Saturday, 30 June 2012

o F F Love remix and live dates

The Holy Stray remix of o F F Love's Close To U.


08/07/12 . Heimatafen Neukoeln (with CocoRosie) . Berlin . Germany 
19/07/12 . Trädgården (Retreat Festival) . Stockholm . Sweden 
06/08/12 . Queen Elizabeth Hall (Meltdown Festival) . London . UK 
10/08/12 . Dockville Festival . Hamburg . Germany 
01/09/12 . 1234 Festival . London . UK

GFOTY (Girlfriend Of The Year)

8-bit meme pop from the brilliantly titled GFOTY (Girlfriend Of The Year) helium raps and glitter traxks all insistent vibes and lo-fi sluttyness, dj lifestyles, blam and bass,samples and Tumblr aestheticism. SuperSuperRead her blog here and grab a track off of Soundcloud here.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Boyfriend Material

Boyfriend Material hails from Japan and makes sly funky electronica that makes you feel the need to molest your robot helper. There I said it.. Sometimes the tracks are a little meh but the overall mood is like Prince dueling with a SNES atop a digital cloud of synth plug-ins. Nearly all the tracks are free to download from Souncloud or the player below.

Micro Organs - Ne'er Do Well


DJ T33N GRL RAVE makes the most awesome extreme mixtapes - none better - I have hadnt listened to any since October 2010s Lolicaust.. well three mixtapes laterDJ T33N GRL RAVE is still doing exactly the same thing at breakneck speeds with a thousand samples and the fastest most incessant tracks available.. blam blam in your ears again and again! The latest mix is Orb Politik Radio.. it plunders your cerebral cortex with a strobe made of pure kryptonite lasers. Oh and lots and lots of hardcore anthems at stupid speeds! They're all free to download from Bandcamp, go get them and listen at ear splitting volume while smoking Smarties.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Idles - 26/27

Uber cool/classy video for the band Idles.. this has to be the coolest looking damn girl gang in the whole of time ever or something.

Snow Wolf - Phantomsea

8 bit slime-punk post trance sounds from Snow Wolf and an album called Phantomsea. This is straight up positive vibes and slow dirge 8 bit anthems all Unicorn Kid/Crystal Castles style. What's really nice with this artist is the 8 bit bleeps are kept to a minimum and the vocals are really up there all mournful and low, the general pace is also really dirgy, all slow and drifting, slow build trance breaks that rise and scatter. Its great and the album is up on Bandcamp for "pay what you want"

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Whatever Zine #5

The latest copy of WHATEVER ZINE is awesome as usual.. Go read it online here. 

Bass Clef - Ghost Kicks in the Spiral video

Piča z hoven.

You can call this Witch House if you want but that seems to be pigeon-holing it and restricted its awesomeness way too much, this is Doom synth with awesome lyrics and proper dance beats, Goth atmospherics to kill for and slow-low grime and gas fuzz to light dancing energy beams of rave melody, Salem via CC doing future-step. Awesome!

The artist in question is the gratuitously named Czech band Piča z hoven. They have an album out called Doom na kraji lesa. Go buy it from Bandcamp now if you know what's good for you.

Monday, 25 June 2012

We Have The Technology

Future grooves, seapunk wave-rave styles; We Have The Technology make uber awesome 1990-esque future rave, post-trance along the lines of Picturplane, Ultrademon, Adeptus Coral Records etc. This is damn good. There are a couple of free downloads to grab from the Soundcloud page but nothing else as of yet. Expect good things.

D E N A - Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Coral Island Girl by Restlesslist

Never before has an instrumental prog album of shape shifting Indie, space rock samba, swing, samples and post rock come together in such a British and indefatigably commanding style, a tropical paradise of a record that journeys deep into the minds eye of British psyche and myth. A Caribbean sonic mirage of operatic proportions, weaving a tale that has to be heard to be believed. This is a full on "listen to the whole bloody album" type of record, the awesome spoken word story weaving together a magical maelstrom of  sounds, images and tall tales. The album is a Coral Island Girl by Restlesslist and it's out on vinyl and download in September. In the meantime the whole thing is streaming on Soundcloud. 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Africa Pseudobruitismus - 'Magic Mountain'

Africa Pseudobruitismus - 'Magic Mountain' out on Amdiscs. A two track teaser of a full length album coming soon! Download it from the Soundcloud player below!

Zebra Tracks - We Found A Reason to Live and We Called it God

Alley Catss - i0

i0 by Alley Catss is a too raw noise and power soundscape world of drone and hiss, electronic collisions of effects, metal machine music for 2054, when we really make it to Mars, bereft of human flesh, pure machine bodies communicating in code, searching the red dust for signs of millennial old life forms, beaming back packages of information in indecipherable languages to be read by Ai life forms only.  

Download for free at Bandcamp.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Drake feat. Stevie Wonder - Doing It Wrong (High Park Remix)

High Park remix - Drake feat. Stevie Wonder - Doing It Wrong (High Park Remix)
Free to download here.

Strange Hands - Love Illusion (Directed by Lucas Furtado)

Strange Flowers - Dead Hands

Strange Hands make guitar punk-pop all lo-fi and jangled up, the trio strumming eagerly at the strings of life, garage with psychedelic intentions, relatively timeless and  more then awesome, oh and they have an organ playing pretty much throughout like a 60s mental psych band on full throttle. They have an album out called Dead Flowers, it came out in May. Go buy it here for €7. The single Love Illusion is free to download.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pø$†∞®∑L1G1Ø|\| mixtape

"TRAP THA SUN MIX (2012)" Post Religeon mixtape by ▲LΞ(†)▴₩ØLF  for VICE ITALIA. Free to download here.


1.Nietzsche Booty Clap - Neuport, Shisa & Drrty Pharms 
2.Empathy - Crystal Castles (spf5Ø edit)
3.Break Ya Neck - Busta Rhymes
4.Hood Fantasy Mstrd - Flosstradamus
5.SLUR - +verb & Bleep Bloop
6.Napo - Craxxxmurf
7.Sensual Seduction (Noms Remix) - Snoop Dogg
8.Bodybag - Signs
9.Be My Guest (@@@LILINTERNET remix) - Krusaders 
10.Bitch I Bought It Out In The Remix - Chippy Nonstop 
11.Candy Candyception - Kyary x Noisia
12.Styx (DJ Hoodcore RIP remix) - Craxxxmurph
13.Gossip Folks (Noms Tropical Remix) - Missy Elliot ft Ludacris
14.Wile Out - Slick Shoota
15.Chat Roulette Sket - Alex Wolf
16.Diving Faces - Liquid Child
17.Care Bears (LOL Boys remix) - Teeth 
18.Tachikoma Twerk - 5kin and Bone5 vs Top8Friends
19.Tokyo Drift (Noms Geisha Harem remix) - Teriyaki Boyz
20.Aspire - Crypt
21.Are You Really From Da Endz?
22Toads Theme 2012 - Toadally Krossed Out
23.Everybody Dance Now
24.PONPONPON De Floor - きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ vs. Major Lazer
25.Mercy (Triple Six Soundclub's No Mercy Bootleg) - Kanye West
26.JPNZ GRLZ - 5kin and Bone5

Grand Lux by Tours

Chillwave sounds from a band called Tours. Tours is a producer for Philadelphia. This is all hot concrete, warm winds, golden sunshine through vintage shades, shimering sun on backyard pools, super 8 apps and Instagram memories type of music. Downloads for free at net label Young Latitudes.

AERODISNEY (Afrika Pseudobruitismus)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fantasy Music mixtape

Butterclock remix of oFF's brilliant track "close to you, I'm not"
Part of her Fantasy Music mixtape available on cassette for €5.00 from here.

Ill Winds - Moon Wheel

Split cassette release between Ill Winds and moon Wheel, expect jangly minimal gothic post punk all echoing vocals, drones, angular and intense, moodyness against black and white skies, lost cemeteries, futility, noise and the like. These two bands are from Berlin and they kick ass. You can download the free track Knut from Bandcamp here. You can also buy the cassette from Noisekölln Tapes here.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Split 7' by Assassins 88 - TV.Colours // Catholic Spray

Split 7" between Assassins 88 - TV Colours and Catholic Spray for €2 download or €4 for the vinyl out on Eighteen Records, it came out like last autumn but its awesome in a punk guitar trash lo-fi way all like Wavves if they were even less well recorded and had a more post punk aesthetic. This is a great meeting of bands.

Giraffage - Even Though ft XXYYXX (Slow Magic remix)

It's not available to download but it's so good it has to be shared with you; The Slow Magic remix of Giraffage - Even Though ft XXYYXX. Just awesome!


EveryQuest are a UK dream-pop trio making cosmic spaced out indie, all psychedelic and chilled with synths and reverb and downtempo beats. It's really beautiful and a really good listen. There are a few free downloads on their Soundcloud but not loads. I guess they'll be putting out a record soon. 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ritualz - Outworld Music 1

Ritualz graduated from Witch House sounds ages ago and now his own particular brand of new-age goth post-trance is really coming into its own. Outworld Music 1 is the first in what will be a series of EP releases and came out before the EP released on the Mishka label. "..these eps are meant to be different from other Ritualz releases, a way to explore new sounds being 90s trance, world and new age music the main influences behind these first 4 tracks." Download it now for $4 from Bandcamp. Well worth it.

FM CAMPERS // Shopsin

Grins X Charli XCX

Great track by Blood Diamonds "Grins X Charli XCX"
Free to download from the Soundcloud player below.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

►V☻!D ►P►THY

►V☻!D ►P►THY!! Well I'll try. Avoid Apathy is from Puerto Rico and makes intense down tempo electronica, "Witch Haus" all fuzzed out and sprawling. There are only three tracks up on the Soundcloud but they're all pretty good and chop and change creating a nice little soundscape. I think Nightmare is my favourite because it has vocals, some sped up and some slowed down, shame its not up for download.. the other two tracks are though, get them here.

Silence Moon

Silence Moon is a solo project about "Interior space, the infinite, the vacuum outside the Earth and beyond our Galaxy. Souls universe-wide, little suns and stars, lush synthesizers, psychedelic and environmental sounds, ethereal, dark ambient psychedelia, haunting voices, layers, echo, noise."

Download the album "Pieces Of My Soul (Extended)" for free at Bandcamp.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Earthquake Party! - Vs Pizza.

Earthquake Party! Vs Pizza.. (what a band and record name) this is a great little lo-fi garage record by a band from Brighton, Massachusetts. Punk irreverence and trashy guitars FTW.

Buy the cassette for $3 or download the single Petty Little Hand for free here.

"Pretty Little Hand" by Earthquake Party! from loroto on Vimeo.


Blacksmore creates beautiful dark dreamlike wonder in the form of atmospheric synth electronica, chilled and minima this is recession chillwave, economic downtune, epic and pounding at times but always restrained and zen like. Go check the dudes Tumblr and stream the album "Youth" on Bandcamp now.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by FATHER JOHN MISTY

Great free track by Father John Misty with some great artwork as well, go grab it from Bandcamp now!

Color Ocean Road by Vektroid

Vektroid has recently dropped some really interesting new tracks in the form of a new EP called Color Ocean Road, this is panpipe moods for the geetically disturbed, chillwave from the mountain tops, its an ambient twitchy world of dream shapes and sand, super surf and smooth low RnB, new age mystic music for 4am night clubs. Go download from Bandcamp for the meagre sum of $5.99     

Monday, 11 June 2012

Hypermotion X

Finally got round to listening to the new Ritualz EP hypermotion X out on the Mishka record label. It's a cyberpunk ambient post Witchian epic all sprawling soundtrack sounds and dirging noise. This could soundtrack Prometheus very well. Perhaps much like Daft Punk, Ritualz will go down the film route...
The EP is free to download from Bandcamp here.


DJ Witchney Houston rules.

It's monday. Here's someone just brilliant.. DJ Witchney Houston. (What a name!) Witchney is a DJ/producer/Tumblr/mixtape/video/dolphin artist...Witchney Houston reworking some classics until you forget what they were for... this is future seapunk water mane.. this is all day. Hit up the Soundcloud for a Beyonce mixtape and the killer track T34CH3R5. Why is non of this to download its killing me.. arg. More more more! Future upbeat like this, less downbeat chill dub witch step please this blogger needs more NRG.
oh and go follow Witchney on Tumblr.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Eternal Summers - Millions (Official Music Video)

A Place To Bury Strangers - "You Are The One"

PUZZLES by Datsyuk

Datsyuk is Mark Michalski and Brooke Lohman making soothing droned out sleep over jams. This is lo-fi dream pop chill stuff, all reverb and echo and epic sweeping synths, whispered howls of vocals and all. Puzzles is a 15 minute tape of theirs out on Magic Rub Cassettes.. it's good. Listen and buy it's only $5!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Steve Aoki - Heartbreaker feat Lovefoxx *OFFICIAL VIDEO*

▲LΞ(†)▴₩ØLF - new tracks

Couple of new tracks on Soundcloud from Alex Wolf... mash-up, net-stomp noise. The second track P$† R€L16øN - SHYSTIE x WILEY x FLOSSTRADAMUS///\\\ NVR MND BURFDAY BOOTLEG is totally infectious. 

Raffet - Witch House to Deep House

Raffet is a producer/artist who makes a lot of different sounds from Witch House to Deep House.. last month he dropped four new tracks on Soundcloud, they're all pretty good and they're all free to download. Some of it is sort of RnB vocaled Witch House, other tracks are ambient and one is straight up Deep House

Friday, 8 June 2012

Trust - video for Sulk

Creeping Robo-Jesus

This is industrial metal I guess but it has such a awesome collision of riffing and beat it almost feels like dubstep. And what a name for a song! "Creeping Robo-Jesus"
Till Death is the band and they have some other tracks up on their Soundcloud for free download but none in my opinion as good as this track.

Tales Of Murder And Dust

Tales Of Murder And Dust have released their debut album called Hallucination of Beauty, it's a psychedelic noise-gaze dirge wonder that sounds like what The Doors would have made if they'd been born a lot later and yet were somehow inspired by themselves in the past. Its brilliant and its available for "name your price" at Bandcamp. Go get it.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

MS MR - Hurricane video

Really good, go like MS MR on Facebook, and download this single fro free from their site here. Go follow on Tumblr.

Magic Fades and Veracom split EP

Magic Fades and Veracom split EP out on Madrid label Young Latitudes. The Magic Fades track is a future dark RnB masterpiece, this is so 2012 in my head anyway, get on this like wasps on jam. Swirling synths, pattering beats, lush crooned vocals and dark sexual magic dribbling out of your laptop speakers as you dance. The Veracom track is all Labyrinth era Bowie smooth synth wonderlands and chill slight of hand magic. Blam! Go get it for free from Bandcamp now.

Virgin Blood - John I'm only Dancing

New Virgin Blood track! "John I'm Only Dancing (EARGASMIC BOWIE COMP)"
Checkout her Tumblr as well.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


GHXST - Doomgirl free download

Following the release of EVILWICKEDDESIRE, which compiled their first two EPs (EVIL'S WASTED ON YOU and NO REST FOR THE WICKED) on vinyl LP last year via Paris-based Desire Records, New York death grunge band GHXST have announced a UK tour in June

15th – DJ Set at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen w/ CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH, LONDON 
16th – DJ Set at Topman OXFORD STREET 
17th – Green Door Store, BRIGHTON 
20th – The Old Blue Last, LONDON 
21st – Kraak Gallery, MANCHESTER 
22nd – Birthdays, LONDON 
23rd – Oakford Social Club, READING

Download the song Doomgirl for free from the Soundcloud player below.

Light Asylum - Heart of Dust [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

High Park May Mixtape

New High Park mixtape. Free to download from Soudcloud

Track listings: 

Kaskade & deadmau5 - Move For Me (White Ring Remix) 
Flo Rida Feat. Sia - Wild Ones (High Park Remix) 
Dead Fetus - Burn (High Park Remix) 
The Weeknd - What You Need (High Park Remix) 
High Park - SUP 
Tyga - Rack City (High Park Remix) 
Shlohmo - Wen Uuu 
Sina. - Remembrance  
Drake - The Motto (OG Ron C Chop) 
Drake Feat. The Weeknd - The Ride (OG Ron C Chop) 
High Park - Kara