Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Shisa tracks

Two new tracks by Shisa, both way chill, really nice spacial glowing masterpieces. The first here is pure chillwave, while the second is a really nice slow low drag remix all stretched out and quivering, slow ghosting RnB jams all beautied out and sleepy. Wonderful stuff and both are free to download so grab them from the Soundcloud players below. 


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bestial Mouths - Small Prey video

Health - Tears

Hopefully everyone has heard the new Health track Tears thats been sound tracking the new  Max Payne adverts yeah? If not then here it is, one long dirgy magic wonder all spaced out and relentless. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Video Dead - Pet Sematary

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde makes new style alt hip-hop, she raps and is way young is well cool and seems to have pissed off equally alt rap meme pop artist Glass Popcorn. The Mishka Blog did a great interview with her here. Her Bandcamp links you up to a load of her tracks all free downloads via mediafire links. One to watch.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Woodkid - Run Boy Run Official Video.

Black Marble

Black Marble a duo hailing from Brooklyn making coldwave style sounds. Pretty nice. Download this track from the player below. 

Tannhäuser Gate

Tannhäuser Gate make dirty sex grooves all EBM and industrial funk feeling, robot fuck music for strutting through fogged out dance floors naked and covered in motor oil...
This has all the teeth grinding electronic majesty you want from the sort of band that could keep you dancing all night to just one pulsing strobe. Awesome. All tracks free to download from Soundcloud.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Corum - Never Use the Same Door Twice

This is good and different, essentially free jazz prog, way nice. 
"Corum currently resides in Portland, playing group music with "dyngia jazz" ensemble Million Brazilians and solo compositions as the Beguiling Isles. Ongoing graphic contributions include Mississippi Records, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Psychic Sounds, Head Hunter's House of Goods and cut-up book/lp release "Never Use the Same Door Twice."

Download the Dyngia Jazz track below from Bandcamp for free.
And go download the Never Use The Same Door Twice EP also for free on Bandcamp.

Fleeting Joy by Hollow Press

Fleeting Joy by Hollow Press is an album of intense ambient exerimental noise and spacious grandior, quite but immense, beautiful but not sleepy. Perfect on this Sunday morning. Go download it from Bandcamp for free.

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Ca†hedra does mixtapes and remixes in a Drag/Zombie Rave style. They get better the more you listen to them. The Black Eyed Peas one is funny. All free to download from Soundcloud.


ARPEGI8 is a dude from Newcastle making new wave Seapunk. His tracks are some of the most awesome I've found anywhere so far, soft fluffy almost Chillwave sounds blended with watery magic and proper ocean world house and the sort of ambient rave that The Orb used to big up. Just brilliant. Go follow him on tumblr and check out his Soundcloud where everything is free to download.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Pretender by BLACK MARBLE

Baku Shad-Do

BAKU SHAD-DO is a new label spawned from the hive of creativity that was Witch House. They have various releases already out and a promo compilation upon which the following tracks appear.

Drrty Pharms

Dirrty Pharms makes ghostly RnB with beautiful autotuned male vocals along the lines of oFF or The Weeknd, its a little fuzzy and dirty around the edges but a real winner. Go download it from Bandcamp for free here.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Kitty Pryde - Justin Bieber

Pulse by Echo-ES

Meditative Russian ambient  for you today from Echo-ES an EP with classic song titles like "Breath Of Wind" and "Water Meditation." 
Download for $1 from Bandcamp.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Patent 9 - Mindgrope

Patient 9 - Croation syth pop, go check their Soundcloud.

E4RTH - It's Where We Live

E4RTH make party tracks for 2012, precursors to the apocalypse, dance for the end is coming to join us all together then throw us to the winds. Download for free from the Soundcloud player below.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Kenji Garland

Kenji Garland makes computer soundtracks to 80s crooner new wave, all massive synth pop, throbbing and posturing its way through a glacial night club dance floor.
go to the Soundcloud page to download a few tracks.


Seapunkgang are two DJs riding the Seapunk wave, these guys have a Tumblr music blog promoting all things Seapunk sounding and its a great place to check new stuff out. They've also released three Seapunk mixtapes in the last three months. You can download all three of these dolphin loving, wave riding, rave jamming, splash-tastic mixes from the Soundcloud players below.


Monday, 14 May 2012

New Cuss Words EP

While waiting to put out a proper album one of my favourite bands Cuss Words have gone and released a stop-gap EP called "It's Just A Game" With everything played by singer Brandon White this EP diverges from Cuss Words normal shoe-gazey trio grunge sound into a more electronic post rock world but still it feels just like Cuss Words with the catchy grunge pop hooks and epic gnarly vocals. This dude can write a hit song in his sleep, I highly urge you to go buy this for the $1 dollar it costs to download this from Bandcamp.

♈AnglDst♈'s iced up tundrapunk.

♈AnglDst♈ makes spaced out tunes somewhere between the influences of Seapunk and Witch House. "lose uu" with its water drops and splashes I suppose it's the most Seapunk-like, though it's so chill it's all iced up and no where near the sunshine, this is tundra music defrosting slowly in the weak Arctic summer sun, the glaciers briefly running with life and liquid, the ice picking up echoes of distant civilisations far off in the distance. Quality stuff! Download direct from the Soundcloud players below.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Blue Stork - experimental noise worlds of Berlin.

Blue Stork is from Germany and makes experimental electronica with avery prolific in output. He has releases with Aural Sects and Holy Page records as well as a self released Bandcamp album and numerous Soundcloud uploads. It's all pretty much free to download. Go listen to it and see what you feel.

FEEDMEPLANCTON ➮➫➬➭ FISH¥FIGHT! (Official video)

Saturday, 12 May 2012


New demos by Shisa. 
This is future lounge/ambient bass stuff, nearly cheese near genius.
Download from the Soundcloud players below.

Purple Haze by Raffet

Purple Haze by the artist Raffet is an album that puts the occult back into Witch House, you can feel the ancient monoliths rotating in space calling out across the heavens to their long banished masters, dark gods lost in time waiting in the ink black depths of space, lost on planets spun out by dying stars, in the last few moments of its life before they are sucked into black holes they hurl their planetary children off into the night at speeds approaching light speed, these balls of hurtling rock the last remaining haunts of the old ones, their bitter twisted conciousness stuck by ritual to these parent-less planets waiting for their time to come again.

Download this wondrous gem for free from Bandcamp now.

Are you ready to live?

Another great release, Ready To Live by Thug Entrancer: "Ready to Live is the sound of exorcising ghosts and demons onto tape where they can be heard and not merely dismissed. In doing so it's not an attempt to escape life. It's the expression of an appreciation of life through the classic alchemy of transmuting dark times into positive vibes. Ready to Live is the kind of record designed for winding down from being on the edge."

You can download it from Bandcamp for free (or name your price)

Friday, 11 May 2012

King Dude - Big Blue Eyes video

LAO - Power Ov.

Lao is from Mexico and makes all kinds of wonderous sounds, Power Ov is a brilliant little track with a spoken word vocal, reading from "Thee Psychic Bible” by Genesis P-Orridge. It's like some kind of Dolphin beaching Seapunk sound, hard dirty rave noise through a hydrophone driving the cetacean masses ashore. Download it for free from the Soundcloud player below.

Tsars - Ambire EP

Here's a new Coral Records Internationale release an EP called Ambire by the artist TSARS. This Seapunk house juke, minimal bass stuff is sometimes hard to get into unless you're halfway wrecked wandering around some warehouse party, but this album isn't too bad. Go order the limited edition CD from Bandcamp now.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yankee Bang Bang - Let's Dance

"Yankee Bang Bang is Psycho-Sexual-Garage-Pop-Meets-Classical-Indian tunes, with lyrics broaching any and every topic from recreational sex to the pending nuclear holocaust to werewolves."

With an intro like that this could either be really bad or really good... well its not really bad. Yankee Bang Bang make quirky incessant garage pop and have an  EP coming out in June called "Color Me". The single Lets Dance can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp.


Unusual Magic hails from Milan in Italy, a month ago this artist was doing commercial sounding remixes of pop hiphop stuff, then about two weeks ago blam! Seapunk hit them and they've gone all slow dream ocean jams and retro synth grooves.


Some people really wont give up on the whole lo-fi dirty beats and synth fuzz of Witch House, for those who still love that sound here is WIK▲N with a new EP called Monoliths, its free to download from Bandcamp and to be fair it has some awesome dark drones on it, really epic heavy shit, all dirty and monolithic, yawning chasms of sound and echo falling away to saw toothed howls and low-slow beats.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Crim3s squat party video!

Illegal squat rave North London. Filmed and edited by CRIM3S
DJ sets (in order of appearance) by: GASH GARY // CRIM3S // MISTABISHI (Live set) // UNCONSCIOUS // GRIMEZ.
 Rigs by: Apparition + Sectionsix Sounds

Tropics Mind Vol. 3 by Thug Entrancer

Thug Entrancer - Tropics Mind Volume 3. Thug Entrancer make some damn beautiful music, electronic drone and glitch, House all juked and ethereal, there are the most awesome dynamics of sound in this, just brilliant. Thug Entrancer is originally from the creative heart of Denver and now resides in an equally rich electronic music catpital, Chicago. Volume 3 of Tropics Mind is all remixed by a load of great artists, go download it for free from Bandcamp.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Golden Birthday - Blue Island

春 - Ritualz mixtape

Ritualz just dropped a mix for Vice Italy a week back, it's free to download and it kicks ass! Starting off with a time stretched version of the X Files theme tune and progressing into a chaotic film sountrack of sound and noise, slow beats and wonder. 
It's free to download from Soundcloud so go grab it now! Ritualz also has a split EP with Funerals called Hypermotion coming out on the Mishka label in June. Exciting!

Sirius B by Voronoi

"Two geeks in Brooklyn making music for late night joyrides through long tunnels." This is Voronoi, electronic noise, synth moods, throbbing, swirling and almost dubstep like, with live drums over the top. This is dubstep made by minimal wave synth nerds from the  early '80s who got to listen to the future through some kind of sonic portal. It's free to download from Bandcamp.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Blue Stork - Eeeell video

Four unbroken hours of sub-harmonic oppression and walls of melodic haze.

Want four hours of ambient doom drone? Ghost Geometry is an album by Zac Bentz who goes by the artist name of Dirty Knobs. The album is out on Xero Music and you can download it from Bandcamp for $1. This is beautiful epic drone-scapes on a gigantic scale, each track is at least twenty five minutes long! Be careful downloading it as its going to take some time at four hours long. If you're in the UK this is the perfect soundtrack to the hungover bank holiday that is today.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Os Ovni - Holographic Dreams video


Levanti hails from Southern California and creates a bunch of sounds in a 90s house vibe, chilled out, maxing, relaxing all cool type thing. You can download the two tracks from the Soundcloud player below.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Darq E Freaker feat. Danny Brown - Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine)

Leaving ambient Perth

Leaving is one of those artists where all you need to know is a short bio.. "Leaving is a solo music project from Perth, Western Australia inspired and influenced by electronic music pioneers." Says it  all now have a listen to some really sweet electronic wonders. Download the track Unknown Needs from the player below.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

वृद्धि오르다اضافہ上昇ઊઠવુ - Logos™

Midlands Seapunk

DJ and producer Lenkemz doing minimal grimey Seapunk on the only track you can get of his - £1 from Bandcamp.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Outer Limitz - I Kontact

The second artist today with Seapunk leanings is Outer Limitz, who has a great single out through the label Hippos In Tanks. Its a bouncy summer dream-pop funked out tune that runs carefree through the edge of the surf before heading back up to the beach and inland to higher ground. Single on iTunes now.

Paris Love Story

Two brilliant Seapunk-ish artists today all blissed out smooth slo-mo house and pop through a long Instagram lens. The first is PΔRI$ LOVΞ $T✡RY an artist from Norway. Its all coldwater surfing, cabins with tropical palmtree wallpapers, pineapple cocktails in hammocks hung from pinewood beams. Blissed out, confident and lost in a haze of saltwater spray.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012



Brilliant bootleg remix of classic grime/uk instrumental 'Flukes - I Have Nothing' (sampling the Whitney Houston track of the same name, RIP) all jittery and chipmunk vocaled and slow-step raved-out. The remix is by Lenkemz a DJ from the Midlands.

Go to the Soundlcoud page to find the download link.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Real Fake Boy™?

Diamond Black Hearted Boy has been taken over by a persona known as Fake Boy™. And it's good. With this project DBHB's usual brand of genre avoiding, art rap, noise poetry, culture jamming, rises up a notch to really find its feet with a sound as great as the intention and imagery. This is a full on all ecompassing weirdness that is way infectious. The video too is great. Such good quality footage of North Korean crazyness.

Go download the three Soundcloud tracks now.