Monday 3 June 2013

ΠΦn ΠigηΘη

Two great mixtapes from someone in Berlin with a killer Tumblr calling themselves ΠΦn ΠigηΘη, really all over the place but through and through bass led visceralness that will make bits of you dance in opposition to the other bits. Download from the Soundcloud players below.

Sunday 2 June 2013

Kap Bambino - SǐWánG


New Mixtape by Textbeak for LA Substance. Download for free from the player below.

The tracklist: New Mixtape
Talking Heads - The Great Curve // Remain in Light
The Knife - Without You My Life Would Be Boring // Shaking The Habitual // Rabid
µ-Ziq - Old Fun #1 // In Pine Effect // Astralwerks
L.A.S.'s Crime - Pretty Face // Disphoria 1985-1989 LP // Mannequin Records
THE COOMBE - Inbetween Doors // THE COOMBE // Mannequin Records
µ -Ziq - Sick porter // Bluff Limbo // Rephlex Records
Bestial Mouths - White Eyes // Bestial Mouths/Deathday Split 12" // Sweating Tapes
Ferdinand Cärclash - No te detengas 
Don Jones - Morning Glory (ft. Le1f) 
Destiny's Child - Emotions (Noms "Cry 4 Me bb" Remix)
NФΔH 23 - Tropical Fruit { Pictureplane } // Tropical Fruit
Von Sudenfed - Serious Brainskin // Tromatic Reflexxions // Domino
AIDS-3D - Chillax Cyprus 
Coil - Teenage Lightning 1 // Love's Secret Domain // Wax Trax!
Meat Beat Manifesto - Hello Teenage America // 99% // Mute 
Joy Division - As You Said // Komakino flexi-disc // Factory Records
Skinny Puppy - Sore In A Masterpiece/Dead Of Winter // Back And Forth Series Two // Nettwerk
Antoni Maiovvi – Nesting 
Tannhäuser Gate – Obsession // Tannhäuser Gate (EP) // Function Operate
Depeche Mode - All That's Mine // Delta Machine // Mute
Xander Harris – Necronomiconjure // I Want More Than Just Blood // 100% Silk
Phantom Love - PSYCHIC JUNE // Phantom Love // Mannequin Records
Rolodex -_anthem for the microage 
Skin Town - RIDE // Time No Place
Jimi After - Rachel's Theme // Exile In Data EP // Days of Being Wild
Noblesse Oblige - Runaway (Lars Moston Remix) // Runaway EP // Repo Records 
Le Carousel - Lose Your Love (Andrew Weatherall RMX) // Lose Your Love EP // Phil Kieran Recordings
Passarella Death Squad – Giant // Giant EP // Days of Being Wild
µ -Ziq - Sick Porter // Bluff Limbo // Rephlex Records
Memory Ghost - 24SEX black and blue

Friday 31 May 2013

Tesla Boy - The Universe Made Of Darkness

Tesla Boy is a Russian band with an album out called "The Universe Made Of Darkness"... and it kicks ass over SO much dross out there at the moment, it rides a crooning 80s, early  90s house vibe with synths a plenty and a uber dancy vibe, it has a collab with Azari &III on one track and its signature tune "1991" is now my ring tone because it is just the most happy upbeat 90s house tune ever! I don't usually blog about bands that don't have free downloads or aren't unsigned but I highly doubt many people have heard of these guys and you really should even if they do ride the wave close to cheese island now and then.. Download from itunes.

Tuesday 28 May 2013


Mr.Incognito is pretty anonymous but has one of the best instrumental downtempo hip hop albums I've heard for ages. Bandcamp is the domain of this artist and the album "93 to Infinity" is just stacked with 90s samples and chilled synth washed beats. It's all late night stoner introspection and chill net graphics, while the opening track "1993" has a more 8bit vibe. Go download the album for free.