys 
Africa Pseudobruitismus: Hawaiian Siesta 
Go Home Productions: Wouldn’t Be Ecstasy (Beach Boys vs. Spacemen 3)

Mürgelmaschine - Wie eine Jungfrau

Its important to wait out or click through the first 50 seconds that set this video up because the ace music doesnt start until then! The song is Wie eine Jungfrau by Mürgelmaschine and its camp electro clash sex party vibe is way infectious.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pretty Heart from Perrysburg

Dark and atmospheric electronic alt-pop now from an artist called Pretty Heart. Moody sensual and richly layered with an all encompassing fog of sound and emotion. Brilliant bedroom production and great delivery. Pretty heart hails from Perrysburd, Ohio, her EP/Album entitled "Half Asleep" came out in August last year and is available to download from her Bandcamp for free or "name your price". This is a sumptuously gorgeous record from an artist to look out for in the future for sure.

Deathface Ft. @LILINTERNET- Six Feet Deep

Monday, 14 January 2013

Hazz Clothing mixtape

"Oregon based KARMELLOZ brings this special, 1-hour mix. Recorded live on December 1st, 2012 and later edited and mastered in his Eugene residence. It represents a diverse sampling of Karmelloz's musical influences, giving you the energy to enter 2K13."

Download from the Soundcloud player below.

1. King Felix - "SPRING01" 
2. Massacooramaan - "OK With The Knife" 
3. Howse - car(v)ed 
4. Inga Copeland - "Notitle" 
5. M.I.A. - "Bad Girls Switch Remix ft. Missy Elliott and Rye Rye 
6. BOY MTN - "Teams 303 (teams re-touch) 
7. The Irresistible Force - "Symphony in E" 
8. Kirko Bangz - "Drank In My Cup (Brenmar Remix)" 
9. TCF - "ef712a0b30d1a03ca04c9fd476508384b6eda62ca4709a26d4d1eb79bc9e3d99"
10. Ikonika - "Simulacrum" 
11. Basement Jaxx - "Raindrops (Joker & Ginz Remix)" 
12. Kingdom & Girl Unit - "Ride It Every Time" 
13. Massive Music - "Find My Way (Kode9 RMX)" 
14. Kingdom feat. Shyvonne - "Mind Reader (Bok Bok Remix)" 
15. Jam City - "He Watches Over Us All (Precise Master)" 
16. Kingdom, Nguzunguzu, Total Freedom - "Track -02" 
17. The Irresistible Force - "Natural Frequency" 
18. Lunice - "Hitmanes Anthem" 
19. Hudson Mohawke - "All Your Love" 
20. Mosca - "Nike Club Edit" 
21. Machinedrum - "Mean Mean" 
22.Tommy Four Seven - "Arx" 
23. 10 Wechsel Garland - "Mutes (DJ Koze's Broken CD mix)" 
24. James Ferraro - "Condom" 
25. Hot Toddy - "Mind Trip" 
26. Matthew Herbert - "Around the House" 
27. Joe - "Twice" 28. King Felix - "Spring 02"

Madden - Tumblrwav

Bass candy future trap sounds with a healthy mayo dollop of URL Tumblr rave from Madden on the Post-Religion label. The four track EP knowingly called "Tumblrwav" is available to download for free from Bandamp. Go get it and enable endless scrolling.

ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ - OMEN (Zombie Rave 8 Mixtape Vinyl installation / Discoteca Zombi Roma)


Brooke Candy continues her rise

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Brigitte Roussel - Epidemic

I meant to blog this track by Brigitte Roussel ages ago and I'm sorry to say life has got in the way of blogging over the holiday period and upset the natural Fokkawolfe balance. Available from Bandcamp for two Euros this experimental gem of echo and shaking rhythm, deep fogy noise and inscrutable vocals is well worth paying to download. 

Brilliant video from Toro Y Moi

chill bedroom RnB from BenZel

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Bad Channels

Bad Channels is one Nick Grottick form Toronto, Canada. An artist making the most slick internet gold I've heard in a while, chill but edgy post-trance vibes, stalking the fine line between 90s-esque new-age chillout and URL trance totally now post-irony sounds. Brilliant. He's remixed Kitty Pryde, Grimes and Triple Gangers and keeps a real consistency through all of them, its great stuff. His album entitled "Internet Gold" is available from Bandcamp for "Name your price" so go get it, it slays.

New Teehn Bwitches video!!

New Butterclock video!